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AT WITS’ END by Kenzie Reed

Release Date: April 7

The contract says I have to get fake-married to a Witlocke. It didn’t say which Witlocke. 

Apparently, any stuck-up jerk whose last name begins with W and ends with E will do. Oops, was that my out loud voice? 

So I sign on the dotted line and agree to marry vacant pretty-boy Jonathon Witlocke. Voila. 

We’ll unite our feuding families, and I’ll save my aunt’s vineyard. Unfortunately, when Jonathon gets publicly busted doing the horizontal mambo with my maid of honor, that deal’s off. Enter my nemesis, Jonathon’s sinfully sexy tech mogul cousin Donovan. 

We’ve been mortal enemies since third grade, but he’s all too willing to take Jonathon’s place at the altar, for reasons he refuses to share with me.  

We just have to stay married until the end of the summer.

But a lot can happen in a summer.

A dropped towel can lead to unexpected consequences.  

Snarky sparring can end in steamy kissing. 

Hidden truths can be revealed under an ancient oak tree. Hearts can melt. And someone can fall in love with the last man on earth who’d want ‘forever’. Wait, that wasn’t in the contract…

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Meet Kenzie Reed

Kenzie Reed lives in beautiful New England and is addicted to happily ever afters. 

She has a black belt in sarcasm and makes the worst puns ever—just ask her kids. She spends her days clearing dog fur from her keyboard and dreaming up snarky dialogue for sexy heroes. 

Her taste in books ranges from science fiction to thrillers to romantic comedy, and her bookcases have multiple personality disorder. 

She loves to hear from readers!


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