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INDECISION by Evelyn Montgomery


★✩★ 99! ★✩★
#EvelynMontgomery has a Book Sale!!

INDECISION which is a ROMANTIC COMEDY | ROMANCE for 99c on Amazon US and UK ONLY from March 26 – April 1

INDECISION is also available to read for Free in #KindleUnlimited

Sale runs from March 26 – April 1

Amazon – US & UK Only






He’s unexpected, southern, rough and handsome as hell. Not the typical type I go for, but suddenly everything I need to have day and night and all hours in between. There is only one problem, I left town that night without giving him my number, and Lord knows I’ll never get the chance to see him again. After he kissed me senseless and left me utterly speechless that night in the bar, anything I thought I wanted before fades and I find all I crave is him! His touch, his kiss, the way my body reacts to his like a drug I can’t get enough of. But when reality comes crashing back into my life, I find myself making a mistake that could cost me a future I never knew I wanted? Will he forgive me? Or did I just ruin something I know I can’t possibly be lucky enough to ever get back?


 She’s blonde, blue eyed and got curves for days. Her sexy sweet demeanor and the way her smart mouth taunts me leaves me wanting nothing more than to tease her back. Watch her need rise as I do things to her, I’ve only dreamed of doing in my secret fantasies. Oh, she’s my fantasy alright. A California dream us southern boys never get the chance to touch. She’s all I could ever need, desire, crave & I’ll change my whole world just to have her in it. But when her lips meet mine, and her craving for me pushes both of us further than we ever thought we would go, could it possibly be enough? Or could choosing us prove to be the biggest mistake we’ve ever made? One thing I know for certain, I’ll never regret it. Her. Me. Us. Even long after the fantasy fades.



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