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Doctor Dreamy by Alana Jade

Title: Doctor Dreamy
Author: Alana Jade
Genre: Sweet Co-Worker Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2021


A single night.
That’s all it took.
Caught up in the moment. He blew my mind.
It was just a wedding fling, and we would never see each other again, right?

Being paired with Doctor Dreamy wasn’t something I was prepared for.
The night was unforgettable, in more ways than one.
The connection was instant, but all good things come to an end.

But those blue eyes can’t be mistaken.
The new supervising doctor starting today at my hospital is none other than Doctor Dreamy.

It’s my final year of residency, but the memory of his body drives me wild. I need to fight these feelings with everything I have…
But he’s resisting this energy we have by pretending he doesn’t know me.

So, I have a choice to make.
But is he worth the risk…


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How can he be acting this way? It’s hurtful, but he does have to maintain his level of professionalism.
My heart is pounding against my ribs as I sit across from Cameron. My worst fear has come true. He’s going to be my supervising doctor, and he’s acting as though he has no clue who I am.
In the two minutes since I’ve sat down, he’s not looked at me once. His head’s been buried in a document in front of him.
I’d kill for him to look at me once, just once. I long for those eyes to meet with mine again.
But you ran out on him, Chelsea, my inner voice argues.
Since I last saw him, Cameron’s grown a thicker beard, making him look more distinguished but somehow even more handsome.
A fleeting thought passes through my mind of when Cameron’s five o’clock shadow was tickling my thighs.
Stop thinking about him, Chelsea.
Screwing my eyes shut, I quickly shake the thought from my head as my stomach flops, making me feel a little ill. I can’t think those things here. It could be dire for my career.
The stern tone of his voice as he asks each question is tinged with anger, and with each response, he cuts me off before I can finish my sentence. It’s beginning to become annoying, not to mention coming across as extremely rude.
But do I deserve this? Of course I do.


Alana Jade is a sweet romance author from Sydney, Australia. 
She’s a wife, mother to 6 children and fur-mum to one spoilt pug called Harper. 
Alana’s loved writing sweet love stories for many years and always tries to give her characters the happy ever after they deserve. 
When she’s not madly tapping on her computer or plotting a new story in her journal, you’ll find her curled up on the couch with Harper watching Friends, or reading a good book on her kindle.


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Stunning in Sapphire by Michelle Mink

 ★★ COMING SOON!! ★★
Stunning in Sapphire by Michelle Mink is coming May 11th! Checkout the gorgeous cover and pre-order your copy today!

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She has never needed a man to feel complete. Can a billionaire movie-mogul show her that she can surrender herself to a romantic relationship without fully sacrificing her independence?

Sapphire Clark is happy with the life she’s built for herself. Nearing the end of her MBA program at UCLA, she has put herself through school modeling for her sister Lavender’s plus-size clothing line, Wild Orchid. With beauty and brains, she’s not looking for a relationship to tie her down. Jackson Freeman is casting his first movie to feature a BBW lead, and Sapphire captures his attention as no other has before. Can he convince her that there’s room for him in her life and heart?

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Fillmore Siblings Series by Melissa Schroeder

Fillmore Siblings Series
Author: Melissa Schroeder
Genre: Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy


Dive into this sizzling romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author Melissa Schroeder.

He is absolutely, completely, and undoubtedly the one man I shouldn’t fantasize about.

Other than being my boss, he’s too rigid, a workaholic with a checkered past when it comes to women. Knowing all that, I shouldn’t think about how his hands would feel on my body, or how his voice would sound when he whispered my name in the dark.

But I can resist him. Mainly because he can’t stand me, and he’s the kind of boss who makes me think about murder on a daily basis. That’s until he shows me his softer side and ignoring my need for him becomes impossible.

No, softer side or not, I have to resist the lure of Grady Hawthorne because if I don’t, I’m pretty sure I won’t survive the fall.

Warning: This book includes a smack-talking executive assistant, a workaholic boss who has the most amazing…mouth, irritating siblings, a drunken night that ends in jail, and a happily ever after that will make you sigh. Author assumes no responsibility for overheated readers.


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Join USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Schroeder for a frenemies to lovers romantic comedy with a sexy, tool belt wearing hero who is on a mission to get his woman.

I’m taking a stand. I’m done with him, our show, and my stupid heart. I want nothing else to do with Travis Fillmore. Or maybe I’m lying.

No, really, I mean it.

Ugh, I need help when even I don’t believe me.

Travis is my best friend’s brother and the object of my infatuation. He’s also my co-host for our home improvement show, and we are zooming to the top right now. Unfortunately, I can’t work with him anymore. He’s pushed me too far with his antics, and I’m walking away. Only, he just realized how much he needs me on the show, and he wants me back. He just pops into town and thinks I’ll forgive and forget.

At first, I refuse to even consider returning, but he won’t go away. He tells me that he’s changed, that he can be professional. And I believe him. Until he kisses me…and then does a whole lot more. Soon, we can’t keep our hands off each other. But even as I think we might be building something beautiful, someone threatens our happiness. An overzealous stalker…I can deal with that. What scares me is the man who could shatter my heart and leave me broken.

Warning: This book includes breaking and entering, donuts, sarcastic friends, a woman with many trust issues, a man who doesn’t realize what he wants until he almost loses it, a weirdo who doesn’t understand boundaries, nosey neighbors, a trip to the Juniper Jail again, and a happily ever after for two people who finally admit they are in love.



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From an early age, USA Today Bestselling author Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since her first published book, Grace Under Pressure, Mel has had over 90 short stories, novellas, and novels published. She has written in genres ranging from historical to contemporary to futuristic and has worked with 8 publishers although she handles most of her publishing herself. She is best known for her Harmless and Santini series.

After years of following her military husband around the country and world, Mel happily lives with her family in horse and wine country in Northern Virginia.


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Reinventing Devin – KA Graham


Reinventing Devin 

An In The Light of Day Novella

By K.A. Graham

Genre: Dark Psychological Romance 

Cover Image: Shelbi Millsap Photography 

Model: Elayna Apuya 

Grab your copy here 

I don’t live in darkness. Darkness lives in me.


I’m a joke. A loser. A nobody. They all see me as a game. A game they always win. A game they think I lose. Pink piggy is what they call me. Graduation was their final hoorah and it welcomed me to complete insanity. 


She believes my lies. Thinks I’m her tutor. Her friend. But I know the real girl behind the sad eyes, locked away in a mental hospital her parents threw her in. From the moment I looked into those sad eyes, I’ve been irrevocably in love with her. Will she love me back when she knows my secret?

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There’s darkness in all of us.

I’m a nobody. An outcast. A shadow. I never aligned with the jocks and their fake barbie girlfriends, not that I wanted to. Being invisible worked for me until he showed up.

He showed me a path I never intended to walk, and I slid into his life easily. Too easily.  Now that the devil has embraced me, I crave the heat of his flames.

She doesn’t think I see her. She’s wrong. She’s all I see. My dark angel. We’re more alike than she could ever imagine. Soon I will make her mine.

I was always good at playing the part of the jock that everyone worships. In reality, I’m the devil with no remorse. It’s time to free my soul and rid myself of the rodents.

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KA Graham grew up in a small town in Oregon. Through the years, her love for writing and poetry, turned into something she had only dreamt of. Writing her own book. She’s faced many obstacles in her life, but the love and devotion of her parents has always kept her grounded.

She is an avid reader, blogger and does PA work for a few authors, which keeps her quite busy. Hard rock music lover and horror movie buff, with a love and appreciation for tattoos. Her addictions include copious amounts of caffeine, Chinese food and Haribos candy.

~ Connect with K.A. Graham ~
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Cover Reveal

Ruthless Heart by Eve L. Mitchell

The Trial




♦ ♦ ♦

Title: Ruthless Hearts

Series: Ruthless Devils

Author: Eve L. Mitchell

Genre: College Sports Romance

Release Day: June 11, 2021

Cover Designer:  JJ Designs & Creations 

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Joey


♦ ♦ ♦

She is his enemy. He is her nightmare.

Freshman year at Cardinal Saints College went by without a hitch for Ava, but sophomore year is proving to be more troublesome. The reason? The Santo boys. Three football stars who have it all: looks, money, talent and the world at their feet. No one messes with the Devils. You’re either with them or against them…and you’d have to be stupid to be against them.

Ava isn’t stupid, but one night of being in the wrong place at the right time is coming back to haunt her. One of the Santo boys—Jett—is out for blood. Specifically, her blood. Thankfully, he doesn’t know who she is, and Ava plans to keep it that way.

Sophomore year threatens to stop Jett’s progression to the championships and, more importantly, his plan to play in the NFL. All because of some mystery blonde. But he has a plan: find the threat and eliminate the threat. Jett is ruthless in his pursuit to find the girl who threatens his career.

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and neither is prepared for the consequences when they cross that line.

Three guys, three girls, one game. Are you ready to meet the Devils?





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Eve L. Mitchell is a USA Today Bestselling author who writes contemporary romance and urban fantasy. 

 Being an avid reader from a young age, Eve still considers herself to be a reader first. She believes there is nothing better than getting that new book either on your e-reader or in your hands, and the fact she may bring that excitement to a fellow reader, fills her with wonder. She writes under a pen name because otherwise her Secret Agent status will be revoked. 

 Eve lives in the North East of Scotland, with her three coffee machines and her significant other, Mr. M. She enjoys NFL Football, music and having long conversations with the voices in her head, which sometimes turn into the stories she writes.

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Trick Play


Trick Play by Jerica MacMillan is releasing May 20, 2021!

Pre-order your copy today on Amazon!






This was supposed to be my year.

Until a transfer student took my starting quarterback spot, slashing my chances of going pro.

I’ve spent all season trying to prove myself to the new coach, win my way back into the spot that’s rightfully mine.

When that doesn’t work, I’m forced to come up with a new tactic, searching for a weakness to exploit.

It just so happens his little sister frequents team events. And she’s hot. Feisty. Just the challenge I need.

And the perfect way to bring her brother down.

#ContemporaryRomance #NewAdultRomance #SportsRomance #Sports #AlphaHero #Revenge #Playboy




Coded by Rachel Radner is releasing May 20, 2021!




Ashton’s a wreck of the man I knew a few months ago, a soul missing his greatest piece. I’m caught in the crossfire, a woman desiring an unattainable man. A man who’s still pining after his ex and probably always will be.

Every so often, I catch him looking at me a certain way. A way that tells me he might want something more. But there’s too much heartache there, and I’d be a fool to let someone in who I already know will burn me.


Maddie’s the wildcard in my code. The woman who might break every boundary I’ve set. She’s beautiful, kind, and the gentlest soul I’ve ever encountered. But I can’t get involved with anyone again — that was the promise I made to myself when my ex broke my heart.

Problem is, at the rate Maddie and I are going, she’s about to bypass every command I’ve ever written. I just can’t let her succeed.

Rachel Radner’s Coded is a heartfelt, friends to lovers, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes Worlds.

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Stone Under Skin (The Stone Series Book 1)


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Stone Under Skin (The Stone Series Book 1)

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Ankit has lived many lifetimes. Once, long ago, he was made of stone and marked with symbols and sigils meant to safeguard him and allow him to protect and serve others. He’s a living gargoyle now, cursed to live as a human; always watching, at all times aware, and constantly searching for his fated one.

While walking home from his job as a librarian, Ethan Lewis is beaten and robbed. Ankit stumbles upon him and instantly recognizes him as the man he’s fated to. He helps him back to his apartment and, after tending his injuries, watches over him.

Fate has woven their lives together for centuries, but in every lifetime, they could never live freely or love each other as Ankit has often dreamed of. To change their destiny, they’ll fight together with other gargoyles and a young watcher who is unaware of the tremendous power she possesses. This will be the last battle against their creator, and they’ll either die fighting for their freedom or survive to live the life they’ve always yearned for.

#Paranormal #Paranormalfantasy #gargoyle #elf #mmromance #fatedmates


Wild Ride


Wild Ride by Kim Loraine is releasing May 17, 2021!

Pre-order your copy today!


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The biggest rivalry in Sunrise, Montana is the feud between the ranch families of the Rykers and the Wildes. And it’s only grown stronger over the years.
So what happens when a Wilde and a Ryker wake up in Vegas, in the same bed, hungover, and…married?
Sutton Wilde and Sera Ryker are in for one Wild Ride.

#GoWilde #WildevsRyker #ContemporaryRomance #NewAdultRomance #EnemiestoLovers #SmallTown #Cowboy #BroughtTogetherbyaBet