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Release Date: April 30

Have you ever felt like the world’s been swept out from under your feet?

But, instead of landing fast and hard—you fall at an unimaginably slow pace?

Unaware of the impending destruction or your ability to stop it?

That’s what the hours felt like leading up to that moment…

When our pasts collided like two trains on the same track.

Now I have a fist-sized hole in my chest left by the girl I tried so hard to love,

Along with a crippling load of questions I don’t understand.

Here’s what I know:

I will get my answers.

I will prove we’re not broken.

We will get our happy ending.

I just need to find her first.

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Meet Danda K.

Danda K. is a new Romance Author from New York City. She’s also a wife and mother to three wild little boys. She got her name Danda from her niece and nephew’s who are practically her own kids. She’s awkward, and her obsession with her cats will never go unnoticed. You’ll likely find her hiding snacks from her kids, binge watching Netflix, or reading. Books give her life, and now she focuses her short attention span on writing her own stories. Even though Danda resides in a big city, she spends most of her time at home avoiding people and hanging out with fictional characters. She has dipped her pen in poetry since she was a little girl but found a love for writing romance. Thankful for her early readers, she enjoys engaging with them and sharing her love for books and favorite authors.

For more information about Danda K, visit: Danda K LInktree

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