Finding Beauty in the Darkness by Nikki Ash

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Giovanni is my savior…
But he wants me for himself.
I’ve grown used to men wanting me and taking what’s not theirs to take. 
But he’s different.
He wants to keep me, make me part of his dark world, and I would gladly follow him into the darkness.
But his life is trapped in a cage, and his family holds the keys. If forced to choose, we could lose it all. The danger doesn’t scare me half as much as the thought of living without him.
I didn’t choose this life. It chose me. 
Born into a powerful mob family, darkness and danger are all I’ve ever known.
But when I stumble upon Aria being held captive in the basement of a senator’s house, everything I’ve embraced and accepted about my life gets thrown out the window.
I’m drawn to her strength, to her lightness, to her beauty in my dark world. 
But she deserves better than trading one cage for another.
Now I’m torn between protecting Aria… And keeping her for myself.
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