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Mayfair Model Series (3 book series) By Claire Castle


Book 1

Handsome model, Marshall Easton, is at the top of his game. His successful career allows him to enjoy lucrative international modelling contracts and attend lavish parties. He also has a stellar reputation of the utmost professionalism in front of the camera. But looks can be deceiving—and he’s hiding his biggest secret from everyone, including himself. The only thing keeping him sane these days is coming home to Jess, his new dog.

Fabulous Stuart Livingston loves living his life to the fullest. He is free spirited and enjoys doing what he wants. Although he’s an artist at heart, his love of animals leads him to a new dog walking job. When he meets the adorable Jess but not the elusive owner, he has no idea what to expect.

Can Stuart and Jess help Marshall see that the man on the runway is deserving of being his true self and finding real happiness?

Book 2

Stylish model, Carter Hamilton, has had his fair share of excitement and regrets throughout his life. Now at Mayfair Models, he’s finally found his true calling.
While he misses some parts of his past, mostly he’s locked the rest of it all away and focuses on the here and now. But just when things are easy and uncomplicated, a ghost from long ago makes an appearance.

Jet setting around the world, Jamieson Ward loves his life as a flight attendant. He’s the funny, happy-go-lucky life of the party. That is, until his present and past collide when, Carter, his first true love from a lifetime ago, re-enters his life.

The passage of time has changed their lives, turning them both into the successful men they are today. Is it too late to rekindle their relationship after years of no contact and too many secrets kept hidden? Is it even worth the risk?

Book 3

Up-and-coming model, Rutledge Flynn, is delighted to be working at Mayfair Models after winning a contract with the agency. While enjoying his time in the United Kingdom, one night threatens to derail his work and his life. After Rutledge becomes inextricably linked to the kind stranger, he can’t help but want to know more about the flamboyant and confident man, feeling he is everything Rutledge is not.

Dancer, Ollie Abbott, has never been questioned about his talent and work ethic. He’s self-assured and driven as he sashays through life. When he meets the quiet Rutledge, he is intrigued and drawn to him, wanting to know more and maybe impress him.

When Rutledge presents Ollie with a proposition that piques his interest, will it lead to heartbreak or something special between them?

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