Being Remade by Lissa Bolts


#TEASERBLAST BEING REMADE by Lissa Bolts (@lissabolts)
The second book in a New Adult Urban Fantasy series ‘Ruling Magic’ with a bit of romance, lots of magic, some secrets and a dangerous mission, where Isla must forge her own path to save them all… COMING on March 31, 2021.
“All because of you, little heir-ling.”
Shushing him, my gaze shifted over to my friends.
He chuckled. “You know, they are going to find out eventually. Or, are you going to live this double-life forever?”
So the entire mage world is looking for me. Who cares?
I’m not going back.
I’ve finally tasted freedom, and even though I hate that I accidentally left my sort-of-boyfriend behind, there’s no way I’m giving this up.
Not yet.
I’ve got things to do here. If I’m going to change the world, I’ll need to see it first. Preferably before Mother reduces everything to dust, waging her deadly war.
So, I’m blending in. Learning what it takes to be a regular mage. Pretending I’m not the missing heir plastered all over the news…
The only problem is, keeping my ruling powers hidden is proving tougher than I thought. The other mages? They’re starting to notice I’m different.
Sooner or later, they’re going to figure me out. And while not everyone looking wants me dead, one thing is clear. If I don’t see this mission through?
It’s game over. For all of us.
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