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The Unexpected Card by E.H. Lyon

Title: The Unexpected Card: A Mr. Boss Novel
Author: E.H. Lyon
Genre: Workplace Romance/Accidental Pregnancy/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2021
Cover Design: Outlined with Love Designs
Cover Photography: Lindee Robinson

One business trip is all it takes for the unexpected…

As co-owner of Ives & Wells, Josh is ready to nail the most important business trip of his career. But does it have to include his business partner’s feisty younger sister Layla escorting him to New Orleans?

As much as they hate each other, it isn’t completely crazy. Technically, she’s an employee and Josh is her boss. But one fight after another leads to an explosion in the bedroom… more than once.

Josh definitely wasn’t planning on nailing more than a good business deal on this trip.

Unfortunately, their plan to leave the antics in the bedroom and out of the office falls apart as soon as they return home. First, because some of their mutual talents can’t be forgotten. Two, because there is a business partner that may kill Josh as soon as he figures out what happened. And three, because some secrets can only be kept for so long, give or take nine months.

The Unexpected Card is a standalone novel from the new Mr. Boss series. This workplace romance is filled with banter, a swoony boss, and surprises along the way.

E.H. Lyon hates folding laundry and decided one day to avoid it by writing witty and a little steamy stories. Her stories take you on a light and bantering ride until the very end, when your couple finds their happily ever after. Along the way, there may be the occasional emotional twist thrown in and the essential appearance of a bottle of whiskey. E.H. has a thing for witty women, determined well-dressed men who fall in love, and the steamy scenes that bring them together.

An American from the Midwest, she now lives in Northern Europe with her small pack of humans. She believes the essence of balance is sitting on a yoga mat listening to music whilst eating a donut. And she absolutely loves finding a new book boyfriend to swoon-over, hearing from other authors, and connecting with people who read her books.


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Dark Lies by Clarissa Wild

Title: Dark Lies
Series: House of Sin #2
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2021


Every dark wish,
Costs a lie to make reality.

“Punish me.”
Just two words sealed my fate.
Eli took me and made me his.
I didn’t know the submission he’d demand from me.
Or the secrets I kept buried deep inside.
But there was more beyond this dark wish of mine.
More hidden behind those perfect dark lies of his.
Because it wasn’t just my soul that craved redemption.
And when a powerful man becomes obsessed with a woman …
He’ll do whatever it takes to twist her…
Keep her…
And own her.

Dark Lies is the follow up to the exciting Dark Romance novel Dark Wish by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Clarissa Wild. This is the conclusion to Amelia & Eli’s story.



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“Doing some light reading I see.”
His voice makes me spin on my heels, but it’s his form that makes me drop the book entirely. And with form I mean well-shaped body like Adonis standing naked right in front of me.
My eyes widen, saliva building in my mouth while my eyes drape over his aptly sculpted torso, the rugged abs underneath, and that V-line that leads to an oh-so delicious…
No, I can’t think about that. Stop it, Amelia.
“Cat got your tongue?” he muses, his brow rising flirtatiously.
I avert my eyes and put a hand in front of my eye. “My God …”
“God is kind of busy right now,” he says, stepping towards me. “But I’m here if you need something.”
I roll my eyes but force myself to look the other way. Too bad my hand has fingers and they can’t help split apart to catch a glimpse of that handsome body and that—Oh my god did I really have that inside me—thing.
He grabs a black turtleneck draped over his chair and throws it on, which is a curious thing to do if you ask me, when you don’t even have underwear on. But I don’t think that’s a coincidence. In fact, I’m more inclined to believe he’s giving me a piece of my own medicine.
“It’s not forbidden to look, you know,” he says with a smug smile on his face. “You’ve done it plenty of times before.”
Now I really can’t stop the redness from overtaking my face.
“Principles,” I mutter. “And would you please put something on?”
He suddenly grabs my hand and lowers it. I hadn’t realized he was already this close to me. “Now why would I do that?”
“Because it’s cold,” I hiss. I don’t care if it’s cold, I just know that I’m getting way too hot and that needs to stop.
“Oh, I’m not cold … far from it, in fact,” he jokes, but the rolling sound his voice makes at the end pushes all my buttons. “I think it’s because you can’t stop looking.”
The dirty, full-on smirk that follows makes me want to slap it off his face.



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Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he’s a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals.

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Wicked by Nicole James

Title: Wicked
Series: Evil Dead MC #11
Author: Nicole James
Genre: MC Romantic Suspense Novella
Release Date: March 25, 2021


From Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Nicole James, comes a second chance, friends to lovers romance.

A woman lost in grief and pain.
A bossy biker determined to bring her back to life.
A wickedly wild ride.

Paige knows the meaning of pain and loss.
Two years ago she left town to nurse her grief over the death of her husband in a tragic bike wreck.
Now she’s back—returning to the one family that understands the depth of her loss—her MC family.

My brother’s ol’ lady.
I’ve carried unspoken feelings for her since the night we met.
Ransack and I were as close as two MC brothers could be. I was with him the night he died.
I held Paige in my arms in the trauma bay as she collapsed, her wailing sobs tearing my heart out.
And the month after the funeral, I helped her load up Ransack’s old truck and head off for Macon—taking my heart with her.
I wish I could take that pain away from her.
More than once I’ve wished I’d died in my brother’s place.
Ransack’s death had been a huge loss for me, but watching Paige drive out of my life as well, ripped my heart out.

Now she’s back.
When I see her standing across the clubhouse, instantly my lust for her flares back to life like it’s been days, not years.
She drove out of my life once, but I’ll be damned if I’ll waste this second shot with her.
All I have to do is win her heart from a dead man.

I’ll do anything to keep my woman safe.
Only problem is—
Paige is stubborn and willful. And she never does anything she’s told.

Wicked. He’s the one man I could always count on.
When I see him across the clubhouse for the first time in years, my heart begins beating again.
I need him, more than he can possibly know.
But in order to have a chance together, I have to let go of the past.
That’s easier said than done.

When information comes to light, I begin to question if my husband’s death was the tragic accident it appeared.
Determined to find out the truth… I won’t let anything stop me.
But the evidence I dig up could put everything I hold dear in jeopardy—Wicked, our future, and my very life.



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Eight of us roll up to the clubhouse and through the stockade gates. Tires crunch on the gravel as one after another we back into spots by the door. I hit my kickstand with my boot, resting the weight of my Super Glide down on it, and climb off.
It’s been a long, tiring two days making the run up to Shreveport and back, and I, like the rest of the crew, could use a cold beer. I pause to stretch and crack my spine, trying to relieve the tightness that has formed in my lower back, when I feel my cell phone vibrate in my hip pocket. Pulling it out, I glance at the screen.
She’s had my number for years, and it hasn’t changed. But this is the first time she’s used it since she hit town two weeks ago. I swipe my thumb across the screen and put it to my ear. “Yeah?”
“Wicked, um, I hate to bother you …”
I hate the timid tone in her voice, and I hate that she thinks she’s bothering me. That’s not the old Paige I used to know. “What do you need, babe?”
“I broke down on the side of the road.”
My eyes focus on the sun sliding down the western sky. It’ll be dark in a couple hours. “Where are you?”
“US 190 … across from Fontainebleau State Park. I just passed that Nature Center, do you know the one?”
“On Bayou Castine?” Hell, she was almost to Mandeville.
“Yes, I just crossed the stone bridge, actually.”
“All right. Stay in the truck. I’ll be there as fast as I can.” It’s a good twenty-minute ride, but I plan to make it in half that time.
“Thank you.”
I disconnect and shove the phone in my pocket, wishing she’d go back to calling me by my given name like she used to in the old days. It sounds so much sweeter on her lips than Wicked. If I ever get her in bed, I swear that’s the only name I’ll let her use. I swing my leg back over the bike and lift it off the kickstand.
Blood pauses with one hand on the door Sandman, Joker, So-Cal, and the rest of the crew just went through. “You comin’?”
I shake my head. “Paige broke down on the side of the road.”
He lifts his chin. “You need help, let me know.”
I nod, already firing the bike up and popping it in gear. With a twist of the throttle, I roar off.
Ten minutes later, I roll up next to Ransack’s old pickup. Paige is standing beside it and my eyes sweep over her as I drop my kickstand. She’s wearing a pretty little yellow sundress that matches the color of her hair and reveals her tanned legs to mid thigh. That has me taking a second to think about them wrapped around my body. I swing my leg over the seat and stand, unbuckling my skullcap helmet to drop it on the seat.
“It just quit running,” she explains as I walk toward her.
Her eyes are hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. I long to pull them off and see her eyes, but I resist, moving past her to the driver’s door. I open it and reach down to release the hood latch. Straightening, I see a cellophane-wrapped bouquet laying on the old-style bench seat Ford stopped making years ago. It was why Ransack bought the used F150. He’d wanted that bench seat so Paige could sit right next to him.
The flowers throw me, and I stare at them a moment. They’re already wilting in the steamy New Orleans heat. I move around and lift the hood, knowing what I’m looking for; occasionally, Ransack used to have problems with the wiring harness and the engine control module.
As I’m bent over the engine, checking the wiring and connections, I ask the question I suddenly can’t get out of my fucking head—the one I know I won’t be able to let go until I have the answer. “Who gave you the flowers?” I turn, my gaze hitting her shades. I wish she’d pull them off so I could see her eyes; they always give her away.
“No one.”
I stare at her until she elaborates.
“I was on my way to Mandeville Cemetery.”
Trying not to let my reaction show, I turn back to the engine. Mandeville. Now it all makes sense why she’s way out here. I should have put it together earlier. That’s where the MC has its plot, and where Ransack is buried. She’s bringing the flowers to put on his grave. Here I am, jealousy flaring inside me thinking some dude gave her the flowers. I feel like such an asshole. But as I think about her paying tribute to her husband, my club brother, I’m jealous all over again. Jealous of a dead man. Ain’t that a fucking joke? And ain’t I a fucking douchebag for feeling this way?
I pull my head out from under the hood and slam it shut. “Wires are corroded. I’ll have to get them replaced.”
She stares at the truck. “Oh.”
I pull a black bandana from my back pocket and wipe the grease off my hands. “I’ll need to go to the parts store and come back and fix it.”
She digs into her purse and pulls out her wallet.
“What are you doing?”
“Giving you money.” She pulls out a credit card and attempts to hand it to me.
“Put that back,” I snap. “I don’t want your money.”
“It’s my truck. I’m grateful enough you’re helping me. Of course I’m paying for the parts.”
I stride toward Paige and stare down at her. “You want my help, you don’t ever flash money at me again. We clear?”
When she stands there uncertainly, I lift my brows, challenging her to argue with me.
“Travis,” she says my given name softly. She’s the only one I’ll allow to call me by that name.
“Put the card away, Paige. Now.”
“Okay, fine.” She shoves it back in her purse and turns to reach for the door.
“What are you doing?”
“I’m going to wait for you, I guess.”
“I’m not leaving you in this heat, and I sure as hell wouldn’t leave you on the side of the road. You’re coming with me. Grab the flowers.”
She frowns. “You’re taking me to the cemetery?”
“It’s on the way.” I move to the bike while she grabs the bouquet and follows me. I sit on the seat and fire it up. Paige doesn’t even hesitate to climb on the back in her dress. She slides the strap of her purse over her head and tucks the flowers in between us. I pass her my helmet and wait while she straps it on. Glancing down, I see her wedge sandal take its place on the foot peg and feel her thighs press against my hips. God, I’m in heaven and I can’t resist reaching back and laying my palm on her bare leg just above her knee and giving it a squeeze. “You ready?”
She leans forward to reply in my ear over the rumble of the bike, and I feel her breasts press against my back. I like them there. It’s where they belong, so I grab her wrist and pull it around my waist. “Hang on.”
I want her to hold me tight, and I don’t give a damn if that bouquet is crushed when we get to the cemetery.


Blood (Book 7) is 99c for a limited time!


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Nicole James is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who loves writing about hot alpha men who’ll do anything for the women they love! Her stories are filled with struggle, conflict and real human emotion. She is the author of the Evil Dead MC series, the Brothers Ink Tattoo series and more.

Nicole loves to hear from her readers! You can contact her via e-mail, her website contact form or on her social media accounts.

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Wet & Reckless by Samanthe Beck

Wet & Reckless
Samanthe Beck
(Private Pleasures #4)
Published by: Entangled: Brazen
Publication date: May 10th 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She’s a walking, talking disturbance of his peace…

When former Navy SEAL West Donovan trades covert ops for small-town cop, he craves calm and order. Rescuing a sexy, law-bending hitchhiker during a rainstorm raises his gut-level trouble detector—plus a few things south of his gut—into the red zone. He vows to help this particular tumbleweed find her way and keep it professional, but when she becomes his downstairs neighbor, professionalism is sorely tested. He’s got red lingerie infiltrating his laundry, sultry songs invading his bedroom, and suddenly he’s the one in need of rescue.

Aspiring singer/songwriter Roxy Goodhart ventures to Bluelick, Kentucky to outrun her latest mistake. It’s a doozy, involving a lying ex-manager, a dire lack of cash, and a teensy bit of grand larceny. Landing in the long, strong, entirely too tempting arms of the law is no way to keep a low profile while she re-builds her “L.A. or bust” fund. Taking an apartment that—oops—puts her under West…er…in his path every day doesn’t help. Testing his impressive reserve is beyond reckless, but she’d love to test it…all…night…long.

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Author Bio:

Wine lover, sleep fanatic, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels, Samanthe Beck lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her long-suffering husband, Charles, and their turbo-son, Hud. Throw in a furry ninja assassin named Gander, a few hundred Nerf blasters, one electric guitar, (with amp!), and…well…you get the picture.

When not dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks ways to get her characters to happy-ever-after, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with ASMR podcasts.

Connect with Sam via her website at to check her progress on that never-ending quest, or to get the latest on her upcoming books.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Vicious Little Snakes by Trilina Pucci

Title: Vicious Little Snakes
Series: Hillcrest Prep #3
Author: Trilina Pucci
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2021


Prep school has never been so scandalous.

Caroline Whitmore is cunning, inconsiderate, and ruthless.

Despite that, I can’t recall a day when I haven’t thought about her at least once. On paper, we’re a perfect match–Only on paper.

In real life, we’re a disaster.
She hates me. Hates the way I dress–everything I say.
My basic existence.

But what I hate is more complicated.
Because I’m a moth to a gorgeous, petite, brunette flame.

I hate that I still remember what she wore the day we sat together in sixth grade.
And that I would move mountains for her smile.

I hate every guy that gets too close.
And that one of them gets to stay.

I hate that I want her so bad that I used my best friend to make her jealous.
But most of all, I hate that Caroline Whitmore is the one that got away.



Free in Kindle Unlimited



Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing April 20

Only 99c!



Trilina is an author, wife, and mama to three rowdy kiddos. When she isn’t making grilled cheese sandwiches, she can be found writing saucy novels that titillate and excite her readers.

Pucci’s journey started impulsively. She wanted to check off a box on her bucket list. But what began as fulfillment has become incredibly fulfilling. And now she can’t see her life without her characters, her readers and this community.

She currently resides in Northern California with her Italian stallion and her feral children, where the days are slow and easy and wine pours are heavy. (just kidding…maybe)


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Off Track by Chelle Sloan

Title: Off Track
Series: Nashville Fury, Book 2
Author: Chelle Sloan

Contemporary Romance; Sports/football romance; Surprise Baby

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage.
I have wished for that saying to come true every day of my life.
But that’s not my reality.

Here is my version:
First comes the blind date with an incredibly sexy football coach.
Then comes the friends with benefits that you know is so wrong but you don’t care because it feels so right.
Then comes the unexpected baby carriage.
At least we got one in order.

Except Davis doesn’t want the same things I do.
I want to fall in love.
He says love isn’t for him.
I want a family.
He has made it clear that a family is not on his agenda.

But babies don’t care about your plans. They come when they are ready. Even if you aren’t.
The same can be said about falling in love.


**The Nashville Fury series is a series of interconnected, standalone, sports romances.**


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“What is the opposite of a gentleman?” I ask.

Davis doesn’t answer as the bartender takes that opportunity to take our order. Vodka soda for me. Beer for him. As he’s trying to convince the bartender to put the drinks on Hunter’s tab, I take the opportunity to give him a better look.

His dress shirt is rolled at the sleeves in the way that makes most women, including me, go ga-ga over. His eyes are a fascinating shade of blue that almost looks gray. Then there is his cologne. It’s a combination of a woodsy and manly scent that makes me glad I have to cross my legs in this dress.

“The opposite of a gentleman,” he says, suddenly pulling me away from my unladylike thoughts. “is a man who just meets a woman and can’t stop looking at her legs, or wondering what they would feel like wrapped around him. The opposite of a gentleman is knowing we are here with our friends, but not being able to wait for the time we can leave. The opposite of a gentleman is wondering how I could know you from just a photo and a few words of conversation, but I already know I’m about to kick my friend’s ass for not introducing us sooner.”

I reach for my drink that was just put down in front of me, needing the liquid to cool me down.

What man talks like that? Definitely none I have ever been with. In my quest to find Mr. Right, I have dated douchebags and fuck boys. They tried to talk like Davis just did, but failed epically. Just sending a text saying, “U up?” isn’t the way to lure a woman to bed. Then there were the responsible guys. The ones with 401ks, savings accounts, and square footage with their name on the deed. They definitely never talked like that.

But Davis? Davis knows what he wants. And apparently, right now, he wants me. Sadie might have said he doesn’t take things too seriously, but I’m guessing that doesn’t mean inside the bedroom. Unless he’s a big talker. But judging by the way he’s looking at me right now—with nothing but fire in his eyes—I would bet all the money I have in my bank account that this man can not only talk the talk, but can also walk the walk.

This guy isn’t Mr. Forever. This guy has Mr. One Night written all over him. My dreams of this being my last first date are once again crushed.

“Cat got your tongue, princess?”

I ignore the pet name, not having any clue where he came up with it, and take another healthy sip of my drink as I gather courage for what I’m about to say.

Because I’ve never said it before.

One night.

Maybe one night wouldn’t be so bad? At least this time I know what I’m getting into. There wouldn’t be any surprise when I wake up tomorrow morning and he’s already gone, quicker than the afterglow of what I expect would be a phenomenal orgasm—or three.

And let’s be real, it has been a really long time since anyone has been anywhere near my bed. And definitely not a guy as attractive as Davis. Or with a man who can make my toes curl just with his words.

Yes! This is perfect.

I can’t get hurt if I know what I’m getting myself into. This time, I’m in control. Right?

Well, at least going into it. If the way he’s looking at me right now says anything, I have a feeling he’s going to be in control for most of the night.

And I don’t hate that. Not one bit.

“Not at all,” I say as I lean a little closer to him. “I was just thinking I like the fact you’re not a gentleman. Being a gentleman doesn’t sound nearly as fun.”

He lets out a small laugh. “I’m all about fun.”

“I like the sound of that.”

One night.

No one gets hurt knowing the expectations. What could be the harm in that?

Spend time with the Nashville Fury
a series of interconnected, standalone sports romances

Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited
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Chelle is a contemporary romance author who writes happily ever afters with a lot of love with a little bit of humor mixed in. A native of Ohio, Chelle decided that after a decades-long career in sports journalism, it was time to take a step back. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in journalism and is set to graduate from her program in 2021. She is a diehard Cleveland sports fan, is the owner of way too many, yet not enough, tumblers and will be a New Kids on the Block fan until the day she dies. She also does her best writing at Starbucks, where you can usually find a venti caramel frappucino on her table. As for her own happily every after? Maybe one day…


Facebook |Website | TikTok | Instagram | Spotify | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

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Bear Charm by Tasha Black

Bear Charm by Tasha Black is now live!

Buy Here —
Available on All Platforms

I was the worst witch at Primrose Academy.
Until a guardian chose me for his mate…

Every day is a battle to keep my place. The Legacy witches laugh at my magical accidents. My own friends cringe when I get called on in class. And even though the professors say powers like mine are difficult to restrain, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m stripped of my school colors and sent home in shame.

I might be able to harness the weather one day, but right now I can’t even control my own life.

The only escape is in my dreams, where a beautiful man with golden eyes haunts my mind and warms my body. But it’s only a dream…

Until the night of the Choosing Ceremony, when he appears in real life to make me his mate.

But as much as I crave his touch (and I really, really do), my friends need our help. If we don’t hunt down a list of magical ingredients in time to stop a dangerous spell, hell will rain down on us all.

The situation is desperate enough that they even want ME, and my jacked up, unpredictable magic, fighting on their side.

But my power comes at a terrible price – a price that could be fatal to Reed. So if I love him, I have to resist the mating bond.

If only the stubborn bear shifter wasn’t willing to face down death itself to make me his.

Shifters Bewitched is a brand-new Paranormal Romance series from USA Bestselling Author Tasha Black. Be sure to read them all:

Wolf Spell
Bear Charm
Panther Curse
Raven Song

About the Author:

Tasha Black is a USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal, SciFi & Fantasy romance. She lives in a big old Victorian in a tiny college town. She loves reading anything she can get her hands on, making up stories, and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.

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JACE: Prequel of Trigger Pull MC by Addy Archer

Grab this scorching, fast-paced, MC romance today!

One day.
One moment.
That’s all it takes for your life to shake on its foundations.

When Daniele catches her boyfriend cheating, it jumpstarts a turmoil of events. A straight forward biker ups her standards when he steps in and gives her what she needs to move on.

Jace didn’t expect a woman to slip underneath his skin until he meets a feisty doctor. Determined to hit the pause button on life, he makes sure to leave an unforgettable impression before they’re forced to part ways.

The moment you pull the trigger, there’s no stopping the bullet; all you can do is brace for impact. Collide with the world of Trigger Pull MC, where an encounter with a rugged biker will inevitably change your life.

JACE is a standalone short story, the prequel of the Trigger Pull MC series with a bonus HEA epilogue.

Add it to your TBR:
*Limited Time Only March 25 – 29, 2021*

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Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson

RB Banner

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Massive Giveaway: Not So Sincerely, Yours By A.M. Johnson

Not So Sincerely, Yours Cover

For Him, Book 2

Ethan, About last night… I could blame the bourbon. I could say I let things get out of hand, that I should have never called you, but I’m done lying to myself—to you. I know what you’re going to say. You’re not very good at keeping your opinions to yourself, but this can’t happen. It’s inappropriate, at best. I’m your boss. Not to mention, you’re clearly still hung up on him. I’m not a consolation prize.



Anders, You didn’t think it was inappropriate when you had your tongue down my throat, but I digress. As for your accusation, I’m not the only one stuck in the past, but at least I’m not running from it. I can’t believe I’m about to say this… Maybe you’re right. You shouldn’t have called me. Especially if you never intended to own it. Own that you wanted it to happen. Admit that you wanted me.

Not so sincerely, Yours

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“You’re early,” he said, his voice smooth and bored. He didn’t spare me a glance as he pulled keys from his pocket and opened the door. My jaw ached as I gritted my teeth. “Early? You told me to be here at seven.” “Did I?” he asked, and I could hear the fucking humor in his voice. “Yeah…” Asshole. “You did.” I followed him into the office, the lights automatically illuminating as we stepped inside. The place was nice, not as cold as I assumed it would be. Instead of glass and metal, everything was warm wood and earth tones. “Office hours are nine to four. Kris used to show up around eight-thirty,” he said, leaning against the only desk in the lobby. “This is your workspace. I’ll get your log-in information when you get back.” I took a calming breath. “Back from where?” “The Starbucks two blocks west from here.” His lips lifted more on the right side of his mouth, his grin crooked. He was enjoying himself at my expense. “Americano for me, and you can get whatever you want within reason. Here…” He reached into his bag while I seethed. No apology for making me sit in the damn cold for over an hour, nope, right to business. “This is the company card. I expect a receipt for any purchases you make for me or Lowe Literary.” I took the card from his hand. “Receipts. Got it.” His blue eyes traveled over my body slow and disapproving. I had on the best pair of jeans I owned and borrowed one of Jax’s polo shirts. I didn’t have the money for bullshit designer suits, but I cleaned up okay. “You’re the face of Lowe Literary, Mr. Calloway. I expect you to dress like you give a shit.” I huffed out a laugh. “Well, I expect a boss who shows up on time.” “I was on time.” Arrogant as hell, he slipped his hand into his slacks. “Why did you tell me seven if we don’t open until nine?” I asked, ignoring his confident glare. He hesitated, and I wondered what bullshit excuse he was about to give me when he surprised me with the truth. “Initiation. Payback. Perhaps a bit of both.” I understood the payback part. I’d be pissed if I caught strangers fucking in my house too. But initiation? Like what? Hazing? “Look, I’m sorry about—” He raised his hand, silencing me. “You’re here because Wilder asked me to help out his friend. Apologies are unnecessary. This isn’t about you. It’s best if you remember that. Show up. Do your job. And there won’t be a problem.” Before I had a chance to reply, he walked away and disappeared down the hall. Furious, and feeling smaller than I ever had in my entire life, I contemplated quitting. I didn’t need to put up with his shit. I could be on site with Jax in an hour if I wanted. I slammed my eyes shut and tried to push down my anger and pride. This job would allow me the time I needed to do my schoolwork. And according to the nursing program advisor I’d spoken with last week, I had a shit ton of prerequisites I had to complete before I could even apply to the RN program. If it weren’t for Mr. Superiority Complex, this would be the chillest job I could find. And I’d never find a gig that paid me as well as this did. I groaned and pocketed the business credit card, hating the way Anders had me by the balls.
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Amanda lives in Utah with her family where she moonlights as a nurse on the weekends. If she’s not busy with her three munchkins, you’ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard where she explores the human experience through the written word. She’s obsessed with all things Austen and Oreos, and loves to connect with readers!
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