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Cake Clash Claire Castle & BL Maxwell


Cake Clash Claire Castle & BL Maxwell

 99¢ June 2-6

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Finn Leighton loves owning his bakery and tries not to dwell on the boyfriend that was the love of his life in culinary school. When his co-worker sends in an application for him to compete on the reality baking show, Cake Clash, he’s nervous but also excited for the opportunity. Even if he secretly wishes he was competing alongside Josiah. Chef Jos, one of the youngest, renowned celebrity chefs, and a notorious recluse, is surprised when he’s asked to be a judge on the reality television baking show, but takes the opportunity as a fresh start. He’s blown away when he recognizes Finn as one of the contestants. The years separated from Finn have transformed him from Josiah Stevens to Chef Jos, and seem to disappear in the presence of his first love. Can they make up for lost time, and reconnect for love on the rollercoaster ride that is Cake Clash?

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