#BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT — Highwaymen: Regulators Book 2 By CJ Bishop


Highwaymen: Regulators Book 2 By CJ Bishop

NEW RELEASE 𝗧𝗢𝗗𝗔𝗬! 📖 https://www.amazon.com/Highwaymen-Regulators-Cowboy-Gangster-novel-ebook/dp/B08VNMLHPJ

MM Suspense


As the men set out on their journey along the winter highways, each team is faced with its own obstacles and challenges both internally and externally.

Partnered with Agent Renley, Cochise is determined to figure out how the young agent knows of his distant past. While guiding his team and watching over their precious cargo, the Egyptian must battle his inner anxiety concerning Clint and Axel—and not being there to watch their backs.

With each passing minute, Clint regrets bringing Axel along. He finds himself attempting to protect Axel as much as the innocent ones they’re transporting. But Axel didn’t come along to be “coddled”. He understands Clint’s fears, but refuses to be a burden to the cowboy and insists on taking his rightful place at Clint’s side—rather than hiding behind him.

The men’s fears bubble to the surface as the enemy closes in. When one of the men comes face to face with his worst nightmare—will it take him out of the game… or strengthen his resolve to complete the mission?

WARNING: Violence, strong language, explicit M/M sex.

#BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee

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