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Everly’s Wol


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Everly’s Wolf by USA Today Bestselling Author Claire Marta

Cover designed by Raven Designs

Release date 15th July

*A standalone steamy contemporary romance*

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Blurb ~

Dressed up as little red riding hood, Everly flirts with a big bad wolf at a club never intending to see him again. Self-assured, handsome, charismatic Colton Wolf is no prince charming.

When fate throws them together a second time at her new job, the attraction they’d both felt is still burning brightly.

When Everly learns Colton’s brother is the cause of her little sister’s heart ache, she realizes perhaps he is a villain after all and tries to freeze him out.

Yet not everything is as it seems. As both their secrets play out she comes to learn that some fairy tales are laced in dark seduction and that the big bad wolf isn’t so bad after all.

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Graceful Abduction by Vivian Fiano

Graceful Abduction by Vivian Fiano is releasing June 29th!!

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Cover Designer: Clover Book Designs

She’s tired of looking over her shoulder. Relief washes over her when the man they believe is responsible for stalking her is finally behind bars. When her vulnerability weakens, she finds herself in the back of a van. She is scheduled to perform in a dance show, but her abductor won’t have her preforming for anyone but him.

When Jordan discovers the true identity of the man behind it all she is completely blown away.

He’s a nervous wreck over Jordan being late to a performance he knows means the world to her. Despite her stalker being in jail his gut tells him something’s wrong. When Grant goes looking for her she’s nowhere to be found. His heart is broken and now he has to face her parents with the news.

Time is ticking as Grant races to hunt down the man who has gracefully abducted the woman he loves.

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Vivian enjoyed reading as a child and found her passion for it again in 2011 when E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey was released. Her love of reading was re-ignited and she continued reading other books in the same genre. Married to her own real life hero, Vivian met her love in Massachusetts where she was born and raised. She and her family now reside in sunny Florida and when she’s not writing she enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and football with her son.



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CALLAN’S ATLAS by K. Webster!

a> CALLAN’S ATLAS (Brigs Ferry Bay, #3) by K. WEBSTER Release Date: May 12th   Add Callan’s Atlas to Goodreads: AVAILABLE NOW! FREE in KU! Amazon US: Amazon International:     Preorder Leif’s Serenity #4!!!     Start the series with Sheriff’s Secret #1 by K Webster: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU:   Kian’s Focus #2 by Misty Walker: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU:     Callan’s Atlas Blurb: From USA Today bestselling author K Webster comes a steamy and emotional age-gap MM romance!   When we moved from New York to Maine, life was supposed to get easier, not harder. Change, for me, was difficult. I became the target of terrible crimes that resulted in sending a once-beloved man of the community to prison for a very long time. Now that I’m eighteen, I could move back to the Big Apple, but fear has me rooted in place. I hate what that monster did to me. Looks like I’m stuck here for good. Brigs Ferry Bay’s unhappiest gay. Each day, the darkness closes in around me more and more. Black clothes. Black mood. Black thoughts. Black eyeliner. The color in my life bled from me months ago and never came back.   Until him. Atlas Larson. Newest cop on the BFB police force. Too hot. Too strong. Too old for me. Too…everything.   Atlas is a rebellious, bossy, mouthy brute who likes to provoke me. Every encounter starts with heat and ends with an argument. Color begins sneaking back into my world little by little. He reminds me of who I once was and shows me who I’m meant to be.   I crave to leave this town once and for all. But now that I’ve found the courage to do it, the arrogant jerk with a badge might find a way to keep me here and in his arms forever.   ***Brigs Ferry Bay is a steamy MM romance series. While each book can be read as a standalone, in order to get the full experience, they’re best read in order. Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, hurt comfort, age-gap romance, and so much more. Fall in love with the charming small-town gay romances of Brigs Ferry Bay…***         About K. Webster: K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.   Connect w/K. Webster: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: Bookbub: Amazon: Newsletter Signup:    
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UnCage Me by Hayley Faiman

Title: UnCage Me
Series: Savage Beast MC
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC, gritty
Release Date: May 27, 2021

Pamela is not like most girls. She hasn’t been waiting excitedly for her eighteenth birthday. She’s been dreading it with every fiber in her being, trying to figure a way out.

As the princess of the Donkey Punchers MC, eighteen does not include freedom. Instead, it’s the exact opposite. It’s an unimaginable hell.

Jaguar doesn’t know much, but he knows one thing, and he knows it well—betrayal. He’s been a traitor to the only family he’s ever truly had, and he hates himself for it.

He cannot be the man who deserves to breathe, let alone be welcomed back to the Savage Beast MC clubhouse. If he’s ever going to atone for his actions, he knows that he has to do something huge to help his brothers.

Things aren’t exactly as they seem. A man on the brink of death. Destruction and war on the horizon. Relationships tested, unsure if they will hold the weight of the world around them.

Two people scared of the uncertain future, yet when they collide, one caged bird is finally set free, and the other discovers that being bound is exactly where he needs to be.

As an only child, Hayley Faiman had to entertain herself somehow. She started writing stories at the age of six and never really stopped.

Born in California, she met her now husband at the age of sixteen and married him at the age of twenty in 2004. After all of these years together, he’s still the love of her life.

Hayley’s husband joined the military and they lived in  Oregon,where he was stationed with the US Coast Guard. They moved back to California in 2006, where they had two little boys. Recently, the four of them moved out to the Hill Country of Texas, where they adopted a new family member, a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.

Most of Hayley’s days are spent taking care of her two boys, going to the baseball fields for practice, or helping them with homework. Her evenings are spent with her husband and her nights—those are spent creating alpha book boyfriends.

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Stone Under Skin (The Stone Series Book 1) By BL Maxwell


Paranormal and Fantasy fans don’t miss out!

May1-31 Available in both promotions

Stone Under Skin (The Stone Series Book 1)

Ankit has lived many lifetimes. Once, long ago, he was made of stone and marked with symbols and sigils meant to safeguard him and allow him to protect and serve others. He’s a living gargoyle now, cursed to live as a human; always watching, at all times aware, and constantly searching for his fated one. 

While walking home from his job as a librarian, Ethan Lewis is beaten and robbed. Ankit stumbles upon him and instantly recognizes him as the man he’s fated to. He helps him back to his apartment and, after tending his injuries, watches over him. 

Fate has woven their lives together for centuries, but in every lifetime, they could never live freely or love each other as Ankit has often dreamed of. To change their destiny, they’ll fight together with other gargoyles and a young watcher who is unaware of the tremendous power she possesses. This will be the last battle against their creator, and they’ll either die fighting for their freedom or survive to live the life they’ve always yearned for.

#Paranormal #Paranormalfantasy #gargoyle #elf #mmromance #fatedmates


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The Ryckerdan Trilogy by Esther E. Schmidt

Series: The Ryckerdan Trilogy
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Genre: Royal/MC Romance
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Photo: Golden Czermak, FuriousFotog
Model: Chase Ketron

Release Date: June 1, 2021

Windsor – She’s intriguing. Smart, brilliantly beautiful. She knocked me into awareness when I almost bumped into her. Anything but mundane, she’s a biker princess and a special agent trained to solve criminal cases. I guess she’s not the only one knocking the wind right out of me when my life takes an unexpected twist.

Linnette – Handsome. Kind. And let’s not forget those tantalizing abs, making him irresistible after he almost ran into me. A one chance meeting. They say a first impression matters, and with us it definitely did. And of course the first guy who jolted my heart into awareness becomes a case I need to give my full attention to. Can you spell disaster? Because I can, in full detail, when his family brings death to my doorstep.

For One Chance is book one in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.



Release Date: June 15, 2021

Windsor – The load of information about my background is hitting me full force. How does one deal when everything you thought was true turns out to be a lie? There’s only one solid pillar I trust in my life right now; the woman who holds my heart. And it’s exactly why her life hangs in the balance if she stays by my side.

Linnette – Some say love is easy. They’ve clearly never had to face not one, but two mafia families fighting to put their blood on the throne. A war has been declared, and we have to save not only the man who holds my heart, but a whole country along with it. All is fair in love and war, until your life is hanging on by a thread.

We Two Shall is book two in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.



Release Date: June 29, 2021

Windsor – The mob has put the life of the woman I love in the balance too many times. Yet now, they’ve managed to blindside all of us along with it. The will to fight the mafia has turned into full blown hatred along with the need for justice to prevail. But will it be in time to save lives or will plans forged for decades take a spin and leave all of us to take a choice between life or death?

Linnette – Who knew life as a civilian would be more hazardous than as a special agent? I won’t hesitate to put my life on the line when it comes to my future husband, but his is not the only life on the line in a fight for the throne. There’s also more at stake than a kingdom. Will we find the strength to grab hold and fight or will our future fall apart?
Love, family, loyalty; united as one or lost forever.

Unite Three Times is book three in a royal romance trilogy set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.




Esther E. Schmidt is an USA Today bestselling author who loves to write MC (biker) series, Mafia Romance series, PNR series, contemporary romance series, and more. She’s a graphic designer that also loves to write. She released her first series “Areion Fury MC” in October 2015. Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, a dog, and a crazy iguana. She loves to write about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself.


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Wild Love by Melissa Schroeder

Title: Wild Love
Series: Juniper Springs #1
Author: Melissa Schroeder
Genre: Small Town Romantic Comedy
Cover Design: Brandy Walker, TEZ Graphics
Release Date: May 27, 2021


I’m not the kind of girl who expects happily ever after. In fact, I prefer my partners don’t get too clingy. Don’t get me wrong. I like a good night of loving, but beyond that, I’m happy to see them leave in the morning, without my phone number.

Then I met him.

Quinn is a big bear of a man, with massive hands and amazing…staying power. Like all night long and the next morning kind of staying power. So when he asks me to spend the next day with him, I do. The only reason I give him my number is because he makes me laugh. And, okay, so I might have met up with him once or twice.

That doesn’t mean I need him. Because I am Everly Freaking Spencer, and I don’t need anyone (other than my bestie), and definitely not a man.


He shows up by chance at my store, which totally freaks me out. Finding out he’s my favorite author doesn’t help either.

And the surprise that’s dropped in our laps later that day?

Major. Freak. Out.

But, like I said, I don’t need anyone.


If I keep repeating that, I might just believe it.


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The door to my hotel room slams open as we stumble over the threshold. Neither of us pay attention to it, or anything else. His hands are in my hair, his mouth on mine, and if I don’t get him inside of me right this minute, I might explode.
Since we stepped onto the elevator, our hands have been all over each other. I just can’t get enough of him. His hands slip down my body, grabbing my ass as he lifts me off the floor. Oh, god, he’s amazing. As he slips his tongue along mine, he gyrates his hips, and there is no doubt how aroused he is. Of course, I’ve been feeling that from the moment we stepped onto the dance floor. He’s long and thick, and I can’t wait to have that monster inside of me.
He tosses the pharmacy bag on the nightstand as he carries me over to the bed—an amazing feat because I am not a small woman—and sits down, settling me on his lap. I swivel my hips and he leans his head back with a groan. I take advantage of our position and attack his throat. He smells of expensive whiskey and sexy, sweaty man.
“You’re going to make me come in my pants, woman.”
Power surges through me. My head spins as if I drank five bottles of whiskey in the last ten minutes. I giggle—actually giggle—but he frowns at me. Before I know what he’s about, he stands up, taking me with him, then tumbles me back onto the mattress.
He has quick hands; I’ll give him that. My shoes and socks are off my body before I can blink. Next, he’s clawing at my jeans and I smack his hands away so I can take over the job. Once I have them unbuttoned and unzipped, he tugs them down my body along with my panties as I tear off my shirt and bra. Soon, I’m lying there completely naked. His eyes darken as his gaze roams down my body.
“Jesus,” he says, reverence in his voice. I know I’m in good shape, but I have always thought I was too angular. Apparently, Quinn does not.
“I don’t think we need a third tonight, and definitely not part of the holy trinity.”


From an early age, USA Today Bestselling author Melissa loved to read. First, it was the books her mother read to her including her two favorites, Winnie the Pooh and the Beatrix Potter books. She cut her preteen teeth on Trixie Belden and read and reviewed To Kill a Mockingbird in middle school. It wasn’t until she was in college that she tried to write her first stories, which were full of angst and pain, and really not that fun to read or write. After trying several different genres, she found romance in a Linda Howard book.

Since her first published book, Grace Under Pressure, Mel has had over 90 short stories, novellas, and novels published. She has written in genres ranging from historical to contemporary to futuristic and has worked with 8 publishers although she handles most of her publishing herself. She is best known for her Harmless and Santini series.

After years of following her military husband around the country and world, Mel happily lives with her family in horse and wine country in Northern Virginia.


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The Sun Queen by Anita Maxwell

Title: The Sun Queen
A Royal Celestials Series Novel
Author: Anita Maxwell
Genre: Fantasy Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: May 7, 2021


The Hunt for the next True Queen of Regulus is upon us.

I never wanted to be queen, yet I find myself swept up in in the competition.

I never wanted a man, yet I find myself distracted by three of them.

I never wanted people’s gratitude, yet they’re cheering my name in the streets.





The four key qualities of the True Queen of Regulus. And I have to prove that I have them all.

All I ever wanted was to become the Watcher’s Sergeant for the busiest district in Regulus — Adhafera. But The Hunt has begun and the desert Queendom is running out of water. Hundreds of women enter and I unwilling throw my name into the competition. Now, the only other contender who has a chance of beating me is a known cheater.

Now all I want is to become the True Queen of Regulus, blessed by Leo to rule, and to bring water to the people.

The Sun Queen is Book 5 in the Royal Celestials, a zodiac-based series, and represents Leo. This is a medium-burn fantasy reverse harem romance that can be read as a standalone.



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Mina & Stryker

Warm air skated down the length of my neck, rousing me from sleep. If I hadn’t woken this way many, many times before, I would’ve reached for the blade hidden beneath my pillow.
Soft lips replaced the warm breath, and Stryker’s tangy scent overwhelmed my senses. I struggled against the grasp of slumber, hovering in that in-between space—unsure if this was real or another of my recurring dreams.
The weight of his body pinning my arm to my side pulled me out of sleep entirely, though, proving it—he—was real.
Angling my head away, I offered more of my neck to him, my free hand coming up to thrust into his low, sandy-blond ponytail. Teeth grazed over my delicate flesh and my groan filled the room.
It has been so long.
With that thought, my eyes popped open, my hold on him transforming from encouraging to resisting, chest tightening at the knowledge we would be violating promises made should this go any further.
“Stryker, wait. The Watchers’ Code.” I managed to gasp out. The light from the moon shone down on us from my open window.
“Mmm you’re not a watcher right now, though, are you?” The light scruff along his jaw scraped along my cheek when he lifted up to look at me, blue eyes heavy with want. “You aren’t breaking any rules, Mina. We can steal this opportunity. You and me. Right now.” Using the hand that wasn’t supporting him, Stryker drew a line along my collarbone and down to my breast before splaying his fingers over my heart. The traitorous organ increased in pace as he teased his touch over the goosebumped skin. “I need you, Mina. I’ve ached for you since the day you turned your back on us to chase your dream. If this pocket of time is the last we can ever be together, then I want to grab onto it with both hands and steal every moment that we can.”


Anita Maxwell is from Newcastle, Australia and is a wife and a mother. She has one dog, a cat, and wishes she actually had a pet kangaroo. With a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, she never intended to go into the world of writing, always thinking that it was a nice dream for some day. Now she has her very own office to write in, with a beautiful red door that she can shut, and lock, when words are demanding to be written. She loves to write slow burn contemporary romance, but don’t think she can’t get down and dirty.


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Mayfair Model Series (3 book series) By Claire Castle


Book 1

Handsome model, Marshall Easton, is at the top of his game. His successful career allows him to enjoy lucrative international modelling contracts and attend lavish parties. He also has a stellar reputation of the utmost professionalism in front of the camera. But looks can be deceiving—and he’s hiding his biggest secret from everyone, including himself. The only thing keeping him sane these days is coming home to Jess, his new dog.

Fabulous Stuart Livingston loves living his life to the fullest. He is free spirited and enjoys doing what he wants. Although he’s an artist at heart, his love of animals leads him to a new dog walking job. When he meets the adorable Jess but not the elusive owner, he has no idea what to expect.

Can Stuart and Jess help Marshall see that the man on the runway is deserving of being his true self and finding real happiness?

Book 2

Stylish model, Carter Hamilton, has had his fair share of excitement and regrets throughout his life. Now at Mayfair Models, he’s finally found his true calling.
While he misses some parts of his past, mostly he’s locked the rest of it all away and focuses on the here and now. But just when things are easy and uncomplicated, a ghost from long ago makes an appearance.

Jet setting around the world, Jamieson Ward loves his life as a flight attendant. He’s the funny, happy-go-lucky life of the party. That is, until his present and past collide when, Carter, his first true love from a lifetime ago, re-enters his life.

The passage of time has changed their lives, turning them both into the successful men they are today. Is it too late to rekindle their relationship after years of no contact and too many secrets kept hidden? Is it even worth the risk?

Book 3

Up-and-coming model, Rutledge Flynn, is delighted to be working at Mayfair Models after winning a contract with the agency. While enjoying his time in the United Kingdom, one night threatens to derail his work and his life. After Rutledge becomes inextricably linked to the kind stranger, he can’t help but want to know more about the flamboyant and confident man, feeling he is everything Rutledge is not.

Dancer, Ollie Abbott, has never been questioned about his talent and work ethic. He’s self-assured and driven as he sashays through life. When he meets the quiet Rutledge, he is intrigued and drawn to him, wanting to know more and maybe impress him.

When Rutledge presents Ollie with a proposition that piques his interest, will it lead to heartbreak or something special between them?

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Male models making magic