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My world never stops spinning. It pirouettes from one day to another. Every second spurs me to greatness. I’m living the dream I’ve chased and fought for my entire life.

Until him.

He sends me off kilter with his icy scowl and cruel demeanour. The more he hurts me the more I want him. I crave him like a drug. Ache for him like a sickness.

I’m his Swan and he is my Lord.

Slowly, the world I ran from becomes the only world I exist in. Dark, twisted and full of monsters lurking in the shadows. Nothing is as it seems. No one is who they seem.

In a world of demons all it takes is

One word. One lie. One fear.

To tear it all apart. It takes something bigger and badder to survive.

My Lord may be the smoke but I’m the fire.
And you know what they say…
You can’t have one without the other.

Frederick Emsworth has closed himself off. In a world where your next breath could be your last, he’s a living, breathing weapon with no give. Brooding, volatile, and haunted, he has no want for love. Until he’s given the job of watching over his best friend’s sister. Georgina is fiery, driven, and everything that turns his world upside down. Now he’s caught between the ghost of his past, shadows that threaten them at every turn, and a love so consuming that it scorches with hate.

The Smoke and Flame duet is the epic finale to the Virtues & Lies series. 

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BLAZE (Casper & Fleur): https://geni.us/ASblaze

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