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The List By BL Maxwell


The List By BL Maxwell

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Tommy Carter was just minding his own business, taking out the trash from his job at a local bar and grill, when he noticed the man hiding behind the dumpster. He couldn’t get a good look at the guy, and the less he can find out about him, the more curious he becomes. He’d lived through difficult circumstances in his past, and decides if he can help, he will. Tommy doesn’t a lot, but he has a heart of gold that won’t let him walk away from someone he knows needs a hand up. Zane Martin was left wandering the streets of Sacramento in a haze after tragedy struck. He’s afraid to trust anyone and suffering from a lack of food and adequate clothing to keep him alive and well against the weather about to hit the area. He’s not sure he can trust Tommy, but he wants to. There has to be one good person out there, and maybe he’s just found him. A story of helping when you can, and accepting help when it’s offered. #newadult #mmromance #hurtcomfort This book is in the same universe as Better Together and Chains Required, but is a standalone with new characters

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