The Net Will Appear by Erin Mallon

The Net Will Appear, an all new funny’s for moving audio play featuring Richard Masur and Matilda Lawler and written by Erin Mallon is available now!

Two rooftops in suburban Ohio. A 75-year-old man and a 9-year-old girl sit on houses full of secrets. Literally. Bernard wants nothing more than to enjoy his beer (and perhaps kill a few sparrows), but Rory next door has different plans for him. With six decades between them and only four chance encounters to connect, these unlikely new friends unearth what’s buried in each other and find new ground. Warning: this play includes tap dancing, pumpkin throwing and air-hugging.

“Erin Mallon has written a very beautiful, funny and moving play that deserves to be seen by anyone who wants to have their heart lifted in 90 minutes.”
-Marci Phillips, ABC Entertainment

“Lovely little gem of a play”
– Talkin’ Broadway

Written by Erin Mallon
Featuring performances by Matilda Lawler and Richard Masur
Sound Design by Nick Long
Editing and Mixing by Tyler Whitlatch of Plunk Productions

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Meet Erin Mallon

Erin Mallon’s debut romantic comedy novels, Flirtasaurus and Lovebug, Books One and Two in The Natural History Series are now available! Erin is an award-winning narrator of over 500 books and an accomplished playwright and producer in New York City. She has written over 40 plays, which have been produced Off-Broadway and all over the country, including These Walls Can Talk, a raucous theatrical love letter to the romance audiobook community, Skin Hungry, The Bromantic Comedies, and Come Find Me, which have all been adapted for audio lovers and are available on Audible. She lives in a little yellow house on the outskirts of NYC with her husband and Three J’s.

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