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Sinister (Raiders of Valhalla MC Book 2) by E.C. Land & Elizabeth Knox



Sinister (Raiders of Valhalla MC Book 2) by E.C. Land & Elizabeth Knox

Cover Designer: Clarise Tan

Photographer: Dante Dellamore

Cover Models: Robert Kelly & Katie Marie

Release Date: July 24, 2021 

My son means the world to me, so I’ll do anything to get him back. 


Being a Nomad, I always thought it was best for my boy to be with his momma. I was constantly on the road and it wasn’t the place for a kid. Sure, I wanted him with me as much as possible, but constantly moving isn’t the type of life I wanted for him. 

Now, things have changed and I’m not ridin’ around the States as much as I used to. Sure, I still go out, but we have a satellite club in Tallahassee. When my son begged for me to let him move in with me . . . I knew something happened, but when he told me, I saw red. 

I called up my lawyer and given my priors, the likelihood I’d be awarded full custody was slim to none. My lawyer was straight up with me, said it’s ’cause I don’t look like a changed man and when it comes to the eyes of the court I need to show I’ve changed. Now, the only thing I’ve been convicted of is assault, on multiple counts, but it’s what happens to idiots who mess with my brothers. I heard my lawyer loud and clear though, so I had a brilliant idea. I’ll get married. I’ll show them I’m a changed man. 

Our marriage was supposed to be for show, so I could get my son back, but it turned into something else. Now I’m faced with telling this woman I want her in a legitimate way, when all we’ve been doing is playing pretend. I’ve never been the type to put my heart out on the line, but I see the way she is with my son, and now I never want her out of my life. I only hope she has the same feelings. 

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