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Trace’s Forever by Mel Walker

Title: Trace’s Forever
Series: Lake Hope
Author: Mel Walker
Genre: Contemporary/Small Town Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2021

Real Hollywood Romances are Unscripted.

Trace Edwards
They call me the billion-dollar box office kid and People’s most eligible bachelor, but everyone should know better. That carefully curated persona is a Hollywood fabrication.
Thanks to Forever being a box office smash, I’m returning to Lake Hope to film the sequel. The paparazzi is working overtime speculating that my on-screen romance with my co-star Kimberly Conrad is evolving off-screen.
On-screen I’ll continue to play the romantic lead but off-screen I’m a different person with a secret that would destroy the image so many have worked so hard to maintain.
I don’t relationships. I don’t do romance.

Jill Hanover
I wrote the words that convinced America that Trace and Kimberly are the perfect couple. My script for the movie Forever propelled the beautiful ones to an on-screen HEA. Of course, the emotions of the movie felt real to so many because they are – they’re mine. I carry a stupid crush for the most unattainable man in Hollywood. I’m invisible to him and I’ve fed all my words of love to Kimberly, the one woman who actually has the ability to steal his heart.
I can’t let this happen. It’s time to go off-script.
You can’t make this stuff up. But I can.
Watch me.


Mel Walker has been writing fiction most of his adult life. Specializing in Short Stories and Contemporary fiction and Romance Novels. A native New Yorker and life-long frustrated NY Mets fan. He loves to write about ordinary people placed in difficult situations, especially as it relates to their closest relationships.

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Secret Admirer Series by Alex Jade

Series: Secret Admirer Series
Author: Alex Jade
Genre: Sports Romance


I may have made up a fake profile and slid into his DMs. Okay. Okay. Hear me out before you judge.

Guys like Davis Young, star fullback for the pro football team the Chicago Vandals, like a good chase. So, I simply made a game out of him finding out who I am. No harm done.

Well, maybe a little harm.

I thought he’d never noticed me at work, but turns out I might have been wrong. And before I know it, I’m living a double life with him with no way of getting out.

Now I’m praying it’s not game over.

Behind the Screens is a secret admirer sports romance that gives readers a “short steamy escape” from reality. Alex’s books come with a promise of a little sweet, a little steamy and a guaranteed HEA in two hours!


Only 99c!


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So, I may or may not have sent a drunk text. And… I may or may not have also sent a racy picture of myself, too. It was supposed to be for fun. Just one problem—I sent it to the wrong number.

It went to Ryker Stone. The MVP quarterback of the Chicago Vandals. Oh, and also my ex-boyfriend.

Soon old feelings resurface and I find myself wanting a second chance. If only he knew it was me on the other side of the number.

Now I’m stuck. I should have known, when it comes to us, it’d come down to one final play.

Behind the Numbers is a secret admirer sports romance that gives readers a “short steamy escape” from reality. Alex’s books come with a promise of a little sweet, a little steamy and a guaranteed HEA in less than two hours.


Only 99c!


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I regretted it the moment I clicked the send button. In my defense, at the time it seemed like a good idea to send him a secret admirer email. He’s not looking for anyone serious, so it’d be a win-win for both of us.

Plus, no one would blame me, he’s a famous professional football player. The All-Pro Wide Receiver for the Chicago Vandals.

Unfortunately, he’s also the best friend to my sister’s soon to be husband. Yeah… sticky situation.

I wasn’t expecting to be paired up together for the beach wedding festivities. And I definitely wasn’t prepared to get stranded and find out Hudson Cole isn’t just a pretty face.

Behind the Letters is a secret admirer sports romance that gives readers a “short steamy escape” from reality. Alex’s books come with a promise of a little sweet, a little steamy and a guaranteed HEA in two hours!


Only 99c!


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Hello! I’m Alex Jade. I’ve written and deleted so many times I’m just going to hammer it out there now. I’m a parent, a spouse and a dog owner. I like my coffee black and cold. Lastly, I started writing short romance stories because let’s face it, life is crazy. When you don’t have all day to devour a book, you might be able to spare two hours or less. That’s where I come in. Find a trope you love in my releases and give me a try! 😉


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Maverick’s Madness by Lorrain Allen

Title: Maverick’s Madness
Author: Lorrain Allen
Genre: Contemporary/Dark High School
Bully Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2021


Maverick’s bigot father raised him to be a racist.

The moment he sees me—the biracial new girl—an invisible target is placed on my back.

Before the first day of school, he turns most of the senior class against me.

Maverick thought I would roll over and take his abuse, never anticipating a battle.

He was mistaken.

I will fight until my last breath.

Maverick and his friends can suck it.

When I don’t fold under pressure, he comes at me full force, wanting to destroy me.

He never expected to be the one to fold.



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I bang on the door for several minutes before a short woman opens it.
“Hello,” she greets me in a thick accent. “Can I help you?”
“Hi, is Maverick home?” I tap my foot, too agitated to keep still.
“He’s not available.”
I grind my teeth, losing patience fast. “Would you mind checking at least?”
She nervously glances over her shoulder. “He asked not to be disturbed.”
“It’s important,” I grit out. “I need five minutes, tops.”
“I’m sorry,” she says regretfully. “Come back later.”
“I’m not going anywhere until I talk to Maverick.”
I force my way into the foyer and dash up the stairs. The woman follows behind me, begging me to stop. I barge into the first bedroom, no Maverick. Second one, still no sign of my nemesis. The third, and bingo. I find the devil incarnate lying in bed.
The woman latches on to my arm. “Por favor, you must go,” she says breathlessly, trying to pull me out of the room.
“It’s fine, Maria,” Maverick says, rubbing his drowsy eyes. “You can go.”
The door closes with a definitive click. Now that I’m here, my mind is drawing a blank. Maverick swings his legs over the side of the bed. The sheet falls to his waist, exposing his smooth muscular chest. Thick veins bulge along his ripped arms, and those abs must be made of steel. Sleep-ruffled hair triples his appeal. He’s sexiness personified.
Focus, Cocoa!
So what, he has a hot body… he’s still a miscreant.
“Why didn’t you come to school?”
“No reason.” He shrugs.
“You selfish prick,” I snarl, outrage unfurling in my belly. “Mr. Barnes gave us until tomorrow to do our presentation, so—”
“You’re either brave or incredibly stupid to come here.”
My anger clouded my common sense. I’m in his bedroom, for God’s sake, and I highly doubt Maria will come to my rescue if I call out for help. I’m at his mercy.
“I’m not afraid of you,” I lie through my teeth.
“Yeah, you are,” he states matter-of-factly. “I’m adept at recognizing fear. Right now, you’re in fight-or-flight mode. Stay and I’ll gain the upper hand in seconds. I can do whatever I want to you”—his gaze slowly moves to the juncture of my thighs—“and you’d be powerless to stop me. Yet, running equals weakness, and that’s a shortcoming you’re too stubborn to show, even if it means self-preservation. It’s your downfall.”
He stands, revealing his glorious nudity. I inhale a sharp breath. My gaze zeros in on his defined V-line, then roams lower to his well-endowed cock. It curves to the right, a trait I didn’t notice during our scuffle at school a couple weeks ago. My nether region pulsates, betraying me, as usual.
“Like what you see?” He smirks, amusement in his tone. “You’re welcome to touch it.”
My face heats in embarrassment. “You better be in physics tomorrow at eight sharp.”
I turn, intent on making a dignified exit after being caught gawking at his dangling bits.
Maverick lunges at me and seizes my curly tresses in a painful hold. “Did you really think it’d be that easy?”


Lorrain Allen currently resides on the East Coast. She has one amazing, albeit spoiled, son. She loves to get away from the world by losing herself in a book. Her long-term goal is to pen dark, erotic, paranormal, contemporary, new adult, and young adult romances. The subject matters of her books are controversial, but what’s life without a little controversy?

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A Rogue Enforcers Novel 


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Paranormal Romance | Shifter & Werewolf Romance | 


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Available to read in Kindle Unlimited.


I’m Marx Garrett, rancher, big brother, and new member of the off-the-books Rogue Enforcers. My first assignment is simple: Check out potential unlawful shifter activity and report back. Easy, right? It is until I come across my gorgeous mate along the way. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to deal with that little discovery until my job is complete, no matter how much my cougar roars to claim her.

Imagine my surprise when I learn the beautiful woman – a human, no less – who calms my inner beast is at the center of another assignment I’m tasked with investigating. She’s asked around about us and stirred up suspicions I need to put to rest.

Can I clear her name and make her mine, or will we be lost to each other forever?

About Xana Jordan

Xana Jordan is an m&m loving girl who finally decided to let the stories in her head be put on paper. She loves to cook and read, and when she’s not doing those things, you can always find her writing, assisted by her cat, lovingly nicknamed Diva and Princess.

Her first book, Loving Noel, launched the Wildcat Graduates series, and now contains six books, with one more in the works. Her second series, Colorado Mountain Novels, has the first book, Love, Inevitable, already available. She has also co-authored a series named Winter Haven with Michelle Rene, and its first two books, Nixon and Lyndon are available now, with two more books to follow.

She has an amazing husband and two wonderful children who support her and keep her busy and entertained.

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Mafia Heiress by Angela Agnello

Title: Mafia Heiress
Series: Conquering the Throne
Author: Angela Agnello
Genre: Mafia Reverse Harem
Release Date: April 30, 2021

Prima la famiglia.

It’s funny how you can go through life thinking everything is normal when you’re anything but. The world of an Italian American is different than that of any other culture, especially here in New York City.

Our traditions are strange, our accents odd, and food comes second only to family. My ancestors came over from Sicily at the turn of the century. No money, living in filth, and begging for scraps. A life of crime doesn’t appear as bad as it is when your family is dying in the street.

My name is Giacomina Gambino and I’m a mafia princess.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn with a silver spoon in my mouth and a gun in my purse. Nothing or no one can mess with me, and if it happens — Daddy takes care of it.

Now I’m twenty-eight, ready to settle down, and I have to choose a husband. Someone my parents approve of and someone who will stay out of my way. I might have to get married, but nobody said anything about it being for love.

If you love Rachel Van Dyken and JM Dathower you’re going to be obsessed with Angela Agnello’s debut series, Conquering the Throne.

Angela Agnello was born and raised in Queens, NY. She grew up in an Italian American household filled with love and happiness. The woman in her life taught her how to be strong, independent, and smart. She may have gotten hit with the wooden spoon, but she also learned how to cook sauce with it. Her mafia tales are fiction, but she likes to think there is a Jack out there somewhere ruling the men in her life. Prima la famiglia.


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Run Posy Run by Cate C. Wells

Title: Run Posy Run
Author: Cate C. Wells
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: April 30, 2021

She’d better run…

When I fell for Dario Volpe, I thought he was Prince Charming, and I was the luckiest girl alive. He didn’t care about my past. The talk. The stain on my family’s reputation.
Then he saw something I never wanted anyone to see.
He cares now.
This isn’t a breakup, it’s a warning shot, and if I want to get out of this bad romance alive, I have to run and never look back.
Dario Volpe is no storybook hero. He’s a psychopath, and he can’t decide—kiss me? Or kill me?

I’m the man behind the curtain, the power behind the throne. I could have killed her, and no one would have blinked an eye. Posy Santoro isn’t exactly a mafia princess.
No one sees her as clearly as I can—the perfect mind hidden by the knockout body in the tight dress.
I’ve made a mistake, running her off, but now I get to play one of my favorite games.
Posy can run, but she isn’t made to be free. She’s made for me. And when I catch her? Game over.

Run Posy Run is a dark mafia romance with an antihero redeemed by love. Standalone. Intended for adult readers.

A whistle cuts the silence, and a shiver shoots down my spine. It’s Dario. He’s found me.

His voice echoes against the darkened buildings. My heart leaps into my throat. Driven by instinct, I bolt, rubber soles slapping the pavement.

He’s singing now, soft and deep as his heavy steps pound behind me. Run, run, run—you’d better run.

I already am. I’m sprinting as fast as I can toward home, hair whipping my cheeks, the night air burning my lungs.

A laugh rings out in the empty street. He’s close. How did he get so close?

I part my lips to scream, and that fast, an arm snakes around my waist and a rough palm covers my mouth.

“Got you,” he says, his breath hot on my ear, and for just a second, my traitor body melts into his hard chest, my fear catching fire and flaring into something else, an unbearable anticipation that crystalizes into horror as he drawls, “Now what am I going to do with you, you naughty girl?”

Cate C. Wells is the author of the Steel Bones Motorcycle Club series. She writes gritty, real, emotionally satisfying romance. She’s into messy love, flaws, long roads to redemption, grace, and happy ever after, in books and in life.

Along with stories, she’s collected a husband and three children along the way. She lives in Baltimore when she’s not exploring America with the family. #allfiftystates

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Love Is Never Lost by Faye Madden

Love is never lost - full-page-001

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Title: Love is Never Lost

Author: Faye Madden

Genre: Sweet, Wholesome & Clean Romance

Release Day: TBA

Cover Designer: – Get Covers

♦ ♦ ♦

Destiny brought them together during a freshers tour of the college library. It was love at first sight for Ruby and Benjamin who both believed it was a bond that would never be broken. But then life intervened and tore them apart.

Now seven years later they remain separate and devoted parents to their beloved young son Mason who they co-parent. But Benjamin is deeply unhappy and blames himself for their breakup. Will he have the courage to abandon his corporate career which was the cause of so much pain, or has Ruby moved on with her new life as an artist? She too has regrets and cannot forget those magical first years together, but is fearful to change their relationship so carefully crafted for their son. Mason too has his own ideas and would like nothing more than for his parents to reunite. Can their young son find a way to bring his parents together and make them a family again?

But, who has the courage to reveal their true feelings and face the possibility of rejection causing yet more confusion and heartache for Mason? Will Ruby and Benjamin have a second chance and perhaps discover that love is never lost?

♦ ♦ ♦

Faye Madden believes she is one of the lucky ones, because for her it was love at first sight. It is the moment of that first shy glance, when you know he or she is the one, your soulmate, lover and friend for the rest of your life. It is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the universe that two people make the biggest decision of their lives on a single look, guided only by the omnipotent hand of destiny. 

Since that chance meeting with her wonderful husband David, she has raised a family, and now the children have flown the nest, she has the time to write, which is her second love. 

All of her novels are sweet and wholesome, and through her richly crafted characters she explores all the heartache, pain, yet ultimately joyous happiness love brings, however that journey may unfold. Many of her novels explore this through the prism of a second chance romance, whilst others focus on love lost and found, or in unrequited love. 

She shares a love of the outdoors with her husband, and together they can be found either sailing on one of the lakes near their home or trekking through the pine forests on horseback. And in the summer like a pair of snowbirds they love to holiday in pretty coastal towns with their beloved dogs, and where many of her novels are set.    

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Release Blast


Release Date: April 30

Have you ever felt like the world’s been swept out from under your feet?

But, instead of landing fast and hard—you fall at an unimaginably slow pace?

Unaware of the impending destruction or your ability to stop it?

That’s what the hours felt like leading up to that moment…

When our pasts collided like two trains on the same track.

Now I have a fist-sized hole in my chest left by the girl I tried so hard to love,

Along with a crippling load of questions I don’t understand.

Here’s what I know:

I will get my answers.

I will prove we’re not broken.

We will get our happy ending.

I just need to find her first.

Grab Your Copy Here:

Meet Danda K.

Danda K. is a new Romance Author from New York City. She’s also a wife and mother to three wild little boys. She got her name Danda from her niece and nephew’s who are practically her own kids. She’s awkward, and her obsession with her cats will never go unnoticed. You’ll likely find her hiding snacks from her kids, binge watching Netflix, or reading. Books give her life, and now she focuses her short attention span on writing her own stories. Even though Danda resides in a big city, she spends most of her time at home avoiding people and hanging out with fictional characters. She has dipped her pen in poetry since she was a little girl but found a love for writing romance. Thankful for her early readers, she enjoys engaging with them and sharing her love for books and favorite authors.

For more information about Danda K, visit: Danda K LInktree

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The Heavy Side



Date Published: 11-16-2019

Silicon Valley Tech meets The Cocaine Trade.

Can you program yourself into a winner?

In the San Francisco Bay Area, tech innovation is King, and money is God.

Vik Singh watched his immigrant parents work their fingers to the bone chasing the American Dream. But standing at his father’s funeral, he realizes one thing – hustling will get you nowhere. All you need to get rich is one big idea.

And when he meets Los, a small-time drug lord with visions of grandeur, Vik makes a plan worthy of Jobs and Zuckerberg:

Design a drug sale app.

After all, market disruption is everything.

From his comfortable cottage in Lake Tahoe, Vik writes the code that builds a cocaine empire. When his app attracts an infamous drug cartel leader, it seems like a natural expansion move. And for a while, life is Swiss bank accounts, luxe coke parties, and falling in love with Remi, a beautiful and ballsy woman with secrets of her own.

Then he discovers he is being watched.

The DEA is closing in, the cartel is getting suspicious, and he can trust no one. As things heat up, Vik discovers the real price of easy money.

And that price could be his life.

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, and Dark Mirror, this is the book for you. Get your copy right now!

About the Author

Ben Rogers is the author of the novels The Flamer and The Heavy Side. His work has been published in The Rumpus, PANK, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Portland Review, Arroyo Literary Review, The Nevada Review, and Wag’s Revue, and has earned the Nevada Arts Council Fellowship and the Sierra Arts Foundation grant. He is also the lead author of Nanotechnology: Understanding Small Systems, the first-ever comprehensive textbook on nanotechnology, and Nanotechnology: The Whole Story, both of which earned the CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award from the American Library Association. He studied engineering and journalism in college and has worked as a business analyst, a newspaper reporter, a teacher, and a scientist at various labs, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is currently the Director of Engineering at NevadaNano. He lives in Reno with his family.

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