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Un-Swipe by Heather Lauren


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Moving to Silicon Valley is a dream come true for techy nerd girl, Cassidy Parker. She’s grabbed the chance to make millions on the line but the cost was having to agree to the unthinkable, working with Xander James, a man who embodies everything she despises. Dangerous, covered in tattoos under a sleek suit and a mouth to make anyone blush, he’s everything she’s promised to never fall for, again. So, why is it that she can’t stop thinking about that kiss that still rattles her three months later…



I clear my throat and shake myself out of the weird lust haze just as his mouth curves into a grin. Cocky motherfucker. He’s probably used to putting his spell on women, but fuck that. I’m not every other woman; I don’t care how hot he is.

“The launch is set for next week. Wayne and I discussed it since it’s our company, not yours. Now you can run along and find something to take a picture of for your Instagram.” I smile my most sarcastic smile and bat my eyelashes. He just sits there staring like I didn’t just go full-on bitch with him. Instead, he stares like he did at the meeting this morning. I wish he would stop; I hate how my body temperature reacts. I’m glad I can’t get a boner, or this would be a really embarrassing argument. To my surprise he leans forward, putting his hands on my desk.

“Whatever you have crammed up your ass, I recommend removing it; anal is only fun when played with others.” Then the son of a bitch winks at me and walks out, leaving me steaming in anger.


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