One More Time by Aurora Rose Reynolds

 NOW LIVE!!! One More Time by Aurora Rose Reynolds is available now!!!
“a sweet second chance romance that will steal your heart and leave you breathless” – Goodreads reviewer⠀

“so addictive that I read it in one sitting. I loved this beautiful story so much I wish I could give it more than 5 stars.” – Goodreads reviewer⠀

“a beautifully written, romantic love story that ticked all the boxes” – Goodreads reviewer
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Back in her hometown of Ruby Falls, Aria Heart is determined to find herself and the happiness that has always felt just out of reach. Something that would be a lot easier to do if her parents weren’t so close by, reminding her just why she left town as soon as she could, and if the house she just purchased wasn’t already giving her problems. 
Just when Aria starts to second guess her decision, Tide Goodman knocks on her door and shoves his way under her defenses. Is it possible that the happiness she’s been searching for is attached to a man like Tide, the guy she crushed on in high school who didn’t even seem to know she existed? A man with an adorable daughter and baggage of his own? 
In order to find out, she’ll have to put everything, including her heart, on the line one more time.
If you loved Falling Fast and Tide you’re going to want to read this book.
#1 Falling Fast
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Billion Dollar Chance by Linnea May

Title: Billion Dollar Chance
Author: Linnea May
Genre: Second Chance Billionaire Romance
Cover Design: Marisa, Cover Me Darling
Release Date: April 5, 2021


I made it. I’m richer than the richest, and my voice has the power to override laws. But to get here, I had to push her out of my life.
Now she’s back—and she needs my help.

Ella Whitt. My college fling, my fiery adventure from the past, the ex who turned into nothing but a piercing regret.
Until she resurfaces when I least expect it.
She’s still just as brazen, bewitching and excruciatingly irresistible. The same addictive flame that charred me all those years ago. One look and I’m smitten all over again—but she’s in trouble, and I’m the only one who can help her. As a friend, of course, for old times’ sake. Nothing more.
Ella can never know about my voracious need for her, because I forbid myself to act on it.
And she can never know about the pact I made with my college friends — a pact to find a wife and secure my wealth in my name.
Because it definitely won’t be her.


$2.99 for pre-order only!



“Maybe we can work something out,” his voice cuts into my musings. “Together.”
“What do you mean?”
It looks like he’s contemplating a response when the music dies down, bringing an end to the one song I agreed to. We stop dancing, but he keeps me in his embrace, only tightening his grip when I try to distance myself from him.
“One dance,” I remind him, barely able to control my breathing as the heat of his body envelopes me with its intoxicating allure.
“What if I don’t want to stop?” he asks, pulling me even closer. I feel awfully exposed with my boobs spilling out on top of my tight-fitting dress as I’m pressed against his body.
And yet, I lean into him.
I can’t help it.
It’s all still there. His heartbeat, his smell, the valleys of his chiseled chest, palpable even under all this fabric, his strong upper arms—and the depth of his dark green eyes.
I shouldn’t have looked up. I shouldn’t lock eyes with him, not now that we’re frozen in this intimate embrace, in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by faceless strangers who are starting to swirl around us as the string quartet strikes up the next song.
I can feel the world moving around us, but I cannot see it.
I know there’s music being played, but I cannot hear it.
I’m barely aware of the commotion surrounding us, the smell of the room, the voices, the string quartet’s tireless play—all of it fades into nothingness the moment I let myself fall into him. The world is no longer heavy with pain, anger, and regret, but merely provides a stage for us. A stage for what is next.
I want to kiss him. Despite everything, I want to kiss him so badly it hurts. The ache is running through my veins with such blazing force that my entire body starts burning up, further inspired by the shame that takes a hold of me a moment later—when our lips finally meet.”


Linnea May loves to read and write about strong alpha men with loaded bank accounts and skeletons in their closets. Her heroes are as sexy and beautiful as they are broken – only to be fixed by the smart & captivating heroines who cross their paths.

Originally from Europe, Linnea currently tries to befriend the lively squirrels in Rhode Island. ❤



Magical Twist by Brenda Trim


Midlife Witchery is dangerous business…
Find out for yourself when Magical Twist by Brenda Trim releases on April 9!  

99¢ PREORDER HERE: https://amzn.to/3s1oB9k

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Rumor has it that midlife is for drinking wine, traveling, and discovering the joy of life. But there’s no rest for the wicked. Or for a Fae-witch hybrid like myself.

Danger follows me everywhere – even to the grocery store – as the evil entity continues to stalk supernaturals in Cottlehill Wilds. But I barely have time to worry about that now that the Fae Queen is dead.

My bad. No, seriously. I let my power loose and it took over.

Leaving Grams behind to return to Eidothea and fight a war wasn’t exactly in my plans. As usual, I’m totally clueless. At least I have my orthotic inserts to keep me on my feet and Sebastian and his irresistible kisses to lift my spirits when things go wrong.

And let’s face it: things are going to go wrong.

Just because I can cast a spell without burning off my eyebrows now doesn’t mean I can survive giant trolls, bogharts, or the insane Fae King. And since my best friends refuse to let me face this battle alone, the stress of saving the realm and the people I love most in both worlds is threatening to turn me prematurely grey.

Sometimes being the Guardian really sucks.  

About Brenda:
Brenda loves everything paranormal. She has co-authored over twenty-five books in the best-selling Dark Warrior Alliance series, as well as the Hollow Rock Shifters series. She also has best-selling solo titles readers are raving about.

Brenda created worlds that feature dangerously handsome heroes and feisty heroines. With the help of popcorn and candy, she takes dragons, fairies, witches, vampires, and so much more and brings them to life. She lives in Texas with her husband and three kids who fuel not only her heart but her life.

If she’s not writing, she’s reading, traveling, or knee-deep in projects with her husband and five sisters. She encourages readers to Dream Big. If your dreams don’t terrify and electrify you then they aren’t big enough!  

Follow Brenda!
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Website: https://www.brendatrim.com

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Until Autumn by Sheridan Anne

Title: Until Autumn
A Happily Ever Alpha World Novel
Author: Sheridan Anne
Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: RBA Designs & Sheridan Anne
Release Date: April 2, 2021



Sure, watching a baby come shooting through a narrow opening isn’t everybody’s cup of iced white chocolate mocha. But for me? It’s a dream come true.

Becoming a midwife has always been the goal. I’ve been through every up and down imaginable, but with only three years left, I’ll be damned if I let anything or anyone stand in my way.

I wasn’t prepared for Dr. Thorne Mayson.

He’s the top obstetrician in the state with a reputation to match. He’s handsome and cocky, and not at all what I was expecting.

He holds the power to ruin me, but just how much am I willing to risk to win it all?


They all told me the stories, and I didn’t believe it until I watched each of my cousins get taken down by the BOOM!.

One after another, they dropped like flies, falling in love, and finding their forever. That wasn’t going to happen to me.

I’m at the top of my game. I’m the most sought after obstetrician in Nashville. I have too much going on, too much to focus on. I thought I had it all … until Autumn.

Until Autumn is part of Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World. If you loved Until November, then you will want to read Until Autumn.




Sheridan Anne is the author of all things twisted, dark, and just a little messed up. She writes mainly Dark Contemporary Romance and has been known to dabble in the Fantasy world and more recently, diving head first into Reverse Harem.

She lives in the beautiful Hawkesbury region of Australia with killer spiders, boxing kangaroos, and too many nope ropes to count.

When she’s not locked in her writing cave, she’s out living life with her wonderful husband and two beautiful daughters. Sheridan has been publishing since December 2017 and has put her heart and soul into her work. Since then, she has watched as her career has flourished and become something so much more than she could have ever dreamed.



Aurora Rose Reynolds and her husband, Sedaka Reynolds, created Boom Factory Publishing to use their experiences to expand and promote upcoming and existing indie authors. 

With over five years in the industry, and millions of books sold worldwide, we know what it takes to become a successful author and we will use this knowledge to take our authors to the next level. 

“As a successful hybrid author in this ever evolving industry, I know that you’re only as successful as the team that is promoting you!” – Aurora Rose Reynolds


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Marked by Eva Winners

Title: Marked
Series: Russian Sinners #1
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 6, 2021


Her father promised me life on the legal side if I saved his only daughter.

I was her last hope.

Something about this rich, spoiled princess captured me from the moment I laid my eyes on her. This green eyed beauty made me want things I never had.

She was untouchable. If I was decent, I’d keep my distance. But God knew I was the worst kind of sinner.

She shouldn’t have wanted my touch. Now she was mine.

When a Russian rival mafia came for her seeking revenge and old, forgotten secrets are revealed, her life became marked.

Would she stay in my world or go back to her carefree, privileged life?

Marked, book 1 in Russian Sinners series is a standalone read. No cliffhangers, no cheating and lots of steamy scenes.




“Do you remember the witch?” Nikolai’s words had me lifting my head.
“What witch?”
“The one that said a woman will be your undoing and bring you to your knees,” he replied. “You have found her.”
I didn’t believe a word that crazy Gypsy lady said all those years ago. Although now looking at Anastasia laying next to me, I had to wonder. It had been less than twenty-four hours and the pull was quickly bringing me to my knees.


Releasing May 6


Releasing June 10



Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing feverishly ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.

She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches.

Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about.

Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you’ll never want to leave.

Follow her on social media to stay up to date with all her new releases!





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Release Date – April 27

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/57430893/

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Pre-order links:

US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08Y982RKW/ 

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08Y982RKW/  

CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08Y982RKW/  

AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08Y982RKW/



Lucca and Lexi are back to stop and start your heart.

This is the ultimate love story. The most tragic love story.

In a heart-stopping and explosive two-part conclusion, Lucca and Lexi face every parent’s worst nightmare.

Lexi and Lucca are adjusting to parenthood with premature-born twins after their traumatic birth. With their son requiring a prolonged hospital stay, their pain is far from over.

On the day of little Luciano’s chest x-ray, Lucca and Lexi believe they’ll be able to take the vulnerable twin home from hospital to start family life. Instead, they face excruciating agony and heart-wrenching despair.

The worst trauma any parent should discover.

Chaos erupts. An investigation begins. Lucca and Lexi fall apart.

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Stealth by Willow Fox

Stealth by Willow Fox is now live!
Small Town Romantic Suspense

Available on all platforms

Sold to the mafia. I’m nothing more than a piece of property to my brother. Forced into an arranged marriage, I enlist the help of Eagle Tactical.

I moved in with Jaxson after the attack. It’s hard to keep my hands off him, but he’s my boss. He’s given me a job at Eagle Tactical as his subordinate.

I don’t take orders well, especially from a grumpy boss. He’s about just as grumpy as his toddler when she skips her afternoon nap.

I vowed to protect Ariella. That’s how much she means to me, but she’s gotten under my skin with her know everything attitude and sassy hip sway that has my body in overdrive.

I swore I’d never do a one-night stand. Is that what she thinks we shared? Is that why she hates me?

I don’t know how much longer I can wake up under the same roof, go to work with her, and not throw her down on the bed.

We have a mission that takes priority, but how can I keep my mind on the job when she’s always in the room, and I want to bend her over the desk?

STEALTH is book two in Eagle Tactical series and ends with a HFN and a guaranteed series HEA. While it is recommended that you read the series in order, this book can be read as a standalone.

About the Author:

Willow has loved writing since she was in high school (many ages ago). Her small town romances are reflective of living in a small town in rural America.
Whether she’s writing romance or sitting outside by the bonfire reading a good book, Willow loves the magic of the written word.
She dreams of being swept off her feet and hopes to do that to her readers!

Website: https://authorwillowfox.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/authorwillowfox
Instagram: https://instagram.com/authorwillowfox
Newsletter: https://authorwillowfox.com/subscribe/
Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/willow-fox
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Willow-Fox/e/B08X6LFSXV

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The Love Interest by Kayley Loring

Title: The Love Interest
Author: Kayley Loring
Genre: Steamy Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Kari March
Photo: Miguelanxo
Model: Fabian Castro
Release Date: April 16, 2021


Dear Fiona,

I hope this letter finds you well—and by well, I mean significantly less infuriated than you were yesterday. I’ve wanted to continue our conversation from the night we met, but there are so many things I can’t say or do, now that I’m your professor.

As an anonymous letter writer, I can give you some idea of what I have planned for us, once the year is over. As an author, I can share my work in progress with you. Not for you to critique but to show you how much you mean to me.

When you’re done reading this page, destroy it—and then write me back. Don’t sign the letter. Don’t put a return address on the envelope. Mail it from a random mailbox.

Yours in problem solving,

P.S. I still think you’re wasting your talent on that historical romance novel.
P.P.S. I really wanted to push you up against the door and kiss your beautiful, angry face. I will. One day.

Dear Emmett,

Your handwriting is almost as terrible as your mood swings, and it would have been my instinct to destroy that letter even if you hadn’t ordered me to.

If you show me your work in progress, I will critique it.

I am currently still too infuriated to write about all the other feelings I have for you.

Expect another letter soon.

Your problem and your solution,

P.S. I still think an overpaid, overrated, overly handsome bestselling author of thrillers has no business teaching creative writing at a prestigious New York university.
P.P.S. To my great horror, I really wanted you to push me up against that door and kiss my angry face too. I understand now that your appalling way of treating me in class has been overcompensation, but I don’t forgive you for it. I’ll kiss you again anyway. One day.

Audiobook will be released in early May, narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Mackenzie Cartwright, featuring Connor Crais and Shane East


Before writing steamy romantic comedy novels, Kayley Loring got a BFA in creative writing from a Canadian university and had a fifteen-year career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles (under a different name). She mostly wrote PG-13 family comedies that studios would pay her lots of money for and then never make into movies. In 2017 she decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and write about all the fun stuff that she wasn’t allowed to write about in those PG-13 scripts. Now she’s breathing cleaner air and writing dirtier words. It’s an adjustment she’s happily getting used to.


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Mariposa Mysteries Trilogy


Middle Grade Fantasy

Date Published: March 2021

A trilogy of fast-paced coming-of-age adventure stories, full of magic and strange paranormal events. With unforgettable scenes, inspired characters, and fun story lines, here’s a wonderfully entertaining fantasy read for kids of all ages!

Book One: Watch What You Wish For

Book Two: Magic and Mischief in Mariposa

Book Three: The Wizard Wannabe


(From Book One: Watch What You Wish For)

I gazed in disbelief at the desolation. The town looked forlorn, forbidding, forsaken. Graffiti everywhere. Store windows looking like they hadn’t been washed in years. Signs leaning crookedly into the wind; the occasional beer can clattering along the gutters. Not a single patch of grass to be seen; not a flower or a tree to relieve the monotony. What few passers-by there were hurried along with their heads down, deliberately avoiding eye contact. They looked miserable, angry, and most decidedly unfriendly.

It was hard to believe that our once-thriving town had undergone such a transformation in just a couple of hours. Only this morning, the tree-lined main street had bustled with locals and tourists. Even though it was October and the weather was getting cooler with the approach of winter, colourful hanging baskets adorned the streets and people gossiped cheerfully as they sipped coffee on the patios. Store fronts gleamed, while not a single piece of garbage littered the street. And even if it had, you can guarantee some concerned citizen would have immediately whisked it up and deposited it in the nearest garbage can.

But that’s Mariposa for you – everyone being so neighbourly and helpful.

Until now, that is. On a normal day, you wouldn’t be able to walk a block before being greeted with enough ‘good mornings’ and ‘how’re you doings’ to last you a lifetime. Being from the city, it’s something I could never get used to. But now I think I’ve changed my mind about that.

Besides the condition of the town, my seventh grade teacher, Ms. Nightingale, had vanished off the face of the earth. Along with our poor old neighbour Mrs. Clutterbuck. Not only were they both missing, apparently they had never even existed!

And the worst part of all? This was ALL my fault!

About The Author

After teaching middle school for 25 years, Val is now retired but still stuck in that mindset, particularly when it comes to storytelling in the fantasy genre. Stories of evil spirits, wizards and ghosts are constantly running around in her head, which can be somewhat of an interference when she’s working at her other job: serious copywriting gigs for grownups. Based in Ontario, Canada, Val is a truly awful cook and a voracious reader. Find out more at valerieannehudson.com.

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