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HUSH by Liza James



HUSH by Liza James is coming May 28! 




My life. My rules. 


That’s how it’s always been for me. 


Well, since I did something that ripped apart the threads of my humanity. 


After that, I let go of everything that left me exposed. 


Relying on myself alone was the best option. 


I can’t allow anything near me anymore, not even the one girl who somehow intoxicates my blood and proves she means more. 



Sacrifices were made when I was young. Vital pieces of my vulnerability were stolen from me. It would have been far too easy if I hadn’t seen her again. 


So, of course, the one girl I hate most is the constant reminder of my most painful past. 


She thinks I’m still the weak one between us. 


It’ll be my sweet revenge proving her otherwise.


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