New Release

Savage by Gwendolen Hope


“You don’t know what you really need until you slam your face into that something…” Isabelle, an emergency room doctor, is suddenly catapulted to Australia in search of her father who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization. In the wild forest of Daintree she meets Alec, a man who lives on the edge of civilization, with his own personal rules and who has chosen solitude as his life partner. Alec will establish with Isabelle a conflictual and turbulent relationship full of sexual tension, he will protect her from the snares of kidnappers and a tormented and urgent passion will eventually arise between the two. “I glutted the water greedily as I thought about how to approach it. I was under his control, the domination of his body, the influence of all that testosterone that this uncivilized man exuded. There was something primitive about him, something primal and fascinating. His eyes looked at me without mercy nor filter. He was sifting through the goods. Again. I saw his gaze linger on my breasts and then on my hips, at the level of my pelvis. Even if covered by clothes, I felt like he was looking at me as if I were completely naked. What I had done with him only moments ago, he was now doing to me.”


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