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THE IRISH ORACLE by Nicole Demery

Release Date: June 4

An apprentice seeress. A mischievous shifter.

A family mystery that will catch up with her in the end.

Abandoned. That’s what I was. 

Left on an all-but deserted island by the man who’d sworn to protect me.

Now I was left with one terrible choice:

Learn the craft of clairvoyance that had eluded me my entire life and save my family’s legacy. 

Or fail miserably and ruin the world for fey everywhere. 

But when I meet a charismatic selkie, more change looms on the ocean’s horizon.

Will he thwart my training even more?

Or will he help me become the oracle I’m meant to be?

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Meet Nicole Demery

Prior to becoming a USA Today best-selling author, Nicole Demery originally 

told stories as a literature and history instructor while working on her Ph.D. in early American Studies. 

When not writing, she spends time with her three children, her husband, a brooding scientist, and daydreaming about her next novel.


Nicole writes books that combine the fantastical with the historical, plus a solid dash of romance. Her characters explore the ins and outs of history and myth while remaining as real as anyone you might meet.

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