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TITLE- The Holy Trinity
AUTHOR- Bellamy Roswell
GENRE- New Adult: Enemies to lovers
RELEASE DATE- April 20th, 2021


“There will be a REVELATION, that will incite a RECKONING. And only after all the wreckage is swept away, will come my EPIPHANY. May the devil have mercy on their souls, cause I sure as HELL won’t..”


Goodness – the quality of being morally good or virtuous.

It was foolish of me to believe in the concept of goodness. Childish really.

That people can be good, life can be good, well to those who deserve it.

And I’ve grown up to realize I am somehow not deserving.

There is an evil that surrounds us. It suffocates even the most virtuous of people. It tempts them to stray from the path of goodness.

Pride. Greed. Lust. Envy. Gluttony. Wrath. Sloth.

The deadliest of sins that continuously tempt even the strongest of believers.

Immoral vices turning the righteous into fiends.

Monsters lurking in the shadows of Hillcrest Hills.

Demons infiltrating the halls of Servite Academy.

Devils caging us in behind steel gates.

And they are all around me.

Tempting me.

Haunting me.

Suffocating me.

He believed I was an angel. Innocent, naïve, and pure. And maybe at one point I was.I used to see the good in everyone, and would dig deep down inside to find one quality worth redeeming. But his world corrupted me, it drew me to the darkness. Consumed by hate and wrath I went mad with vengeance, but also fell to my lowest because of love. Because in reality I am a sinner. Tainted at birth and endlessly corrupted and poisoned by those who surround me. I saw him kill a man. I saw him stare the poor fool in the eye right as he pulled the trigger, and the bullet went straight through him.

And the worst thing of it all, I’ll never say a word.


She saw me. I stood beside two heinous monsters, and in her eyes became one. She knew I was a sinner. That I was corrupt and wicked. Corrupted and malicious. It doesn’t matter that the bullet never came out of the barrel of my gun. That’s what she saw.

And it was then, as the violent cries erupted from deep within her, from the innermost part of her heavenly soul, that I knew I had lost her.

An angel once fell from the highest peak of the heavens, only to burn in the harshest depths of hells inferno.

But she will rise from within the flames we’ve cast her in.

She will be my salvation, even if I must turn against everything and everyone I’ve ever known. My angel, my goddess. I will watch you rise, even if it’s me who burns.

The Holy Trinity is a New Adult Enemies to Lovers Dark High School Bully Romance. It is Book Two in The Servite Academy For Troubled Teens Series and the continuation to The Four Horsemen.

Disclaimer: 18+ This book is not recommended nor intended for anyone under the age of 18. Some topics, scenes, and/or language in this book may be sensitive to some readers. Contains dark and taboo themes, steamy sex scenes, mature language, and triggering situations.

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Author Bio

Bellamy Roswell is a coffee connoisseur, avid reader and aspiring New Adult & Dark Romance author who is a lover of angsty, passionate bad boys, and sassy, fierce heroines. Bringing you bad boy heartthrobs oozing sex appeal, passion, and angst one novel at a time. Avid Reader. Aspiring Storyteller. A head between the pages kind of girl. Welcome to my world, hope you enjoy your stay. Author of the Servite Academy for Troubled Teens Series – The Four Horsemen & The Holy Trinity…

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