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Fake Start by Jasmin Miller

COVER REVEAL Title: Fake Start Series: Kings Of The Water #4 Author: Jasmin Miller Genre: Fake Relationship Sports Romance Cover Design: Najla Qamber, Qamber Designs & Media Release Date: June 25, 2021 BLURB You know that awkward moment when your agent tells you to fake date your best friend’s sister so you can get the endorsement deal of your dreams? No? Call me crazy for considering it, but why not? Daisy’s my friend, after all, and I’ve gotten quite close to her and her two awesome boys over the last few years since her douche-nozzle husband divorced her. She loves it when I flirt with her, so we could carry it off, couldn’t we? An endorsement deal with Lock Performance has been my goal ever since I was little, and it would be one of the biggest accomplishments in my professional swimming career. Something I want desperately. But what I didn’t expect from this fake start was to want something else—someone—just as desperately. How do I make sure I don’t lose both? GOODREADS LINK: PRE-ORDER LINKS Pre-order now to receive an EXCLUSIVE BONUS CHAPTER in the book on release day! US: UK: CA: AU: AVAILABLE NOW #1 Secret Plunge US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited #2 Fresh Meet US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited #3 Second Dive US: UK: CA: AU: Free in Kindle Unlimited AUTHOR BIO Jasmin Miller is a professional lover of books and cake (preferably together) as well as a fangirl extraordinaire. She loves to read and write kissing books and never misses a chance to swoon over characters. Originally from Germany, she now lives in the western US with her husband and three little humans that keep her busy day and night. AUTHOR LINKS Website: Facebook: Facebook Group: Twitter: Goodreads: Bookbub: Instagram: Newsletter: Amazon:
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Anchored by Christine DePetrillo

Title: Anchored
Series: An Everyday Heroes World Novel
Author: Christine DePetrillo
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2021
Cover Design: Dar Albert of Wicked Smart Designs

ANCHORED is a broken alpha, healing hearts, rescue story with ocean views and a heat that has nothing to do with the California sunshine.

The only thing Colin Hayes wants to do is dive with his Navy team. After a rescue mission leaves him with a leg that’s no good for swimming anymore, that dream is dead. He may as well be dead too. Living in a small town in California across the street from his sister and being stuck running a marina fail to provide the excitement or the purpose his former life did. His future promises to be an endless stream of long, boring days. How will he survive?

Faith Brenton lost her best friend and teaching colleague to an accident. The joy she felt being an educator is buried under grief and extinguished by her administrator at Maplehaven High School in Vermont who doesn’t approve of her alternative teaching methods. Wanting to shake things up a bit, Faith enters a magazine contest and wins. The prize? A year-long adventure by sailboat. Perhaps she can reset her life with fair winds and full sails.

When Faith’s boat sinks near Colin’s marina, Colin dives in to save her. What he doesn’t expect is to be saved too.

Can two souls adrift anchor each other with love?

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Damaged Bride by Blake York

Damaged Bride
Blake York
(Blood Empire Series, #1)
Publication date: May 20th 2021
Genres: Adult, Dark Romance, Romance

Nobody will touch what belongs to us, including the women we claim.

Brutal. Fierce. Relentless.

Everything I do I do for my family name.

Now they’re giving me another task—take the bride my father chooses for me. They call it business. I call it revenge. Only one empire with mafia ties can rule.

I’ll use her as a pawn. Break her down. She’s already damaged from the life she’s led. But then something happens.

She rises from the ashes…and learns how to break me too.

**A hero with an out-of-control possessive streak and the woman forced to be his bride. The claws come out, but the surrender is so sweet… DAMAGED BRIDE is a novella-length romance and first in the Blood Empire Series. Happily Ever After? You’ll have to take a chance.**

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When I see Avery O’Connor walk into the senior living center, I think she’s going to work a third job.

I approach one of the guards standing near the door giving a quarter of the shits he should. As he glances up, I see the fear on his face. The same thing I see on everyone’s face if they’re so unlucky as to meet my gaze.

He braces his legs and eyes me. Even if I dress less like I’m the son of the meanest SOB in the city, people fear me. And I enjoy knowing I can intimidate them.

“Can I help you?”

I wave him over. He comes wearily, hand twitching toward the nightstick he carries on his hip. As if that will stop me.

“A woman came in here a minute ago. About this tall.” I hold up a hand. “Blonde hair pulled back.”

He nods.

“Does she work here?”

The guard flattens a stare at me as if he didn’t hear the question.

Sighing, I reach into my pocket and withdraw a wad of bills. I peel off two Benjamins and slip them to the man.

He only glances at the bills for a second before he takes them. I can’t blame him—it’s probably more money than he earns all night sitting here guarding the door and the potted plant beside it.

“She’s visiting her grandma.”

I try not to show my surprise and leave the building. For the next half hour, I sit in my car, smoking too much and waiting for the O’Connor woman to emerge from the home.

I can’t believe I’m going to collect my bride. I almost laugh out loud at the idea of me saying vows. Everyone knows I won’t keep them, my father included.

This isn’t about love and romance, though.

It’s a merger.

A business deal.

She just doesn’t know it yet.

Author Bio:

Blake York got started writing dark romance as a teen, when the horrors of her mind lived on the page. Now she invites readers into that shadowed chamber with darker, filthier romance. And what can be more soul-shaking than a forced marriage into a twisted mafia family that rules its empire with bloodshed?

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Sweet Songs of Summer Anthology

Title: Sweet Songs of Summer: An Anthology
Authors: Alissa Baxter, Francine Beaton, Lara van Lelyveld, Lorna Kelly, PG Barker, Melissa A Volker, Meg Chronis, Kathy Bosman, and Tlalane Manciya
Genre: Sweet Romances with HEA’s
Release Date: May 20, 2021

The Romance Writer’s Organization of South Africa brings you an anthology featuring new and seasoned authors.

We all need a little bit of sweet in our lives. And that’s why the authors at ROSA, thought it would be a wonderful idea to bring you the Sweet Songs of Summer! Join nine authors as they bring you romance wrapped up in a beautiful, pink bow!

The wonderful words of Alissa Baxter, Francine Beaton, Lara van Lelyveld, Lorna Kelly, PG Barker, Melissa A Volker, Meg Chronis, Kathy Bosman, Tlalane Manciya in a sweet, romantic collection of stories to happily ever after.



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Broken Loyalty by Andi Rhodes

Title: Broken Loyalty
Series: Broken Rebel Brotherhood 
Next Generation #4
Author: Andi Rhodes
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 20, 2021


Wounded Warrior, that’s what they call me. But that’s not who I am. I’m broken, physically and mentally, beyond repair. And I’m no warrior. The only thing I’m good for is sharing my story when the mood strikes me and ignoring the pitying looks when storytime is over.

Why, then, can’t I ignore the searing stare of the blonde beauty? I try but she is a perfect representation of my old life, my pre-war life. A life I took for granted. Even worse, she keeps dangling a very tempting carrot in front of me and tearing down walls that I carefully built to protect myself.

It’s not easy being the twin of an MC president but it’s a position I’ve accepted and learned to embrace. I grew up knowing that our club would always be my home, my North Star in a demented world. I never dreamed I would find another place, another family that would give me even more purpose in life. Working with veterans feeds my soul in ways the club can’t.

Then he shows up and rocks my foundation. He’s the very best of both worlds, but he doesn’t see it. Within minutes of first laying eyes on him, I vow to do whatever it takes to help him figure out how to bridge the divide. There’s a giant flaw in my plan though. I’m the one who ends up needing him. I’m the one who may not survive without his help. And I’m not entirely certain he’s capable of giving it.



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“Hey asshole!” I shout. “Watch where the fuck you’re going.”
I keep walking and see that ‘asshole’ is now parked in the spot next to mine. I take in the Harley, with its matte black and chrome finishes and hate that I’m envious. It’s a damn nice bike. Clearly custom and tailored to its owner.
Speaking of its owner, they throw their leg over the bike and when the helmet is removed, my jaw drops. Standing in skintight jeans and a black leather jacket is a woman. And not just any woman. She’s a dead ringer for the woman I always envisioned on my arm through life… before I was blown to hell by a bomb and one leg short.
She shakes her head and finger combs her long blonde hair. Seemingly satisfied that she’s fixed her helmet hair, she whirls around and runs straight into my chest, practically bouncing back at the contact.
“Fuck, I’m sorry.”
Not what I would have expected to come out of that sinfully sexy mouth.
“God, you must think I’m an idiot. I didn’t mean to cut it so close back there.” She hitches a thumb over her shoulder to indicate where she almost mowed me down. “It’s just…I’m running very late, and traffic was a bitch and then I had the address wrong so that de—”
She slams her mouth shut and breathes deeply through her nose. This does nothing to cool the boner that’s forming in my boxer briefs. It’s the first time my dick has reacted to anything since the bombing so I’m not even mad that I might embarrass myself.
“Let me start over.” She smiles and even under the flickering light that supposedly makes the parking lot ‘safer’, there’s no denying the way it reaches her eyes. “Hi.”
She thrusts her hand out for me to shake and without thinking, I take it.
“I’m Isabelle Mallory.”
Son of a fucking bitch.


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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Andi is an MC romance author who started her journey when her career in social work was no longer her passion. Her books are sassy and suspenseful with a heavy dose of chaos and are guaranteed to deliver an HEA and all the feels. She loves writing about alpha males and the women who tame them. When she’s not writing, Andi is an avid reader of the romance genre and prefers books that teeter on the edge of decent. She also loves spending time with her husband and their pack of dogs. For access to release info, updates, and exclusive content, be sure to sign up for Andi’s newsletter at, where you will also find links for Facebook and Instagram.


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Deliverance by N.N. Britt

Title: Deliverance
Series: Deviant Hearts #2
Author: N.N. Britt
Genre: Contemporary Rock Star Romance
Release Date: May 20, 2021


A famous drummer with time and money to burn.
A young artist on the cusp of international stardom.
A danger lurking in the shadows.

Powerhouse rocker Zander Shaw is The Deviant’s last single man standing. With the band on hiatus, he’s been globe-trotting and spending his hard-earned money on women, extreme sports, and partying. Los Angeles is only supposed to be a pit stop—track drums for infamous metalcore outfit Bleeding Faith and move on. Until a beautiful, mysterious woman gives him a good reason to stick around.

Up-and-coming artist Drew Kadence made L.A. her home a few years ago. Almost no one knows she’s on the run from a violent past. But when handsome drummer Zander enters her life and rattles all her defenses, she can’t deny the fact that their chemistry is through the roof. Problem is, she’s not sure she’s ready to dive into a relationship. Especially since her divorce isn’t finalized yet.

The more Drew gets to know Zander, the more she’s attracted to him. But Zander’s simple gig unravels his old demons, and Drew’s demons are gaining on her. Now they both have to face their fears.

Will love give them the strength to do it together or will they each have to do it alone?

*Deliverance can be read as standalone, but for a more fulfilling experience and to better understand the world of The Deviant, it’s recommended to read Rapture first.



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Zander deposits his jacket on the couch and moves in my direction. The warmth of his body engulfs every part of me as he stands near. “You’ve got quite the collection.” His shoulder gently grazes mine when he reaches for the Diamonds and Pearls case, and sparking arrows shoot up and down my arm and spread to my chest.
“Thanks.” I try to ignore the touch, but it’s useless. We click like two magnets and it terrifies me. “Some of these are very old. I’ve been collecting them since middle school. This one”—I gesture at the CD he’s holding—“was the very first album I bought with my own money.” The packaging is worn out and the edges of the booklet’s pages are all chewed up, but the memories the music gave me are irreplaceable and I can’t bring myself to get rid of these relics of my old life, even if these days, it’s all about streaming and no one has CD players anymore.
“Nice.” Zander pops the case open. “Classic.”
“I love this video. I still can’t get over the fact he’s gone.”
“He was a fucking genius.” A pause. “They made cool shit in the nineties.”
“They did. The aesthetic is beautiful with its blue and orange hues. The color scheme of the entire decade. I was glued to MTV when I was growing up,” I confess.
“When they still played videos.” He plucks the disk out with a chuckle.
“Exactly. Before reality shows about rich people who spend all day arguing about interior design and overpriced clothes took over.”
Zander shifts his gaze from the CD in his hand to me. “You do realize I’m the rich people?” His brow arches.
“Yeah, but at least you’ve got a job.”
“You remember MTV? How old were you anyway?”
“Are you implying I’m too young?”
“No, just haven’t met a woman under thirty with such eclectic music taste.”
“I never told you how old I am.”
“I never asked. Age is just a number. Your words.”
“Not mine. It’s actually from a book by Cecelia Ahern. But I believe Joan Collins said it first.”
“I didn’t know that.”
“See.” I smile coyly. “You learn something new every day.”



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N.N. Britt is a Los Angeles-based music journalist and photographer. Her photos have graced t-shirts, billboards, and CD covers. She pens realistic, thought-provoking novels about today’s world of art and music and the flawed people who live in it. When she’s not writing or drinking coffee, she’s probably reading or attending a heavy metal show.


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CLAIMED BY THREE by Sarwah Creed, Gina Manis, Tabatha Stephenson, Tabatha Stephenson, Samantha Montgomery, Arya Karin, Zelda Knight, Ciara Skye, BE Kelly & K L Ramsey.



A 9 Book Series

Series Link:

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Authors included in the Series are:

Sarwah Creed – May

Gina Manis – Available Now

 Tabatha Stephenson – May 

 Tabatha Stephenson & Samantha Montgomery – July

Arya Karin – July

 Zelda Knight – May & June

Ciara Skye – June

BE Kelly & K L Ramsey – July

All 9 books in the CLAIMED BY THREE Series are available for purchase or pre-order + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!!

Find all the books in the series here:



Books Available in the Series:

Genie and the Shadow Kings

Gifted Queen – Samantha Montgomery & Tabatha Stephenson

Claimed by Wolves – Sarwah Creed   

Trapped in Orbit – Tabatha Stephenson

Genie & the Shadow Kings – Gina Manis

Her Royal Pride – Zelda Knight

Foxy Heist – Zelda Knight

Pandora’s Promise – B.E. Kelly

Wolf Fated – Arya Karin

Helen’s Surrender – Ciara Skye

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Book 3 in the Serendipity series



Release Date: June 17

Cover Designer: TRC Designs

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Andrew Biernat

Hosted by DS Promotions

Genre/Tropes: Romantic Suspense.

Tropes: Age Gap | Love Triangle | Mafia, Secret baby | Kidnapping | Arranged Marriage

Preorder – 2.99 for a Limited time

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(Book 3 in the Serendipity series features Rayden Princeton’s story)

“Sometimes the wrong choices take us to the right places.”

My Past:

I was eighteen when I first gave away my heart. A love so profound, I didn’t understand it.

My Present:

I never had to prove she was mine until he makes an appearance. Tall, dark, and older.

My Future:

Should I walk away and not look back or stay and this time, let destiny guide my heart.

Note: While each book is a standalone, the Serendipity series has a crossover of characters and might be enjoyable if read in order.

Author Bio:

Born and raised in the coastal city of Durban, South Africa, she now lives in the City of Gold,

Johannesburg. Charlene’s days are an energetic mixture of a full-time job, a wife and mom to two beautiful teenagers and four dogs. 

She holds a law degree and is a passionate events manager.

Charlene enjoys travelling, a Mediterranean cruise being her most recent venture. She hopes to retire to a beautiful seaside cottage where she can spend lazy days on the beach drinking cocktails and focus all her energy on writing. 

She is of the firm opinion that one should not give up on a dream but rather make every attempt to get there no matter how long it takes.

Her love for writing stemmed from an avid interest in English at School, more so Literature and enjoyed writing short stories. She attempted her first full length novel fifteen years ago and although she loved the finish product decided she’d write mainly as a hobby and only recently sought publishing.

Believing writing is the wings to holistic escapism, she makes the time in her busy schedule giving life to her dreams of bringing together passion filled heroes and heroines in a happily ever after.

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Cover Reveal

COMING IN HOT by Jessika Klide



Born to Fight Task Force #3


Genre: Contemporary Romance | Military | Security


Release Date: June 17

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To the victor belongs the spoils.

When former DEA agent Gabriel Managus joins forces with the FBI covert Born to Fight Task Force, he is assigned to infiltrate a human trafficking ring working out of the Virgin Islands.

Deep undercover, Gabriel leads a snatch and grab raid and recognizes an intended target. With only seconds to decide, he is forced to make a decision. Let Marie Daniels escape and hope she can make it to safety without anyone being the wiser, or take her hostage, then fight to claim her for himself as a spoil of war.

This edge of your seat action, adventure, romantic suspense is Coming in Hot is an enemies to lovers, steamy, military romance.

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