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Daddy Dearest By #LilyLamb


Daddy Dearest By #LilyLamb

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Justin was content with his life, burying his head in the sand for all that life threw at him. Unfortunately, his beloved dog Tinky passed away unexpectedly, causing his world to come crashing down. Losing Tinky resurfaced everything he’d tried to bury, and now Justin was grieving on his own.

His toys offered no solace for him. Even surviving as a little in secret was not working anymore, although he had no other option since he lived in a small-minded community and befriended no one by choice to avoid getting caught. The unimaginable hurt due to his loss of Tinky, in conjunction with working as an artist and trying to pay bills were getting on top of him. The notion of ‘adulting’ was not going to be his first choice.

Dan was convinced that he was living the dream with the bonus of living in a small town. His only concern was that no one would want to get involved with him, considering his lack of experience as a Daddy Dom. It troubled him that he might never find his submissive little to pamper and love. Good fortune smiled on him when one day, he received a call that would change his life in ways he’d never expected. Upon arriving at the client’s address to attend to a plumbing problem, he experienced a surprise encounter with a potential little submissive.
Dan’s mind is sent in a spin as he realizes that he may not need to grow old without his special little to adore. It’s going to take all his skills to help his boy heal and develop the confidence to learn to trust him.