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ANGEL: THE MEMORIES OF EDEN & EARTH by Bernice Burgos is available now!
Angel is a young child living a normal celestial life in the beautiful city of Eden. She is adored by her grandfather, the Ol’mighty man himself, and her uncle, who isn’t much of a fan favorite to anyone. Her life takes a drastic turn when she finds out that she is chosen by the Divine Right as the protector of the Human race and is ordered to earth on her sixteen birthday. Her first mission, to protect the humans from one of her own a powerful, yet dangerous, Angel turned rouge, named Joseph. Angel’s adventure leaves her traveling through time, encountering unfriendly Humans, meeting other supernaturals, and having her slightly lose her faith in humanity and her spirituality. Her tale begins with her unforgettable memories of Eden but takes a turn during her journey on Earth.


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