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AMICO by Evelyn Montgomery


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Do you love Suspenseful Thrillers & Contemporary Romance with a twist?

AMICO by Evelyn Montgomery is a #steamy #RomanticSuspense Mafia thriller and is currently on SALE for 99c on Amazon US & UK until April 7! and available to read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


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I wanted to be alone. I didn’t need anyone. Never have, never will. Or so I thought.
Until an Italian God shows up, sweeps me off my feet, introduces me to his power. His control. His dominance.
He warned me about him. He told me to run.
But how do you leave someone who completes you? Who captivates you. Who makes you feel full when all you’ve ever felt is empty.
I wanted to be alone. But that was before he took what he wanted, gave me what I craved and left me knowing I would never feel the same again. Not without him.

I’m used to keeping secrets. Used to not trusting anyone.
My day job keeps me hidden. My life is a mystery most will never know.
But she bewitches me with her charm. She fascinates me with the way she shines so bright.
A light in a world full of darkness.
I seduce her for my pleasure. I want her only for one night.
But once you experience heaven, how can you ever come back to earth.
I’m used to keeping secrets. And now that she’s mine, I plan to enjoy her always and never let her go.

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