Chasing Truths by Scarlet Le Clair


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Alyssa Hearne 

What’s a girl to do when she bonds with the love of her life, who happens to be her best friend’s father? 

She goes to a monastery, of course.

Could this be the key to unlocking her power? To saving her love, her life, her family and the world from demons?

Christopher Connery 

A monastery. Of all the places to take the love of his life for their first holiday away together, Chris never thought that would be the one. 

But when a seemingly harmless dream walk turns out more truths than they bargained for, will their love, their bond, be enough to get them through it?

Though their time away is cut short by a frantic call from Jake during a demon attack and the race is on for them to get home in time.

Can Alyssa and Christopher tap into a greater power to save the only blood family she has left? Or is time not in their favour?


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