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Mystic Invisible


YA Fantasy

Date Published: 3/17/21

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing

Fifteen-year-old Monte moves to the mystically jeopardized Highlands of Scotland and discovers that life as a Celtic wizard is anything but easy. Whisperings of abnormal enchantments and vicious cat siths grip the small town he now calls home. Fear is at the helm and the instigator is unknown. An indefinite moratorium on magic is enforced. In a race against darkness, Monte and his friends must choose who to trust before time runs out, even if it means breaking some rules and facing danger head on.

About The Author

Ryder Hunte Clancy has lived most of her life in the desert but her heart belongs to the sea; her happy place, where brine and mist abound and allusive waves caress expansive stretches of compacted sand. A tried and true stay-at-home mom, she is often found scribbling notes between diaper changes or connecting plot points while everyone else sleeps. She survives off of toddler snacks like apple slices and cheese, and has just as much trouble keeping up with her fictional, teenage characters as she does her three small children. Mystic Invisible is her debut novel, the inspiration of which was gleaned from her husband’s homeland of Scotland, where fantasy, mystery, and folklore are rich and hits of adventure linger around every corner.

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Quarterback Sacked by Love


Erotica, Steamy Sports Romance

Published: March 1, 2021

Professional football quarterback Casen Walls plays for the Philadelphia Golden Eagles who came off a losing season which landed them to play their first game of the new season in London, England for an exhibition game from the league. Casen blames himself for the losing season due to being messed up over his failed engagement to actress Steffi Stevens. Casen vows to put the drama behind him and focus on the upcoming season. During the first night in England Casen has a very steamy one-night stand with a reporter named Collins Baker. Collins has had a tough life and doesn’t want to get close to anyone. When an assignment given to her from her boss brings Casen and Collins together (which will allow them to continue their sexcapades), will they end up having a change of heart about love?

In addition to Casen and Collins trying to navigate through their relationship, Casen has to deal with drama that followed him to England when Steffi and her new fiancé Tyler Spacey show up there as well because Tyler is the quarterback for the opposing team.

About The Author

During the pandemic I took up reading as a hobby. I vastly discovered that I enjoyed sports sexy romance novels. Once I couldn’t find anything to read that I was interested in I thought to myself why not take a stab at writing. So I developed by first novel The Quarterback Sacked by Love.

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The Fortuna, Texas Series

The Double D Ranch
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 1
by Rochelle Bradley
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Longhorns and lingerie…
Much to the chagrin of foreman Josiah, Jessie Davidson wants a romance reduction. But the Double D Ranch hides a secret. Since inheriting the property, Jessie kept her grandmother’s hoard concealed, but now she’s found the courage to purge the unwanted items: steamy novels, thousands of them. Romance has to go! Donating the books is a good thing, right? Not when coupled with a dare.
The dare spirals out of control. The ante is upped when caches of the spicy books, left in barber shops, pool halls, and pubs, challenge others to join the fad. A perverted prankster runs amok playing on the town’s fantasies. Book clubs are formed. Plots acted out. In a town saturated with romance, Jessie finds her love life underdeveloped.
Keep Jessie safe. It’s the promise Josiah Barnes made to Jessie’s dying grandmother. He aims to honor it, even if it means protecting Jessie from himself. Failing her in the past has him on high alert when the Double D becomes ground zero for the arousal avalanche sweeping the town. As a full-support, silent partner, Josiah will do anything to augment the Double D. But when Jessie starts selling handmade lingerie, keeping his hands to himself is easier said than done…
Will she shelve happily ever after like a rejected novel, or open her heart and start a new chapter?
**Only .99 cents!!**
Plumb Twisted
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 2
Karaoke and Kidnapping…
Piper McCracken needs a fresh start. Her father’s death, a failed engagement, and her ex-fiancé-turned-stalker prompt her to make a bold leap . . . from the Windy City to Fortuna, Texas. Piper feels ready to take on small town life—that is, until she’s erroneously proclaimed a shy cowboy’s mail-order bride.
Hired as a personal assistant to Jessie Barnes, Piper becomes much more: friend, beta tester, and . . . intimate apparel model? With a three-legged cat, fake news, drunken karaoke, romance novel obsessed men, a cocky old lady, and a perverted town prankster, Piper finds Fortuna plumb twisted.
All Cole Dart really needs is his family and job working at the Big Deal ranch. After surviving cancer, his life is like a pair of broken-in boots. Comfortable. He doesn’t want the complication of a relationship now. Or ever. But when Piper’s stalker catches up to her, Cole’s protective instincts kick into high gear and he’s determined to step between her and danger, no matter the cost.
When a tornado rips through town, Cole’s home is strewn across the county, can Piper help him pick up the pieces and find happily ever after or will the stalker tear them apart forever?
More Than a Fantasy
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 3
Book 3 in the Fortuna, Texas series.
One night changed everything…
Finally content single, second grade teacher Kelly Greene doesn’t need a man screwing up her life, even a sexy cop like Ben. All she needs is her rechargeable double A batteries.
Operation: Win Kelly. For Officer Ben Moore repairing a creepy Victorian house, a workplace dalliance, and camping au naturel are beyond his comfort zone. Ben schemes to bring Kelly’s fantasies alive, but in Fortuna, Texas, where men read romance and cosplay is second nature, it’s hard to keep their rendezvous hidden from gossipmongers and, more importantly, her match-making momma.
When danger threatens Fortuna Elementary, Ben is assigned a case that keeps thrusting them together, Kelly has a helluva time ignoring her heart—let alone her girly bits.
Ben holds the key to the handcuffs but Kelly must decide if he also holds the key to her heart.
Municipal Liaisons
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 4
Book 4 in the romantic comedy Fortuna, Texas series.
She aspired to renew the town; he desired to revive her love life…
Who’d have thought Michaela Arschfick would like Texas? Particularly some Podunk town with the mighty Fire Ant as its mascot. But from first glance, Fortuna captivates Michaela.
With most of the residents, primarily men, keeping their noses glued to the pages of romance novels, they don’t notice Fortuna needs a makeover. Michaela takes on the challenge of opening the eyes of City Hall to Fortuna’s potential. The longer she stays in the cozy town the more it feels like home, especially with the sexy, young mayor giving her VIP treatment.
After his wife died in a flash flood, the mayor of Fortuna, Texas, Jasen Delay, delved into work. Two years later, he’s still wearing the placating smile, but when a vanload of unban consultants visit the town… a beauty catches his eye.
Determined to keep their relationship professional, Jasen and Michaela must stymie their blossoming feelings and focus on revitalizing Fortuna’s downtown. A nosy newspaper reporter, a perverted prankster, and sightings of Jasen’s wife’s ghost have Michaela second guessing her choice to stay. Jasen will do anything to keep Michaela in town. Fortuna needs her but, more importantly, Jasen needs her.
With Jasen’s help, can Michaela wade through small town bureaucracy, solve the mystery of the canyon ghost, and learn to trust to her heart?
Here We Go Again
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 5
Welcome to Fortuna, Texas where the men read romance novels. This sweet, heartwarming second chance romance is set in the small town of Fortuna and can be read as a standalone or as part of the Fortuna, Texas series.
Lynette Dart had no intention to see her first love again. There are too many painful memories and a secret. But when Les returns to Fortuna, her heart aches to rekindle the relationship.
Les Moore hadn’t planned on bumping into his ex let alone rescuing her. Yet holding her once more feels right, even if seven years ago she’d abandoned him in his hour of need.
Can Lynette and Les put the past behind them and find their happily ever after?
Here We Go Again was originally released in Take Two: A Collection of Second Chance Stories published July 17, 2020 by Writers on the River to benefit Thistle Farms.
**Only .99 cents!**
The Playboy’s Pretend Fiancée
A Fortuna, Texas Novel Book 6
Welcome to Fortuna, Texas where the men read romance novels. This sweet, heartwarming romantic comedy is set in the small town of Fortuna and can be read as a standalone or as part of the Fortuna, Texas series.
When elderly Aunt Wanda announces she has cancer, Sawyer must wed in order to fulfill her dying wish and to receive his inheritance.
Stephanie accepts the playboy’s proposal hoping to bring his aunt peace, but soon reality blurs and pretend feels real.
Can they keep appearances up while keeping their feelings at bay and will Wanda figure out it’s a ruse?
The Playboy’s Pretend Fiancée was originally included in Beauty From Ashes: Authors & Dancers Against Cancer Anthology published July 27, 2020
**Only .99 cents!!**
Rochelle puts an artistic spin on everything she does but there are two things she fails at miserably:
1. Cooking (seriously, she can burn water)
2. Sewing (buttons immediately fall back off)
But she loves baking and makes a mean BTS (Better than Sex) cake. When in observation mode she is quiet, however, her mouth is usually open with an encouraging glass-is-half-full pun or, quite possibly, her foot.
She is a Bearcat, a Buckeye, an interior decorator, and fluent in sarcasm.
In 2008 she decided to get the stories out of her head. Midway through her first novel, hurricane Ike (yes, a hurricane in Ohio) rendered the laptop useless with a nine-day power outage. She didn’t give up, but continued to pursue her dream.
Every November Rochelle takes on the challenge of National Novel Writing Month ( where she endeavors to write 50,000 words in thirty days. You can often hear her cheering the Dayton, Ohio area Wrimos (those who join her in this crazy pursuit).
Rochelle shares her home with a big black cat, an itty-bitty orange tiger kitty, her daughter, her son, and her Prince.
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New Release

BADLY BEHAVED by Meagan Brandy

Release Date: April 7

I’m a Monet.

A chameleon.

I’m whatever I must be.

And what I must be is a flawless daughter, a skilled socialite, and the perfect prize to the man who signed along the dotted line.

Not that I’m complaining.

I’m all for a contractual agreement, a quick and clean catapult into the next phase of rich girl life. One that takes little thought, less effort, and zero devotion.

It’s exactly what I want.

An impassive life.

A calculated future.

Or, it was until the lights went out, darkness took over, and I learned what it meant to live.

To feel.

To fall.

But everyone knows what thrives in the night burns in the light and flames were among us.

There is no escape.

No turning back.

No ending within my control.

My mother always says our choices determine our consequences.

I hate it when she’s right.


This is an all-new 103k word standalone romance about a rich girl and the trouble she finds herself in when she catches the eye of a guy unlike the ones in her world.

Grab Your Copy Here:
Free in KU

Meet Meagan Brandy

Meagan Brandy is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of New Adult and Sports Romance books. 

Born and raised in California, she is a married mother of three crazy boys who keep her bouncing from one sports field to another, depending on the season, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Starbucks is her best friend and words are her sanity.

Connect with Meagan Brandy

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Billion Dollar Chance by Linnea May

Title: Billion Dollar Chance
Author: Linnea May
Genre: Second Chance Billionaire Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2021


I’m richer than the richest, and my voice has the power to override laws. But to get here, I had to push her out of my life.
Now she’s back—and she needs my help.

Ella Whitt. My college fling, the ex who vanished and turned into nothing but a piercing regret.
Until she resurfaces when I least expect it.
She’s still just as brazen, bewitching and excruciatingly irresistible—still the same addictive flame that charred me all those years ago. One look and I’m smitten all over again.

But she’s in trouble, and I’m the only one who can help her. As a friend, of course, for old times’ sake. Nothing more.

Ella can never know about my voracious need for her, because I forbid myself to act on it. Nothing good can come from hooking up with your ex, especially when she’s still as flaky, devious and annoyingly idealistic as she was all those years ago.
And she can never know about the pact I made with my college friends—a pact to find a wife and secure my wealth in my name.
Because it definitely won’t be her.
Ella is a mistake I will not make again. Except for this one time…



Free in Kindle Unlimited


“Maybe we can work something out,” his voice cuts into my musings. “Together.”
“What do you mean?”
It looks like he’s contemplating a response when the music dies down, bringing an end to the one song I agreed to. We stop dancing, but he keeps me in his embrace, only tightening his grip when I try to distance myself from him.
“One dance,” I remind him, barely able to control my breathing as the heat of his body envelopes me with its intoxicating allure.
“What if I don’t want to stop?” he asks, pulling me even closer. I feel awfully exposed with my boobs spilling out on top of my tight-fitting dress as I’m pressed against his body.
And yet, I lean into him.
I can’t help it.
It’s all still there. His heartbeat, his smell, the valleys of his chiseled chest, palpable even under all this fabric, his strong upper arms—and the depth of his dark green eyes.
I shouldn’t have looked up. I shouldn’t lock eyes with him, not now that we’re frozen in this intimate embrace, in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by faceless strangers who are starting to swirl around us as the string quartet strikes up the next song.
I can feel the world moving around us, but I cannot see it.
I know there’s music being played, but I cannot hear it.
I’m barely aware of the commotion surrounding us, the smell of the room, the voices, the string quartet’s tireless play—all of it fades into nothingness the moment I let myself fall into him. The world is no longer heavy with pain, anger, and regret, but merely provides a stage for us. A stage for what is next.
I want to kiss him. Despite everything, I want to kiss him so badly it hurts. The ache is running through my veins with such blazing force that my entire body starts burning up, further inspired by the shame that takes a hold of me a moment later—when our lips finally meet.”


Linnea May loves to read and write about strong alpha men with loaded bank accounts and skeletons in their closets. Her heroes are as sexy and beautiful as they are broken – only to be fixed by the smart & captivating heroines who cross their paths.

Originally from Europe, Linnea currently tries to befriend the lively squirrels in Rhode Island. ❤


New Release

Southern Heart by Natasha Madison

 #NewRelease #RomanticSuspense #WesternRomance

SOUTHERN HEART by #NatashaMadison

Some secrets have a way of coming back and haunting us, no matter how much we try to bury them.


Coming back home was supposed to be normal.

Not that my life had ever been normal, but it was getting there.

Then I opened the door and found a man—broken, bloodied, and fighting for his life.

I don’t know why, but I said I would take care of him. I had to. Needed to.

He was a mystery, showing up from out of nowhere. But he might have already stolen my heart.

Mayson Carey

The only thing I have ever wanted in my entire life was to forget who I was. Joining the military helped me do this.

Keep your head down and glide through life was my new motto. No strings, no relationships. Nothing.

Everything was working until a knock at the door had me face-to-face with the reason I was running.

So I ran—I fell into her arms, and she fell into my heart, but I know better than to think it’ll last.

Some secrets have a way of coming back and haunting us, no matter how much we try to bury them.

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Cover Reveal






Release Date – April 27


Cover Designer: Francessca Wingfield PR & Design 

Hosted by DS Promotions

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Lucca and Lexi are back to stop and start your heart.

This is the ultimate love story. The most tragic love story.

In a heart-stopping and explosive two-part conclusion, Lucca and Lexi face every parent’s worst nightmare.

Lexi and Lucca are adjusting to parenthood with premature-born twins after their traumatic birth. With their son requiring a prolonged hospital stay, their pain is far from over.

On the day of little Luciano’s chest x-ray, Lucca and Lexi believe they’ll be able to take the vulnerable twin home from hospital to start family life. Instead, they face excruciating agony and heart-wrenching despair.

The worst trauma any parent should discover.

Chaos erupts. An investigation begins. Lucca and Lexi fall apart.

About SJ Molloy

SJ Molloy, British Author of ‘The Luminara Series’ was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She currently resides in Scotland with her husband, two daughters, and loving gun dog who is utterly spoiled. Along with writing and publishing romance fiction, SJ is completing her MLitt Creative Writing, Crime Writing and Forensic Investigation postgrad at Dundee University, Scotland.

SJ loves well-developed, multi-layered stories with moral complexities in various genre’s. SJ will be splitting her time between writing and publishing crime fiction; namely: Tartan Noir, Mystery Suspense, and Psychological Thrillers along with various genre’s of romance fiction, script writing, blog posts, and freelance creative writing.

When she’s not writing, reading, studying, enjoying family time or walking her dog, SJ loves all things practical and creative. Dancing, music, cooking, travelling, good food and wine are her favourite past times along with laughter, lots and lots of laughter.

Author Links:







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Good Girl by Stacy Gail

Title: Good Girl
Series: A House of Payne Novella
Author: Stacy Gail
Release: March 28, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance

***TRIGGER WARNING*** If you are sensitive to the devastation drug use/addiction can bring to innocent family members such as children, this book may not be suitable for you. Proceed with caution.

“I’m what you’d call a good girl.”

Though “boring girl” might be more accurate, as far as Serena Daniels is concerned. Working as a pediatric nurse, she’s not exactly knee-deep in eligible bachelors, and the most exciting thing she’s done lately is mix her colors with her whites. The last time she asked a man out, he stood her up, then didn’t bother to contact her for weeks. Clearly, she isn’t the only one who thinks she’s boring.

“Just how bad could this good girl get?”

Life is a string of crazy messes and brilliant moments for real estate mogul Lorenzo Salvatore, and he never knows which one he’s going to get next. On the one hand, he’s got a traumatized son who is his whole world. On the other, he’s got the smart-mouthed nurse he stood up. Getting back into Serena’s good graces will be tough, but with those bedroom eyes and killer legs becoming the center of his fantasies, he won’t stop until he gets her right where he wants her—in bed.

The bad and the good

Getting together with Lorenzo would definitely liven up Serena’s life, but Lorenzo’s made it clear that he and his son are a package deal. When it seems that all Lorenzo wants is a new mother for his boy, will Serena be willing to settle for that, when her heart wants so much more?

***This novel is a standalone romance featuring characters first introduced in HOUSE OF PAYNE: SAGE. While an ex-wife is mentioned, there are no love triangles (because I frigging hate them and they make me stabby), no cheating, and no cliffhangers. HEA guaranteed. Due to adult language and sexual content, this novel is not intended for people under the age of eighteen.***

“Now’s probably a good time for you to learn something about men like me.”

“Men like you? You mean there are more of you?”

So she thought of him in terms of being unique. Interesting. “No matter what era we’re living in, men who are worthy of that label take one helluva lot of pride in taking care of their own—their women, and their babies. That’s just the nature of the beast.”

“Yeah, well, I take pride in taking care of myself. That’s my nature. Which,” she added on a sigh while moving up to the coffee stand’s counter, “probably explains why I’m still single.”

“You’re still single because eligible men don’t usually show up in the pediatric wing to find you, a crazy-hot woman with willowy long legs, an ass a porn star would envy, and ice that can burn like fire in her eyes. But I did,” he added, digging out his wallet before she could reach for hers. “The way I see it, that’s an opportunity right there. And if there’s anything I’m well-known for, it’s seizing an opportunity whenever I find it.”

The wary look she sent his way before she ordered a couple hot chocolates with extra marshmallows was fucking hilarious. “An opportunity?”


“And seizing it.”

“Yep again.”

“So… wait. You’re saying I’m the opportunity you’re wanting to seize?”

“Your grasp of the obvious is amazing. It’s nothing to freak out about,” he added when she continued to stare at him like she suspected he might slice her up for sushi. “When I say seizing, I’m not talking about bashing you over the head and dragging you by your hair to my cave like some Neanderthal. I’ve got more finesse than that.”

“I’m thrilled to hear it.”

“All I’m saying is that almost from the first moment our paths crossed, I decided banging you would be one of the best decisions of my life.”

A competitive figure skater from the age of eight, Stacy Gail began writing stories in between events to pass the time. By fourteen, she told her parents she was either going to be a figure skating coach who was also a published romance author, or a romance author who was also a figure skating pro. Now, with a day job of playing on the ice with her students, and writing everything from steampunk to cyberpunk, contemporary to paranormal at night, both dreams have come true.


Cover Reveal

Say You Hate Me by Amanda Richardson

Title: Say You Hate Me
Series: Love at Work #4
Author: Amanda Richardson
Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Office Romance
Cover Design: E. James Designs
Release Date: May 11, 2021



My love life would be almost comical if it weren’t so depressing. Why can’t romance be like it is in the novels I love? I stupidly assume things can’t get any worse, but then I get fired from my job. Good one, universe. Now I have no choice but to work for my brother and his surly business partner, Anderson.

We can’t seem to get on the same page about anything. He’s judgmental and rude, and I can’t stand him. To make matters even more trying, he’s ridiculously hot.


I never agreed to bring on a new marketing manager, and certainly not her. My business partner leads with his heart, and when he hires his sister, her ability to crawl under my skin is insurmountable.

So, why does she make my heart race every time she’s close? When things escalate, I lose all semblance of control, which just makes me angrier. I can’t keep my hands off her, even though she makes me crazy.

Hatred can drive a person insane, but so can love.

The Love at Work Series consists of interconnected standalones, all having to do with falling in love at work. They can be read in ANY order!




I turn to walk in the opposite direction when my body slams into someone else.
“Oh, sorry,” I mutter, trying to make my way around them in the pitch dark.
“I’m not,” a familiar, deep voice says, his mouth close to my ear.
Goosebumps erupt along my skin, and my knees give way just as he pushes me against the wall. The uneven stone jabs into my back. I am pinned beneath him, and his body is warm—too warm. Burning. I feel a hand rove over the front of my robe.
“What—I’m—” I manage, stuttering. I can’t even speak as he places his mouth next to my ear. The feel of his hot breath on my neck, the way he subtly grinds against me… I can’t breathe without getting lungfuls of his scent. His hands move up, grazing the sides of my breasts.
“Shut up,” he murmurs, his voice so low that it’s barely detectable.
When he pushes against me, I get a feel for his size and heaviness. Everything inside of me, every forgotten part, blazes to life.
And then he kisses me—hard, agitated, rough. His lips grind against mine and he forces my mouth open with his tongue, and a thousand shivers claw down my spine as he pushes against me, biting my lip. I moan into his mouth, and it seems to spur him on, because he growls in response, taking my hands and shoving them above my head. I cry out at the roughness as my head falls back, the sound of our heavy breathing the only indication that anyone’s in here.
“I don’t like you,” he breathes, biting my lip again as he presses himself against me. “So please explain why I just spent the last hour looking for you.”
I gasp and pull his face to mine, and his tongue swirls against mine. I pull away.
“I don’t like you either,” I answer, my voice uneven. “So please explain why I just spent six hours disappointed that your smart ass wasn’t here.”


FREE on all platforms!



Amanda Richardson writes from her chaotic dining room table in Los Angeles, often distracted by her husband and two adorable sons. When she’s not writing contemporary and dark, twisted romance, she enjoys coffee (a little too much) and collecting house plants like they’re going out of style.