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Restless by @ava.cates.books

Julia’s been sick for days. No. Actually, Julia’s just been feeling the effects of the bond for days. But who did she bond to? Oh. Yeah. That’s right, Xavier, the ass, who is also an Other, or soon will be.
The Others, who are an enemy villain clan. Julia is supposed to “end” one day, whatever that means. But the joke’s on Julia.
Xavier and she could not be more polar opposites, but the bond doesn’t care. So what if they hated each other from the beginning? So what if they got on each other’s last nerve? They wanted to touch. Worse than that they needed to touch, or they would die. That’s how the bond worked, if they didn’t end up killing each other first. And how would Jeremy, another shapeshifter, and Julia’s best friend take it? Xavier was Jeremy’s arch enemy after all.
And then there’s all the questions surrounding her father, who’s been missing for years. She had so many questions and very few answers.
With the imminent threat of The Others looming, coupled with Xavier’s flippant behavior, it all had Julia feeling a bit … Restless. And who could blame her? She didn’t ask to be The Chosen One, she just was, or was she … ?

I could not stop reading, I got sucked in and did not want to leave.” – Goodreads Review

I am hooked and need to know what happens next. Ava does a great job setting the scenes and keeping the story flowing.” – Goodreads Review

From a shy and deaf young woman to a strong and confident young woman, I could not help but cheer Julia on. There is humor, romance, heart-warming and intriguing themes from beginning to end.” – Amazon Review

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