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Impulsive Saint by Jess Bryant

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Impulsive Saint (All Saints Security Book 2) by Jess Bryant is coming May 10th! Pre-Order now and get the first book in series for just $0.99 from 5/3-5/7!

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Ashtyn Echols just made the most impulsive decision of her life. Maybe it’s a mistake, but it doesn’t feel like one. She can’t get married today. Not when she has her whole life ahead of her and a bucket list of things she wants to do before she ties herself down and becomes the perfect politician’s wife the way her family expects her to.


For the first time ever, Ashtyn is free. Free of all the expectations and demands. Free to make her own choices, and her own mistakes.


Tyler St. James has jumped out of airplanes, hiked into a volcano and plans to climb Everest someday soon. His brothers call him impulsive and it’s true. Adventure is his drug of choice which is why getting assigned security detail for the wedding of a Senator’s daughter seems like its destined to be the most boring day of his life… until she runs.


Putting her on the back of his motorcycle might seem crazy but it’s also the only responsible thing to do. If she wants fun, he’s the man for the job. She can check off a few of her bucket list items and he can keep her safe without her ever knowing he’s hired muscle.


Only, he never expected to fall for her during an impromptu road trip to Vegas. He never expected her to grow more independent and impossible to resist by the mile. And he never expected her to find out he was being paid to look after her.


Will the truth mean the end of their adventure, or is the destination just the beginning of their journey together?


*Warning – This book contains topics that could be triggering to some including talk of suicide and an off-page suicide attempt. If you are sensitive to the topic, please take care when deciding to read this novel. It is important to note that the suicide attempt was not made by either main character but a side character and in the past, prior to the events of this book. Still, caution is recommended to avoid triggers for some readers.


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