Ruined by Rubies


Ruined by Rubies by Jay Leigh  Brown  is releasing April 14, 2021!

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How did I get into this mess?
A girl with an emotionally unavailable father and no mother needs more than a pet and a part time job in a pub to feel loved. I longed for a little excitement and adventure to combat my loneliness and seclusion.
Until the day my father disappeared leaving only a cryptic note, and I’m whisked away by three strangers to meet the shiny new family I didn’t know existed.
Dropped into a new world and way of life, it doesn’t take long for the glow of my new family to fade. Quick to profess their love and affection, lies and secrets seep to the surface, tarnishing my new relationships.
Untangling their web of deceit leads me closer to the truth but my three sexy keepers refuse to get out of my way. Can I find my father and navigate my new situation with Beau, Dev, and Asa blocking my every move?
Be careful what you wish for…you might just find your life Ruined by Rubies too.

*** Ruined by Rubies is the first in a series. It is a why choose slow burn novel about a young woman finding her place in a new world and a new family. Expect the heat to pick up in each successive book! Ruined by Rubies contains kidnapping, swearing, and some violence.***

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