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Highwaymen: Regulators BK 2 By CJ Bishop



 Highwaymen: Regulators BK 2 By CJ Bishop


MM Suspense


As the men set out on their journey along the winter highways, each team is faced with its own obstacles and challenges both internally and externally.

Partnered with Agent Renley, Cochise is determined to figure out how the young agent knows of his distant past. While guiding his team and watching over their precious cargo, the Egyptian must battle his inner anxiety concerning Clint and Axel—and not being there to watch their backs.

With each passing minute, Clint regrets bringing Axel along. He finds himself attempting to protect Axel as much as the innocent ones they’re transporting. But Axel didn’t come along to be “coddled”. He understands Clint’s fears, but refuses to be a burden to the cowboy and insists on taking his rightful place at Clint’s side—rather than hiding behind him.

The men’s fears bubble to the surface as the enemy closes in. When one of the men comes face to face with his worst nightmare—will it take him out of the game… or strengthen his resolve to complete the mission?

WARNING: Violence, strong language, explicit M/M sex.


The cut wasn’t there before. It was small—hardly a prick to the skin—but still there.

And her hair…

Axel battled the nausea grinding his guts. She cut off her hair because of him. There was nothing to confirm it, but he felt it inside. And the tiny cut on her face… made by what?


Again—no way of confirming that. Still, he couldn’t put down the dark images plaguing his mind—images of the little girl standing before the mirror, attempting to eradicate everything about herself that men might find pretty.

Especially, her pretty “face.”

Had she meant to disfigure herself because Axel said she had a pretty name? In her mind—did that mean so much more? Not simply an innocent compliment… but a show of lust for the girl herself?

Axel swallowed hard as bile started to rise in the back of his throat. She was just a baby. Ten or eleven? What kind of sick fucks would lust for a child?

Too many.

And for children much younger than her.

He wished to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over his head. Like a child who believed that, beneath the blankets, the monster in the closet or under the bed couldn’t see them, couldn’t find them—he wanted to hide and will away the horrors of the world.

But there was no place to hide. No time to sleep. He had to keep going, pushing forward… making a way for these kids, these families, to get to safety.


Was there such a thing?

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