Fragile Pieces by Lilian Harris

Title: Fragile Pieces
Series: Fragile Hearts #4
Author: Lilian Harris
Genre: Second Chance Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 1, 2021




I can’t be with you anymore.

She tore out my heart with those words six years ago, as I lay recovering in a hospital bed. But her leaving cut deeper than any wound I bore on my flesh.

Now she’s back, desperate to make amends. I swore I’d never forgive her, but one look and I’m back to a place where she loved me.

One kiss—her hands on my body, my name on her lips—makes me wonder . . . is there hope among the ruins of us?


I didn’t want to leave him.
But I had to.

Back then, staying seemed impossible. I was held captive by my own fear. It wouldn’t allow me to see that loving him was all I needed.

I’m not the same scared girl I was then. I’m ready to surrender to everything I feel.

But there’s something he doesn’t know—the real reason why I left.

And once he finds out, the second chance I’ve dreamed of might be nothing but a fantasy.



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For Lilian, a love of writing began with a love of books. From Goosebumps to romance novels with sexy men on the cover, she loved them all. It’s no surprise that at the age of eight she started writing poetry and lyrics and hasn’t stopped writing since.

She was born in Azerbaijan, and currently resides in Long Island, N.Y. with her husband, two kids, and a dog named Gatorade. Even though she has a law degree, she isn’t currently practicing. When she isn’t reading or writing, Lilian is baking or cooking up a storm. And once the kids are in bed, there’s usually a glass of red in her hand. Can’t just survive on coffee alone!


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