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Cross The Stars by Venessa Kimball

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Cross The Stars Update Ebook full size (2)

What would you risk for love? Would you cross the stars? Steal the moon?

Ella’s an American in a foreign land trying to find herself when she finds him.

Raj is Jordanian royalty with enemies at every turn when he finds her.

A chance encounter at a crowded party in D.C. brought Ella and Raj together for one fleeting moment –never expected to meet again.

That is until their opposing worlds collide in Jordan.

With the Syrian refugee program as their reuniting bond, they must cross the stars and defy their clashing cultures to protect a forbidden love that crosses the ill-fated stars.

**This book is intended for readers 18 and older due to explicit content.**



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Ella – 

The rise and fall of Raj’s chest changes, his heart quickening as he places his mouth on the crest of my head. Slowly he runs his hand up my arm and wraps me tighter in the sleepy hold we had fallen victim to a while ago. “What are you thinking about?” 

Too many things. I move to look up at him and settle on the one I hold in my heart. “My grandmother.” 

He continues to study me curiously, waiting for me to give him more. 

“She would tell me risks were worth crossing the stars and stealing the moon for something greater than yourself.” 

His hand runs along my face as he seeks the meaning. “Crossing fate and seize your destiny?” 

I nod, unsure of what his mind is thinking beyond his words. Has he done those things just to be with me? 

He rests his palm on the nape of my neck, his thumb running along the edge of my jaw, soothing me. He press- es his lips together before seeking mine. I close my eyes, savoring the feel of his kiss, soft and tender. He pulls away just far enough to look into my eyes. “Yes, they are worth it.” 

“Am I?” I can’t help myself. Yeah, it sounds like I am 

a needy little bitch, but that is not my reason. I am afraid for him, afraid for the risk he has taken. 

His brow furrows as he searches my eyes in confusion. “You are worth every temptation, every threat, Ella. The moment I claimed you, I knew what I was doing. Don’t you think I know the risks of having you?” 

I list them in a low mumble as I lower my eyes, resting my chin on his chest. “Your faith, religion, status, your reputation. It is all at stake. A risk because of me.” 

He lifts my face back up to his, forcing me to look at him. His voice is as firm as his touch. “I have considered every result, every outcome, and I am willing to cross fate to seize what I want.” 

He kisses me again, lingering longer near my lips as he speaks, “What I want, what I need, is you.” 

In the quiet night of the Wadi Rum, under the stars and moon, we make love again, keeping our rapturous world isolated to my tent for the second time while the rest of the camp sleeps.


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Having always been passionate about the written word, Venessa Kimball embarked on her writing journey with her Young Adult urban fantasy thriller series, The Copula Chronicles. Venessa has also written a compelling Young Adult contemporary novel, Dismantling Evan. Her most recent series, the Crossing Stars Duet series – Cross the Stars Book 1 and Steal the Moon Book 2 – is her first Adult contemporary romance, but not her last.  Venessa enjoys experimenting with genres. Expect to read the blending of genres in her novels. 


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