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 Release Date: June 1

Alfred needs Dolls. Blonde, blue-eyed human dolls that will help him rewrite his past and change his future.

Twins Angel and Bud are used to making do. Their dad is in prison, and mom won’t win parenting awards. Bud thrives on neglect, but Angel isn’t so strong.

Now they’re captives in a place called the Dollhouse, and things have gone from bad to worse. The Dolls are forced to re-stage old photographs, but satisfying Alfred is not easy. He has a twisted sense of humor and a violent temper that explodes when things don’t go his way — and sometimes when they do.

Angel knows that if she and the other Dolls are to survive this warped playtime, she can no longer be needy and afraid. She must prove how strong she can be — fast.

There aren’t many photos left …

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Meet Sara Ennis 

Sara Ennis has been telling stories since before she could hold a pencil. 

First, she used flashcards, then a typewriter her grandfather gave her for her sixth birthday. When she was seven, she’d write book reports about books that only existed in her mind. In third grade, her class produced a play she’d written. 

People who know her well think some of the details from her real life would make a fascinating story, but Sara says the stuff she writes is much more believable and a lot less traumatic. 

She is a fan of good tequila, travel, cooking, and animals, not in that order. An only child, Sara was born in Santa Monica, California, but moved on purpose and with intent to Des Moines, Iowa. She lives with her floofy personal assistant Charlie, who edits her newsletter, and camera-shy but very bossy feline, Sasha.

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