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Convicted of mutiny on the starship Endeavor, Aurora Starchild narrowly escapes execution by agreeing to reside on Earth as a bride. She’s delivered to a stern cowboy in the Old West colony, one of the locations where humans are returning to live after a cataclysm destroyed much of the planet. By replicating historical lifestyles, survivors hope to heal the Earth and escape extinction.
Old-fashioned cowboy Isaac Woolcott expects his bride to obey him or else suffer a bare-bottomed spanking. But Aurora soon discovers that her groom is as kind as he is strict, and she can’t help but be aroused by his tender lovemaking in the bedroom. Just as she begins to fall for him, an enemy threatens to destroy their lives using secrets from her past. Will Aurora be able to reveal her true self to her husband? And will the no-nonsense cowboy accept Aurora despite her turbulent history?
Publisher’s Note: Given to the Cowboy contains disciplinary spankings of adult women, open-door love scenes, and a hero who will win your heart.

Susannah Shannon:

Susannah lives in the American Midwest with her family. She writes romances that are funny(well, she says she tries!!). Susannah loves the inner conflict of a smart, modern, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man.
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Amelia Smarts:

**Visit AMELIASMARTS.COM for a free book!** Amelia Smarts is a USA Today bestselling author of fast-paced, steamy western romances with dominant cowboys, Dom/sub discipline, and heartwarming HEAs. Amelia holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in creative writing and English. She loves to read, which allows her writing to be influenced by many different genres in addition to romance, including mystery, adventure, history, and suspense. Want to discuss books? Drop her a line at


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