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The world as we knew it was gone…
And we were the ones left to pick up its pieces.

Mad Cruel World

As the world began to recover from a global pandemic, an unknown event caused the planet to go dark. No phones, no cars, no hospital equipment, no electricity whatsoever.
The world is now a wasteland through and through. Disease, famine, and war spread like wildfire. Some are lucky enough to have found refuge, and some have been left to fend for themselves.

Some have lost their husbands, their wives, their best friends…

Will they ever see them again?

Mad Cruel World asks the question: what happens to love in a world gone dark?

All of the stories featured in the Mad Cruel World Anthology are meant to be read as complete standalones and are not continuations of each other.

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The Virtues of Vice by Catherine C. Heywood


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The Virtues of Vice by Catherine C. Heywood  will go LIVE in 3 days!


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Title:  The Virtues of Vice

Genre: Romantic Historical Fiction

Series: Ground Sweet As Sugar Series

Author: Catherine C. Heywood

Release Day: March 16, 2021



The epic conclusion to Ground Sweet as Sugar, the unforgettable coming-of-age saga of one girl’s fight for her freedom, her country, and her heart…


1801: After two years, Charlotte Dillon returns enchained to James Blair.  Once again, she’s condemned and he’s entangled with another. Yet the longing that has always persisted between them remains. While his sailors demand blood, James is faced with an agonizing test: How to exact a just punishment on the one woman he can’t bear to hurt?


Bound in an impossible love, James and Charlotte confront cunning threats, endure a devastating storm, and face the tenderest of reckonings.


Meanwhile in Ireland, Charlotte’s aunt chases down the mystery that tore a family and a country apart. A young lord comes of age still dreaming of justice for his brother. And when menacing shadows surround them, James and Charlotte must fight to save every piece of sweetness they’ve earned.


Sweeping from a roiling Caribbean to a conspiring Ireland, The Virtues of Vice is Book II in an epic saga of power, punishment, and undying love.

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Torn Ties

Torn Ties
by Nadia L Braeckel
Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense
How can a relationship that starts for all the wrong reasons feel so right?
That’s the question Natalya Zaher keeps asking herself. After all, her daily routine isn’t usually so dramatic…or so damn hot. By day, she works at a local men’s clinic, fending off advances from dirty old men and dealing with her boss’s angry tirades. By night, she sits at home, watching Twilight. Life has been remarkably routine – and lonely – until a chance encounter with a handsome man at the gym turns unexpectedly steamy. The only hang up? He’s already in a relationship. And Natalya wants more…much more.
Alex Bowman isn’t sure what he wants. His long-term relationship has been slowly losing its luster. The sex is dull, and he’s growing frustrated with feeling controlled and demeaned. So when he meets the alluring, radiant young Natalya at the gym, he’s intrigued by her charm and upbeat nature. And when he discovers her sexually adventurous nature, he can’t stop thinking about her…and just how right their relationship seems to be.
But Alex’s girlfriend doesn’t intend to let her man go without a fight, and she’s certainly not going to play fair. Even worse, Alex has been keeping secrets that threaten not just to destroy two reputations…but threaten to break Natalya’s heart too.
Set in the heart of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Torn Ties is a roller-coaster ride of danger and desire that leaves the reader breathless to the last steamy page.
Nadia L. Braeckel loves reading and writing romances with spice. The daughter of a Lebanese father and a German-American mother, Nadia sees the world through a unique lens and has a vivid imagination that gives life to her steamy romance characters. Taking inspiration from real-life scenarios, Nadia spins passionate, dramatic stories that leave readers breathless and wanting more, even as they root for the characters to get their happily-ever-after. Torn Ties is Nadia’s first book, and she’s already busily at work on the second in the series. She resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her husband and son.
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Killer Cocktail


Mystery, Crime

Date Published: January 2021

Publisher: Open Books Press

Chicago TV reporter Emily Winter is drawn into a complicated and challenging investigation when a women’s health clinic is destroyed and a cherished member of the clinic’s staff is killed. While her skill, talent and contacts lead her to many likely suspects — anti-abortion activists, a wealthy donor to that cause, a disgruntled former clinic employee, a real estate broker — she also encounters stone walls and silence. As her investigation moves slowly forward, Emily relies on her husband Ben and Ben’s street-savvy Uncle Max, her news staff colleagues and a group of women, all of whom have shattered glass ceilings. When two sniper attacks threaten her life, Emily grows even more determined to solve the crime until — over-coming multiple obstacles including a sexist police information officer — she solves the murder and brings the killers to justice.

Also by David M. Hamlin

Winter in Chicago

Drugs, death and rock and roll on Chicago’s AM radio dial…

Before dawn in January, 1975, Emily detours from her normal route to work in the newsroom of Chicago’s top pop rock station to investigate a crime scene. The police believe the body on the street is a suicide. Emily is stunned to discover that the dead woman is a dear friend since high school. Unable to fathom why Beni Steinart would take her own life, Emily begins an investigation that leads to a trunk-load of cocaine, Federal narcotics charges, abuse of power and a perplexing mystery – suicide or murder?

Emily’s reporting triggers an explosive battle between two men who tower over their city. Cary Chase is Chicago’s most prominent bachelor, a wealthy entrepreneur whose mansion is the epicenter of Chicago’s elite society. United States Attorney Tommy “Tommy Terrific” Jameson is ambitiously determined to rid his city of corruption on his way up to the Governor’s office and perhaps even higher.

Drawing on an eclectic roster of news sources and WEL colleagues and her own considerable talent and determination, Emily uncovers the full story of her friend’s death in a remarkable confrontation which produces front page headlines and restores one life as it ruins another.


Winter Gets Hot

Winter in Chicago journalist Emily Winter is the first reporter on the scene of a gruesome murder in the offices of CARD, a civic organization that investigates corruption in City Hall. Although she has proven herself to be a skilled reporter with at least one headline making story to her credit, her new TV boss assigns her to a more “ladylike” beat—lifestyle and feature stories.

Determined to overcome the sexism that inhibits her career, Emily works her way into hard news coverage, including the story of the murder at CARD, but she faces major obstacles on all fronts as she pursues the killer.

As the case twists and turns, Emily navigates the city she loves, relishing Chicago’s architecture, neighborhood restaurants, culture and her beloved, if hapless, Chicago Cubs.

Will she uncover the murderer and bring justice for those who depend on hard-working journalists to write the stories that define their lives? Find out in Winter Gets Hot!


About The Author

David M. Hamlin is the author of three Emily Winter mysteries as well as short fiction which has appeared in Mystery Weekly Magazine and Potato Soup Journal. He is also the author of two non-fiction books (The Nazi/Skokie Conflict, 1980; Los Angeles’s Original Farmers Market, 2009), countless editorial page commentaries, free-lance articles and a political satire column. Mr. Hamlin is a former ACLU executive and partner in a successful Los Angeles PR agency which specialized in social justice campaigns. He lives, writes and plays tennis in Palm Springs California; Mr. Hamlin’s wife, Sydney Weisman, is an accomplished journalist, publicist and cabaret performer.

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