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Sinful Illusions by Morgan James

Title: Sinful Illusions
Series: Sinful Duet #1
Author: Morgan James
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 4, 2021


It’s been the only thing driving me for the past six months since my sister was murdered—and he’s the one responsible. I want to break him the way he broke my family. To get what I want, I’ll need to get close to him and win his trust. Fox stirs a dark need inside me that I never knew existed, and my attraction to him is a distraction I can’t afford. I’ll give him my body… but he can never have my heart.

The first time I set eyes on Eva, I’m entranced. When the brazen young woman breaks into my home, I take it as a sign—she’s meant to be mine. She’s hell-bent on revenge, but the more I’m with her, the more I want to keep her.
I’m the devil… and she’s my fallen angel.

*Sinful Illusions is a dark romance and the first book in the hot new Sinful Duet. Book one ends on a cliffhanger and contains situations that may be uncomfortable for some readers.


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I leaned close. “Men like me aren’t made for love, angel. We’re made for war—for blood and death. We take what we want and use it until there’s nothing left.”
“You’re not leaving, and that is final.”
Moisture glittered in her eyes. “Why? Why are you doing this?”
“Why do I want to keep you?” I smirked. “Because you intrigue me. Because you owe me for breaking in. Instead of turning you over to the authorities, I’ll exact my own punishment.”
Her tone turned bitter. “By using me for sex?”
I lifted one shoulder. “Whatever I deem fit.”
“I hate you—you—you—monster!”
“Oh, Eva.” I let out a little laugh. “You have no idea the things I’m capable of. You’d better get comfortable, because you’re not going anywhere.”
She glared at me but didn’t say a word. I released her and braced my hands on my legs as I started to stand. “Good. Now that that’s settled—”
Her arm whipped forward in a blur, and the metal glinted in the sunlight spilling through the window as she slashed the fork downward. I jerked backward, and a ripping sound filled the air as the tines punctured the fabric of my suit and sank into my flesh. More stunned than anything, I stared at the fork, then slowly lifted my gaze to hers. She stared at the fork protruding from my arm, her expression a mixture of surprise and horror, as if she couldn’t quite believe what she’d done. Luckily, with two layers of fabric, the wound didn’t feel too deep.
Wrapping my fist around the handle, I yanked it free and tossed it onto my plate as I stood, towering over her. She jerked backward, just out of reach, sliding off the bed as she did so. She tumbled to the floor and struggled to her feet before making a mad dash toward the door. But she wasn’t quite fast enough. I shot out with my arm and wrapped one hand around her throat, dragging her to me. She thrashed in my arms, and I pressed her against the wall, lifting her until her toes barely scraped the floor.
She grabbed at my wrist with both hands in a futile effort to get free, but I held fast. I leaned in, so close that our noses almost touched. “Pull something like that again, and I will spank your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit for a week.”
Heaving a deep breath, I set her down, keeping her pinned to the wall at her back. Anger and hatred ran rampant over her features, and I drank it in. The wound in my arm throbbed dully, and for almost a full minute we just stared at each other.
“You refuse to give up.” I shook my head a little as I stared down at her. “You know what that makes you?”
Victory flashed over her features for a brief moment. “A fighter.”
“Stupid.” She flinched at my harsh tone as the single word doused her bravado. “The sooner you figure out that you belong to me, the better off we’ll both be.”


Releasing July 6

$2.99 for a limited time!



Morgan James is the bestselling author of contemporary and romantic suspense novels. She spent most of her childhood with her nose buried in a book, and she loves all things romantic, dark, and dirty.

She met her own husband when he crashed a friend’s wedding (Just kidding. Kind of…) and they’ve been together ever since. They currently live in Ohio with their two kids.

Here are a few fun facts: She can swear like a sailor. She loves to bake but hates to cook. She pulls inspiration for her stories from real life. Her husband is the absolute best, supplying her with infinite one-liners.


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Impulsive Saint by Jess Bryant

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Impulsive Saint (All Saints Security Book 2) by Jess Bryant is coming May 10th! Pre-Order now and get the first book in series for just $0.99 from 5/3-5/7!

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Ashtyn Echols just made the most impulsive decision of her life. Maybe it’s a mistake, but it doesn’t feel like one. She can’t get married today. Not when she has her whole life ahead of her and a bucket list of things she wants to do before she ties herself down and becomes the perfect politician’s wife the way her family expects her to.


For the first time ever, Ashtyn is free. Free of all the expectations and demands. Free to make her own choices, and her own mistakes.


Tyler St. James has jumped out of airplanes, hiked into a volcano and plans to climb Everest someday soon. His brothers call him impulsive and it’s true. Adventure is his drug of choice which is why getting assigned security detail for the wedding of a Senator’s daughter seems like its destined to be the most boring day of his life… until she runs.


Putting her on the back of his motorcycle might seem crazy but it’s also the only responsible thing to do. If she wants fun, he’s the man for the job. She can check off a few of her bucket list items and he can keep her safe without her ever knowing he’s hired muscle.


Only, he never expected to fall for her during an impromptu road trip to Vegas. He never expected her to grow more independent and impossible to resist by the mile. And he never expected her to find out he was being paid to look after her.


Will the truth mean the end of their adventure, or is the destination just the beginning of their journey together?


*Warning – This book contains topics that could be triggering to some including talk of suicide and an off-page suicide attempt. If you are sensitive to the topic, please take care when deciding to read this novel. It is important to note that the suicide attempt was not made by either main character but a side character and in the past, prior to the events of this book. Still, caution is recommended to avoid triggers for some readers.


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