Anastasia by A. Marie

Anastasia by A. Marie is now live!

"Strip for me, Anastasia. Strip physically, emotionally, mentally.
Strip until you get it into your head that you are mine.

Anastasia had the weight of the world on her shoulders. To make matters worse, she had to find a way to keep everything afloat for her family. Thankfully, her friend told her about a job that would ease her financial burden. 

Working at the club would more than cover her family's medical expenses. It was her only solution, so she accepted.

The last thing Anastasia expected was to meet Valentino Romano, club owner and mobster who had one intention–make her his.

Unfortunately, as she got closer to Valentino, the uglier things got. Worlds collided, everything crumbled around her, and life as she knew it ceased to exist.

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Meet A. Marie

A. Marie is known for mafia romance. She has a deep desire to change the world with her words, and she does so in every book. Not only does she give the best smut in her romance, but she also delivers the best message. A. Marie is an upcoming author with a passion for writing and with every word, it becomes more and more obvious. 
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