Bait by Colleen Charles

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“This couple’s on a roller coaster ride!” ~ Book Diva

She may think otherwise… but what appears fake is actually very real.

I dominate the boardroom as well as the bedroom.

Even though I have it all… exotic travel, private planes, celebrities at my beck and call, I feel empty and numb inside. Things mean nothing to me anymore.

Nothing does.

Then I meet my new Corporate Counsel, Charlie DeMonaco, and it’s like having the shutters thrown open in a dark room.

Charlie always has my back, even when I don’t deserve it. Cleaning up my messes and making me feel things that I’ve never felt before in the process.

But because of my obsession with Charlie, I screw up big, doing something that even she can’t fix.

My only hope for redemption is pretending to straighten up and fly right. To act like I’m in love with one woman.

It’s a solid strategy. Except for one fatal flaw.

I pick her.


BAIT is a full-length office romantic comedy from USA Today Bestselling Author, Colleen Charles, about love and redemption with a mother you’ll wish you could take to court and sue for emancipation. It’s the first book in the sexy REEL LOVE series but can be read as a standalone.