Bonham (Pushing Daisies Book 3) by Heather Young-Nichols



Bonham (Pushing Daisies Book 3) by Heather Young-Nichols is LIVE!

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When I ran up to the strange man in the bookstore, he seemed the safer option compared the the man who wouldn’t leave me alone. I had no idea I’d just wrapped my arms around Bonham Thompson from Pushing Daisies. 

More than that, I don’t know who Pushing Daisies are. I’d grown up sheltered after my sister made the biggest mistake my parents could dream of. They’d locked me down in response. Now I was just trying to get through college to get out from under their thumbs. 

But Bonham has me wanting to let go in ways I hadn’t dreamed of. The downside? He’s gone most of the time and women throw themselves at him. 

Can I trust being with someone who has the life Bonham does? 


Jurnie needed me and I stepped up before I’d even known her name. 

Then we talked and she was the only woman I’d met recently that didn’t want something from me. I’m only home for a week and falling for her is a terrible idea. I’d be on the road for months at a time. She’s innocent and doesn’t understand that the women are part of my job. Not that I’d ever wrong her in that way but it’s hard for her to watch. 

I get that but when she runs, I want to chase her. I’ll need to prove to her that she’s the only one I think about and find a way to make her understand that she’s the only one for me.