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Tending Tara by Kat Mizera

Tending Tara by Kat Mizera releases on April 5th!
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Can this fake marriage survive real life?

It was now or never for hockey star Donovan Legori. He’d been keeping his head down and his skates on the ice since his painful divorce. Getting traded was the only thing that mattered. Tired of playing back-up— he was ready for a team that would make him a starting goalie. What he wasn’t ready for was falling for his teammate’s spunky sister.

Fiery redhead Tara Laassonen needed a fresh start and a one-way ticket out of Finland. Moving to be near her professional hockey player brother in Anchorage seemed like the perfect escape, especially when his tall, dark and handsome teammate made her forget all about her disastrous break up back home.

Just as things were heating up, Tara found both her heart and her visa on thin ice. And Donovan discovered that a marriage of convenience was anything but easy, especially when forced to choose: Hockey or Tara.

About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Kat Mizera is a South Florida native. Born in Miami Beach with a healthy dose of wanderlust, she’s called Los Angeles, Long Island, upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Atlanta home. She’s never been able to pick which locale is her favorite, but if pressed, she’d probably choose the west coast.

A typical PTA mom with a wonderful and supportive husband (Kevin) and two amazing boys (Nick and Max), Kat can usually be found scrapbooking or indulging in her second love (after writing) – traveling. Greece is one of her favorite places in the world. She loves that Athens is a big city with a small-town feel. The food, beaches and culture keep her going back as often as possible.

Kat’s been a working freelance writer for nearly 30 years. She sold her first article–a review of a rock concert–for $10 in 1985. Since then she’s been an entertainment journalist, waitress, bartender, legal assistant, food critic, magazine editor, substitute teacher, and sports writer. She also spent some time working at A & M Records in Los Angeles.

As you can guess from her Las Vegas Sidewinders series, Kat loves hockey and occasionally writes articles about her favorite team, the Florida Panthers. The rest of the time, she writes novels: sexy, romantic fiction that she hopes makes you as happy as it makes her. There’s something enticing about hockey players and romance…

Connect with Kat:

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Meet Cute by Elise Faber


Meet Cute by Elise Faber releases on April 5th!

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He’s a movie star.
I’m just a girl from a small town.

He lives in L.A when he’s not traveling the world. I live in Utah, and the furthest I’ve been is a few states away.

He’s beautiful. I’m . . . just me.

Talbot Green is the man who has everything—fame, money, adoring fans—and I’m just a girl from a small town, childhood friends with his publicist, and looking forward to spending a few days in warm and sunny California.

Then I saved his life.

In front of the paparazzi.

And suddenly, my face is everywhere—on social media, on TV, on magazine covers. Suddenly, I’m not just a girl from a small town, who’s living a small life. Suddenly . . . I belong to Talbot Green, at least in the eyes of the media.

And also . . . perhaps in the eyes of Talbot himself.
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Rebel Rook by Ren Alexander

Title: Rebel Rook
An Everyday Heroes World Novel
Author: Ren Alexander
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2021


Dylan McGrath, a rookie cop with something to prove and everything to lose.

Dumped. There, I said it. The day after my twenty-first birthday, my girlfriend of two years ditched me in front of an audience. Drowning my sorrows in a park, a cop throws me into the back of a cruiser. It’s not my first ride or my greatest achievement, angering legendary law enforcement swarming my family tree, but who cares? Smelling fresh blood, self-righteous, law-abiding family and friends gang up on me, drawing a line in the sand. Doing the unthinkable yet inevitable, we strike a deal, but not without a fight.

Graduating from the police academy, I clash with field training officers who hand me off faster than a live grenade. Though my job is to enforce laws, I love to break the rules and refuse to follow any leader. On the verge of embarrassing the revered Malones again, I’m reassigned to a tough sergeant who hates me for existing on her dime.

Vowing to nail training, a gorgeous waitress blows that notion to smithereens. Distrusting the police, Natalia Welch wants nothing to do with me. Because of her horrific past, I’m told to steer clear or fail training. But I can’t, and Natalia and I grow closer until she freaks out about our slight age difference. However, the more she avoids me, the more we crave each other, leading to a passionate explosion that could end my career or her life.

Ren Alexander’s Rebel Rook is a provocative, riveting, and poignant contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds project.



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I’ve been field-training for three months and have nine months to go. But like Taggart said, I might not make it past this week. And now I want to stab people in a place called Joy Springs. This can’t be my damn life.
Following her, I walk, noting stares, smiles, and some frowns as we approach the front door. It’s both a morale boost and a ball-buster with nothing in between most of the time. I’m still getting used to wearing this blue uniform and carrying a gun—it’s who I am now.
But I’m also the same man mourning a breakup a fucking year later, having no other distraction than the rigors of this job I’m learning, albeit rocking the boat. Audrey has texted me twice, and I’ve had to hand my phone to my police officer roommate, Tristan, to delete them and her number. It was harder to do than getting through the academy.
Taggart holds the door open for me until I’m in reaching distance before she lets it close in my face. “Goddamn it,” I mutter as I yank it open and go to stand beside her at the podium.
A gray-haired, pasty hostess smiles at Taggart and then glances at me. “Is this your new apprentice, Lynn?”
She looks up at me and rolls her eyes before turning back to Doris, or so says her name tag. “For now, at least.” Why does she have to criticize me in front of people? Doesn’t that undermine any authority I might have as long as she says I do? Fuck me.
Doris’s eyes suddenly open like she just saw a ghost. “Wait a minute. I heard a new Malone is here. You’re Chief Malone and Lieutenant Malone’s nephew, and Grant, Grayson, and Grady Malone’s cousin, aren’t you?”
“That’s the rumor.”
She bobs her head, her limp gray curls bouncing to a sad tune. “Do you know them?”
Waiting for her to laugh or elaborate on the idiotic question, I narrow my eyes and slowly answer, “Yeah?”
She smiles at Taggart. “They’re so honorable in their vocations.” Her beady eyes assess me as if I’m the garbage family member no one talks about. She then checks out my nameplate. “Dylan? You do know Grady married a Dylan?”
“You don’t say? Not the same, though. Right?” I laugh while Doris and Taggart do not. Fucking shit, I might as well be citing someone for pissing on a wall.
“I would assume not,” she answers with a huff, and I bite my lip to avoid full-on laughing in her face. “Chief Malone is your uncle,” she states like it’s an unknown fact to me, and she’s the one to break the news of this twist. Doris and Taggart both stare at me like I’m supposed to comment. It’s confirmed when Taggart clears her throat, prompting me.
“Yeah. My mother is his younger sister, and Colin Malone was their uncle and my great-uncle.” I again answer slow enough, so Doris won’t misunderstand my fuck you.
“Well, you have enormous shoes to fill, mister,” Doris mutters, shaking her head and clicking her tongue like she caught me with my pants unbuttoned at all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.
“I’m not here to fill their shoes. No competition there.”
Doris purses her thin lips, and her watery eyes make a loop over me. “You got that right.” What the hell, lady? “Your table is ready. Have a seat.”
Taggart smiles at Doris but turns to me with a glare. Then she leads the way to a corner booth, with her yanking on my leash. She slides into the furthest bench seat, and I reluctantly sit across from her, turning down the radio on my shoulder. I’m not hungry. Doris comes to our table, saying, “I figured the kid might need a menu. Maybe some crayons and a booster seat, too.” She laughs with Taggart, and I grin, taking it in stride since she’s an old woman. Still, I struggle not to pull my fucking gun, if just to jumpstart her decrepit heart.
“Be courteous, officer. They give us a complimentary lunch every day.”
I nod. “That’s nice of them.” I return to my menu, still not hungry.
Taggart says, “Good afternoon, Natalia.”
I continue to study the menu as a voice next to me asks, “Coffee and a Rueben, Lynn?”
“You know me so well.” Taggart loudly clears her throat, and I look up. “Are you going to be rude?”
“Not at the moment,” I reply, aiming to get her to laugh at one joke before training is over, now or later.
Taggart sharply but silently rebukes me as she again glances away. I follow to see a woman with her mahogany hair in a ponytail, holding a notepad. Her skin is deep, luminous copper, but her sparkling brown eyes grab my attention more than anything. However, the warmth in them ices over, and she stiffly asks, “Your order?”
I grin, not only because I’m on the clock, but because she’s hot as hell. “Uh, I don’t know yet.”
Taggart says, “He may need a children’s menu or a few minutes.”
She smiles at Taggart. “Of course. I’ll be back with your coffee.”
I watch her walk away, fascinated by her grace and her perfect ass. Several zings fly through me, a reminder I haven’t had sex or touched a woman in over a non-fucking year, not that I’ve handled more than one. I’ve found zero balance or desire for anyone other than Audrey. Until now.
Again, Taggart clears her throat, and I whip my attention to her. “What is so fascinating, Officer McGrath?”
“N-nothing. Why?”
She taps her index finger onto the table. “Let me tell you something. That young woman right there? Natalia? She’s a big no for you.”
“I don’t know what you’re—”
“You think you’re the first police officer to lust after her?” Her creepy smile returns. “She’s not interested.”
“Uh, okay. Neither am I.” Taggart doesn’t need a status update on the happenings in the crotch of my pants.
Taggart frowns. “Yeah. We’ll see. You might just have to put your hand in the cage and get bitten before you learn that lesson. And I will warn you again…your career hangs on whether or not you successfully complete field training. So, as I have advised my previous recruits, keep your hormones in check. Being a police officer is extremely difficult, and your focus needs to be on learning and becoming a better officer, not finding your next fly-by-night fling. Your storied law enforcement family is counting on you. Understood?” I know what I have to prove and what’s at stake. I can’t fuck this up. She doesn’t need to remind me every five minutes.
Reluctantly, I nod when I’d rather tell her to go to hell. Taggart pulls her phone out of her pocket and says, “I need to make a call. Order your food. I won’t wait around all day for you to eat it.”
Taggart leaves the booth, but I shoot daggers at her skull as I observe our surroundings, always on alert now. A body obscures my vision as a coffee cup lands at our table. “Have you decided?”
Instead of ordering, I ask, “What’s the name of this place? I couldn’t make it out on the sign.”
“Dinah’s Diner. It’s a mouthful. Did they not think that through?”
“She was the cook’s grandmother and the owner. Your sandwich?”
I stall. “Do you know Sergeant Taggart well?”
Natalia’s gorgeous face rumples as if I asked for her bra size. “Since I was born. She eats lunch here every day and sits in my section. So, yes. Do you want to order?”
“Is she always so abrupt?”
“She’s blunt, yes. Do you need more time?”
“She’s my field training officer.”
“Cool,” she says, clearly bored as she taps her pen against the notepad. But inexplicably, I’m determined for a turnaround.
Natalia? That’s a name I don’t hear often. Do you go by anything else?”
“Natalia. I can come back.”
“No, wait. I’m Dylan McGrath. Do you have a last name, or do you just go by one like Kesha?”
“Why do you need to know my last name, Officer McGrath?”
“Just curious since I’ll see you pretty much every day.”
“And you’ll probably eat the same thing every day, so I’ll get to know your usual, not your name, rank, and serial number.”
“Okay. I gave you my name. My rank is an officer, and I only have a badge number, 22506.”
I grin as she purses her lips and moves her gaze from me as she fidgets with her pen. “I have other tables, so…”
The nearly empty diner’s silence squeals as I look around. “Sure. Okay. I’ll take a club with a sweet tea.”
“Fine.” She offers a quick, courteous smile and takes my menu, leaving without so much as a fuck off.
Taggart returns, compounding the female loathing piling upon me. Taking a chance, I ask, “Natalia said she’s known you since she was a kid?”
Taggart radiates more sourness. “I told you to leave her alone.”
“I am. She offered.” Maybe I interrogated.
“I knew her father.”
“Knew? Oh, well…” I don’t know what to say to that.
“He’s not dead, for crying out loud. Let’s just leave it there.”
“Here you go…Doug, wasn’t it?” Natalia sets down a glass of iced tea in front of me.
“Right. Sorry.” She smiles, but it’s not for my benefit. Regardless, real or not, her smile is the best thing I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying more than I want to admit.
Natalia tucks stray hair behind her ear, and her silver nail polish glitters. “Lynn, your Reuben will be out in a few minutes.”
“Thank you, honey.” Honey? I didn’t know affection was possible from Taggart.
When Talia leaves, her body again draws me in as she walks. Her ass is flawless. My hands could cup her tits completely. Audrey’s tits are small, but I didn’t think much of it until now.
“And that was a time I was an Iron Chef.”
I look at Taggart. “I’m sorry?”
“You’re not listening to a word I said regarding needing to pass your field training. Natalia. You’re drooling.”
I send her an acidic frown of my own. “I’m positive I wasn’t drooling.” Maybe I was. I didn’t realize how much I need to get laid.
“She doesn’t need you to jerk her around.” But hell, she could jerk me.
“I’m not.”
“Lynn, your sandwich.” She sets a plate in front of Taggart and then turns to me. “Please excuse me. What was your name again?”
“Oh, yes. Here’s yours. Enjoy.”
I hear laughing, and I look to see Taggart, entertained. “She does not like you.”
“What did I do? I don’t even know her.”
“I told you to leave her alone.” She shakes her head, and I try to eat but steal glances, watching Natalia bending over tables, her uniform skirt sliding up her leg, and my once-dormant dick has so many thoughts about it.
“Ready? Let’s catch speeders.” Sure. She’ll sit there, judging me while I do all the fucking work.
I mumble, “Can’t wait,” which earns me a glare.
“Thin ice, McGrath.”
I wish I were falling through some.


Ren Alexander writes steamy contemporary romance, including the Wild Sparks Series, and contributes to K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Series from her desk in Motown—Detroit, Michigan. Yes, part of her state is shaped like a mitten, 8 Mile Road really exists, and Eminem is her neighbor and carpool buddy. Unfortunately, she and Slim Shady don’t ride in the same car. She’s still working on that part.

Writing her romance novels with a big dose of reality, the good and bad, Ren embraces the gritty and raw with a side of funny and crazy. No matter what, there is always an explosion. You never know what you’ll get in her mixed bag. That’s personal, anyway.

Ren lives in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband, two daughters, and two cats.


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Paper Hearts by Brittany Taylor

Title: Paper Hearts
Author: Brittany Taylor
Genre: Enemies to Lovers Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2021


Asher Owens.

Gorgeous. Arrogant. Liar.

It’s been ten years since Asher left me with nothing but the remains of our shattered dreams.

The last place I expected to see him was at a small bar in a city of over eight million.

With my heart set on expanding my business, I needed one of New York City’s best real estate executives. Little did I know it would be the same man who had torn my heart like a piece of paper before setting it on fire.

Once my gaze lands on his, I know Asher is no longer the boy I loved when I was eighteen. No, this Asher treated me like a stranger. All for the sake of not wanting to sift through the ashes of our past.

Yet Asher’s arrogance rivaled any sort of rejection, even mine. Using his own selfish ambition, he needed me to claw his way to the top.

Despite his true motives, I had foolishly let him back in.

I’d fallen in love with Asher Owens once before and this time I would try my best not to make the same mistake twice.



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I step forward, closing the space between us. It’s the closest I’ve been to her in ten years. She steps backward, her back hitting the wall behind her. Her scent fills the air around us, a mixture of vanilla and flowers. Even with her heels, the top of her head still doesn’t meet my chin. I’m hovering over her, looking down at her as she tips her chin up. Breaking my eyes away from hers, I take a glance at how many floors we still have to go—only ten more left. Her whole body turns rigid with mine pressed against hers. She presses her lips together and swallows, her eyes dancing between my mouth and my eyes.

“What bothers you more, Charleigh? The fact that I won’t work with you or that you think I’m a shit friend? Because it seems to me it might be both.”

She bites down on her bottom lip, pulling it between her perfect teeth.


Suddenly I’m remembering how those lips once pressed against mine. Standing this close to her was a mistake, my reaction to her beginning to grow within the black pants of my suit.

Despite my question, she remains silent, so I continue. “And don’t pretend to be shocked by my question. We both know the truth behind how you really feel about me.”

Her bottom lip pops out from between her teeth, the flesh pink from the pressure she placed on it. “Wow.” The word slowly seeps out of her mouth, letter by letter. Her eyes narrow once again, and it’s as if she’s pierced me straight in the chest. “How arrogant you must be to assume how I feel about you after ten years of silence. Don’t act like you’re the victim here, Asher. You made your choices and I made mine.” Her words are laced with venom, meant to poison me.

It took nearly ten years to put Charleigh out of my mind. The pain of what happened, her forcing me to make the decision to leave her, is still fresh, even after all this time. We both lost something the night I left, but in a way, I feel I lost more than Charleigh did…my mother, and Charleigh.

I thought I was doing what was best for the both of us, but the differences between her and me couldn’t be more apparent.

The elevator settles before the doors slide open. I’m still standing in front of Charleigh, pressing her body against the wall. She pushes against my chest and quickly walks out. I hold my breath, knowing I should let her go. But like the fool I’ve always been, I don’t.


Brittany Taylor grew up all over the world including places such as California, England and Texas. Today she resides in Connecticut with her husband, two sons, two cats, and a dog. She loves reading but loves writing even more. Her favorite things in life are her family, binge watching Golden Girls, and tacos.



Kansas by K.L. Savage

 TEASER REVEAL!!! Kansas by K.L. Savage releases April 6!!!
“Here we go again! Kansas brings us right back to Atlantic City and his book is INCREDIBLE!!!” – Goodreads reviewer
“Getting to read Kansas was mind blowing! …The Ruthless world that K.L. Savage has created is one I happily fall into with each story!” – Goodreads reviewer
“Holy Hell this is one book you won’t want to miss. Another amazing installment in the Ruthless Kings MC story, can’t wait for more!!!!” – Spunky N Sassy Book Blog
Pre-order now!!!
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Instincts are all we have to rely on.
And mine were spot on.
There are a few things I don’t like to talk about in life.
My father.
And Kansas.
I hate him, and I hate that godforsaken state.
To this day, I haven’t loved because there’s a fear.
An inkling.
An instinct that I will be just like him.
I convinced myself our blood was rotten, tainted, and sour.
I believe I didn’t have the ability to be faithful or loyal.
But then after a blizzard, a sailboat washed to shore.
And she was there.
She’s here at the clubhouse now.
Violet Winston.
A name that matches the fields of lavender of her eyes.
I have no right to want her.
I can’t love her.
I’ll ruin her.
The more I get to know her, the harder I fall.
Usually, there’s a calm after the storm.
But not this time.
Between her father being a drug dealer.
The drugs hidden in the boat.
And the man that wants his drugs.
We are about to feel the havoc of a hurricane.
Truths hit us out of nowhere and they hurt worse than a lie ever did.
Love tests us and rips us open. Friendships are lost. Loyalty is damned. 
I’m not in Kansas anymore.
But Jersey hurts just the same.
#1 Boomer’s Rise

Free in Kindle Unlimited


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Knight of Swords by Astor Steele


Knight of Swords by Astor Steele

Available at:


Victorian London, 1893. Lady Juliet Gaudain is turning eighteen and is to inherit a vast fortune and shipping line from her deceased parents. But that is not all she will inherit. She quickly learns her father was a warrior from an ancient race of Britons with supernatural powers who were cursed by the Druids to become vampires. Forced to hide within normal society through the ages, they mated with humans and created a hybrid race. Juliet must now complete her transformation in to a vampire and ascend her throne to become the powerful Queen of the Taleians. She must unite her people scattered across the world with the aid of a mate, fate has provided for her as protector. Wickedly handsome rich Lord Nathan Valancourt is more than eager to accept his new role and title of Knight of Swords as the beautiful Taleian Queen’s, ruling loving mate, protector, advisor and leader of her Army. But first he must fight a series of dangerous sword duels with other nobleman vampires who have been given the right to challenge his claim to the Queen and take her from him and force her to join with them. Nathan must defeat the devious challengers determined to take Juliet from him and protect his Queen from the cruel vampire who will stop at nothing to possess her power. Only then will he be able to consummate his blood relationship with Juliet destined to last for eternity.

Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited



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Crossing The Line by Elise Faber

I saved him. Well, maybe he saved me.
Or perhaps we saved each other.

Crossing the Line by Elise Faber is available now!
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available on all platforms

I saved him. Well, maybe he saved me.
Or perhaps we saved each other.

All I knew was that one second, I was bickering with the man I pretended to despise—a man I secretly wanted more than my next meal—and the next the world was exploding around us.

KTS, the secret military agency I worked for, was under attack by a former agent turned traitor and everything we thought we knew about being the good guys was getting more complicated by the minute.

As was my relationship with Linc.

I’d asked him out once, bared my feelings for him, and . . . he’d turned me down.

Not gently, either.

But now we were fighting for our lives, and I discovered that perhaps his rejection wasn’t quite so simple. Maybe he’d pushed me away because once I was in his heart, there was no letting me go.


About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at
Connect with Elise!

Facebook Group:

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Riley (Shattered Souls MC book 4)

Riley (Shattered Souls MC book 4) by Heather Dahlgren

Releasing March 26th

One Click Now –

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When I met Riley Giddens I never expected this incredibly sexy man with colorful tattoos, smoldering eyes, and muscular body to own my heart. He’s part of Shattered Souls MC and they are trouble. Riley is careless in life, heartless in bed, and twenty years my senior. Still, I can’t stay away. I’m sucked in by his deep voice, demanding touch, and possessive ways.

When Federal Agent McKay shows up at my door, I’m up against a wall. I’m too deep into a world I want to avoid. Riley promises me he’ll handle it. He’ll keep me safe at all costs. This protective side of him only draws me in deeper and scares me more.

He’s in danger. Dealing with a dirty federal agent is one thing. Doing it without the knowledge of your club is something else entirely.

Riley’s need to protect me just might destroy us all in the end.

Author Bio –

Heather Dahlgren writes Fiction Romance, sprinkling each book with a bit of humor, a lot of naughty and true love. She self-published her first book in 2014 and continues to do so today. Her over active mind promises the stories are in no short supply.

Heather grew up and still resides at the Jersey shore. She loves being so close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pine Barrens. She is surrounded by the best of both worlds.

She is married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. There is nothing more important in the world to her than her family.

When Heather isn’t writing you can find her getting lost in a great book, spending time with family and helping her fellow authors.

Heather’s Links –



Facebook Group:

Facebook Page:





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Ruthless Monarch


Ruthless Monarch by Ava Harrison is releasing April 5, 2021!



From USA Today bestselling author Ava Harrison comes a gritty, twisted standalone romance. 

Matteo Amante.

Dangerous. Deadly. And most of all, devastating.

He’s the king of the city.

Running the mafia and ruling the East Coast.

He’s at war with his cousin, and I am the casualty.

There is nothing Matteo won’t do to win.

He’ll burn everything down to the ground, my hopes and dreams included.

He’s no hero.

He’s the handsome devil who will probably kill me in the end.

Falling in love with the enemy can destroy me, especially when he is my husband . . .

 #NewAdultRomance #ContemporaryRomance #RomanticSuspense #Billionaire #EnemiestoLovers #Mafia #Marriageofconvenience #Angsty #AntiHero