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Say Yes: A Nostalgic Summer Romance by Kandi Steiner


Kandi Steiner has revealed the cover for Say Yes: A Nostalgic Summer Romance!


Releasing: June 24, 2021

Photography: Lauren Perry of Perrywinkle Photography


Two strangers.
Two words.
One unforgettable summer…

When you’re an artist, everything has to be perfect.

Or so I thought, until my professor told me my perfection was boring and unoriginal. Studying abroad in Florence has taught me one thing: I know nothing when it comes to what makes art truly beautiful.

So, with my professor’s words in my ear, I step outside one evening and decide to say yes to any and everything I’m faced with until the sun rises.

Of course, I didn’t expect him to show up.

Liam Benson, the broody, sexy, tortured artist from my class who I can’t stand. He’s got a sour outlook on the world and an ego so big no one could properly stroke it to his satisfaction.

When he finds out what I’m doing, he hijacks my “yes” night.
And after just twelve hours with him, I’m desperate for more.

But Liam is running from more than I could ever understand, and with his heart guarded and mind made up about life, I don’t stand a chance.

I convince myself that we can keep it casual.
But walking away from him at the end of the summer is as impossible as painting outside the lines.

I used to think when you’re an artist, everything has to be perfect.

Turns out everything has to be painful, and messy, and fleeting.

If only I’d known that before I fell under Liam Benson’s spell.


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Meet Kandi

Kandi Steiner is a bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. Best known for writing “emotional rollercoaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance — in all its forms. No two Kandi Steiner books are the same, and if you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.

An alumna of the University of Central Florida, Kandi graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Advertising/PR with a minor in Women’s Studies. She started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges of love as well as the triumphs.

When Kandi isn’t writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys live music, traveling, anything heavy in carbs, beach days, movie marathons, craft beer and sweet wine — not necessarily in that order.

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Chained by V. K. Ludwig


The worst thing the enemy can make you feel is desire…
Chained by V. K. Ludwig releases June 17th!

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I conquered her planet and pillaged her body. Now I’m back for her heart.

A decade ago, I brought war to Solgad, home of the Jal’zar. I sacked the planet and slaughtered the people, all to save my race from extinction. Until one of their female warriors hissed defiance, promising me death at her hands no matter how her body longed for mine.

Each night, she came to end me, only to succumb to the raw urges of her mating heat. Each night, I gave her hungry womb what it needed, the way we coupled neither safe nor sane.

I was the enemy she couldn’t kill.
She was the female I couldn’t have.

Together, we unleashed chaos.

Many solar cycles after the occupation, I return to Solgad, searching the ashen plains for her: my soulmate. This time, I will claim the Jal’zar female as mine, and nobody will get in the way.

Not even myself.

Chained is the fifth book in this interconnected romance series, taking us to Solgad, home of the Jal’zar. If you enjoy resilient women, devoted aliens, fated mates, and hard-earned happily ever after’s with no cliffhangers, you’ll love Garrison Earth.

Author Note: The entire Garrison Earth series touches on subjects such as captivity, drug abuse, forced prostitution, loss of loved ones, human trafficking, rough handling, and violence. Any reader uncomfortable with the harsh realities of an alien invasion should please consider before purchase.

About The Author:

If I could introduce myself the way Daenerys Targaryen does, then it would probably sound like this:
mother of two children and the Clan of the Woodlands series,
drinker of two cups of coffee a day,
admirer of the Whippet and the Thoroughbred,
breaker of every single diet after two weeks,
loser of important ID’s,
caretaker of eleven hens,
minder of my own business and
lover of forests and mountains.

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Invisible Strings by Aimee Nicole Walker

Invisible Strings

Aimee Nicole Walker

M/M Romance 

Release Date: 05.19.21


Magnetic as the Sun

Jimmy Alsop, a vivacious journalist, longs to trade his sheltered life for a summer of adventure but lacks the confidence to launch his stellar plan.

Lonely as the Moon

Nova Skye, an aloof scientist, wants to resuscitate his dead love life but hasn’t found the right man to kickstart his guarded heart.

Eclipse of the Heart

Sparks fly when a chance encounter drops Jimmy and Nova into the same orbit. Though their approach to life and love couldn’t be more different, they’re inexplicably drawn together as if connected by an invisible string. With nothing to lose but their inhibitions, Jimmy and Nova embark on an epic adventure of discovery. Passions soar with the sultry Savannah temperatures, and soon, their carefree summer becomes something more profound and beautiful than either man bargained for.

But are the ties that bind sturdy enough to withstand a lifetime, or will they fray after a season?

Universal Link:


Nova placed his hand beneath Jimmy’s chin and tilted it up until he was staring into sleepy eyes. He lowered his head to kiss soft lips, but Jimmy pulled free of his embrace a second before rolling to his feet and standing over the sofa. 

“Having second thoughts?” Nova asked. 

Jimmy snorted. “Get real. I have morning breath. You’ve been adamant that our first time together be perfect.” 

“Mmmm, I don’t think that’s what I said.” 

“Well, it’s how I perceived your comments,” Jimmy declared. “It’s been a while since you’ve had sex, so I also want to make this experience amazing for you.” 

“It already is. Take off your clothes,” Nova commanded. 

“Gladly, but first direct me to a bathroom where I can clean my mouth. I’d love a spare toothbrush if you have one but will settle for a finger, toothpaste, and a mouthwash chaser.” 

“Whose finger? Yours or mine?” 

Jimmy swallowed hard. “How can you make that question sound so sexy?” 

Nova laughed and rolled to his feet. Jimmy raked his gaze over his body, landing on the semi-erection tenting his shorts. “Come on.” 

Jimmy followed him to the master suite but stopped just inside the door. “I honestly never allowed myself to imagine what your bedroom looked like, only the things you did alone in here. It’s like a calm oasis with all the blues, purples, and grays. And that’s a really big bed.” 

“I like a lot of room to work with,” Nova countered. He placed his hand at the small of Jimmy’s back and guided him toward the bathroom. Once inside, he removed a spare toothbrush from a drawer along with the toothpaste and handed them to Jimmy. Gesturing to the bottle of blue liquid on the vanity, Nova said, “My mouthwash is your mouthwash.” Then he went to work cleaning his mouth. Sharing the bathroom with Jimmy felt as intimate as sex because they kept exchanging heated glances in the mirror. 

Once satisfied, Nova rinsed his mouth while Jimmy swished mouthwash around in his cheeks for a second time. Was the adorable man that concerned about his oral hygiene or had a case of nerves settled in? Their gazes met in the mirror once more, and tawny eyes widened. Jimmy shook his head and spat out the mouthwash. 

“Oh no. You’re thinking too hard.” 

“I was just thinking the same thing about you,” Nova admitted. 

Jimmy responded by pulling off his T-shirt and tossing it to the floor. “I haven’t changed my mind.” Hooking his thumbs in his waistband, he shoved his shorts and underwear down his legs, baring himself completely to Nova. “I was just being thorough.” 

“As will I,” Nova said, stepping forward and claiming the kiss he’d wanted since opening his eyes.

Ever since she was a little girl, Aimee Nicole Walker entertained herself with stories that popped into her head. Now she gets paid to tell those stories to other people. She wears many titles—wife, mom, and animal lover are just a few of them. Her absolute favorite title is champion of the happily ever after. Love inspires everything she does, music keeps her sane, and coffee is the magic elixir that fuels her day. I’d love to hear from you.

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King’s Country by Marie Johnston

Title: King’s Country
Series: Oil Kings #4
Author: Marie Johnston
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 7, 2021


I’ve been the wicked witch of King’s Creek since I was eight years old, from my angry red hair down to my ball-busting boots. With a mean drunk for a daddy who left nothing but insults and unpaid bills in his wake, was there ever any other fate? Now his passing has left me one bad turn from losing my land to the neighbors my family’s been feuding with for generations.

So of course it’s Dawson King who comes to my rescue in the middle of a snowstorm. But I don’t care how good he looks in a pair of Wranglers, or how much he spoils my horse, or how great of a cook he is. The Kings already have everything—money, looks, and charm. Dawson’s not getting my heart too.


I’m living my dream, I admit it. I took over the family ranch from my dad and grew it into the envy of Montana. I have the best views, the best employees, and the respect of the entire town. The only thing I don’t have is someone to share my dream with. So when my neighbor breaks her leg and nearly freezes to death, I all but kidnap her back to my place to recover.

We grew up less than a mile apart, but we couldn’t be in more different places now. Bristol’s had nothing but pride for so long, it’s hard to get close to her—and I want to get very close. I don’t care if the whole town loves me, I’m only interested in earning the love of one woman. But for a guy who’s got the world at his feet, Bristol’s heart might be out of my reach.




I curled my hand around hers. “I got what I wanted tonight.” I soothed the flash of hurt in her eyes with a kiss. “This isn’t quid pro quo. I’ve been wanting to hold you for so long. I’m fine. Just like this.”
“You’re fine?” She couldn’t sound like she believed me less.
“I have a lot of plans for us, Bristol. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a guy and you’re my sexy neighbor.”
“I didn’t see a King calling me that.”
“You’re hot as fuck. I’ll prove it as often as you want me to. But tonight, I’d like to stay here, like this.”
“We’re still dressed.”
I leaned up and pulled back the covers. She wiggled around until she was under them. I stood and waited. She had to be sure.
She pulled back the other side and my smile grew wide. Yes.
By the time I shut the light off in the living room and got back to the side of the bed, she’d tugged off her shirt and put my old one on and wriggled out of her pants. “There. That’s better.” She eyed my chest. “Feel free to do the same.”
“Aw, honey, if I start taking stuff off, I don’t know if I’ll quit.” I dropped my pants. My shirt hung over the worst of my obnoxious erection.
I slid between the cool sheets until I was close enough to wrap her in my arms. “Night, Bristol.”
“Night, Dawson.”






Releasing August 16



Marie Johnston writes paranormal and contemporary romance. She also works as a medical laboratory scientist and has worked as a public health microbiologist. Depending on the situation, she can be oddly unconcerned about germs or weirdly phobic. Marie’s been a volunteer EMT, a college instructor, a security guard, a phlebotomist, a hotel clerk, and a coffee pourer in a bingo hall. All fodder for a writer!! She has a husband, four kids, and even more cats.


Now Available

DEVIOUS by J.M. Stoneback

It’s time to pay my father’s debt.

Nobody is stupid enough to steal from him, Cayden Vitali.

They call him Devious for a reason. He doesn’t let his debts go unpaid. He collects what he’s owed.

Lex Bartoli works for Devious. Lex should know better than to steal his money. But mistakes were made, and now it’s time to pay.

Unfortunately for me, Devious knows exactly what he wants as payment for Lex’s stupid mistake.


Lex’s daughter.

If I won’t agree to marry Devious, he has another way of making my family pay.

The choice is mine.

Marry the enemy… or watch him kill my father as payback.

Devious is a mafia book with an arranged marriage, enemies to lovers and an age gap romance. This book contains graphic violence, dubious content, and may contains triggers.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Free in KU

Meet J.M. Stoneback

I am an indie author. I write contemporary romance and dark mafia l romance. Love to read and write, enjoy playing video games and watch anime. 

My book Heartless Boss is free if you sign up for my newsletter.
Gunner is one of my favorite alphas heroes I ever written.
If your into Broken Alphahole Office Romance
A quirky heroine Angsty
Then this book for you.

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Cover Reveal

Seaside Off Limits by AJ Alexander

Title: Seaside Off Limits
Series: Dixie Point Series
Author: AJ Alexander
Release: June 18, 2021
Genre: Small Town Contemporary Romance (Brother’s best friend)
Cover Designer: Popkitty Designs
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Sometimes fantasy can become reality …

Brady Thomas has been the star of my fantasies since I was old enough to have them. As my older brother’s best friend, he never saw me as anything more than a nuisance.

But still, even knowing my feelings for him were unrequited, they persisted. Until one night changed everything.

It’s been almost a year since I last saw him.

A year since he deployed.

A year since he kissed me and then left without a word.

Now he’s home and I’m determined to show him how I feel. Brady may want to pretend nothing happened, that our kiss didn’t mean as much to him as it did to me, but the explosive chemistry between us is too scorching to deny.

Bro code be damned, because I’m not letting anything—or anyone—stand in the way of me getting what I always wanted…

Brady’s heart.

“Hey, Brady.” Her chocolate-brown eyes sparkle as she scans the table before greeting everyone else. “Gentlemen.”

I preen like a peacock at her attention. Her voice glides across my skin as I breathe in the scent of lilacs and honey, two things that will always remind me of her. My heart jumps at the thought that there may still be hope for us yet, but I remember the guy from earlier and the way she let his hands roam all over her body.

My shoulders sink as the reality of my situation sinks in. I broke her heart and she moved on, just as I hoped she would. Now I get to suffer the consequences. Besides, she has her whole life ahead of her. She’s getting ready to graduate from college soon and start her life, probably far away from this small town in the middle of nowhere, Alabama.

We continue to stare at each other as something flashes behind her eyes, but it’s gone in an instant.

“And what are you doing here, little lady?” the man sitting next to Seth says as the others whistle softly.

I growl under my breath, wanting nothing more than to rip out their throats for the impure thoughts I’m sure they are having about her. I grip the chair arms, ready to teach those men a lesson, as Seth shakes his head, warning me against the decision.

“Just came to say hello to a friend,” Emersyn says before turning her attention back toward me.

Gone is the girl I left without a word a little over a year ago. She’s been replaced by the woman standing before me. Yes, her body has changed in the best way possible, but she even carries herself differently, commanding the attention of everyone in the room. Not just with her beauty, but her presence alone draws everyone to her, men and women alike.

My eyes catalog every detail of her body, noticing all the small changes that have occurred over the last year as her eyes bore into my soul. Her hair is a little longer, hanging just below the shoulders, and her curves are a little more pronounced, giving her a perfect hourglass figure. I lick my lips, imagining the taste of her skin as I explore each and every part of her, from the swell of her breasts to her apple bottom.

“Emersyn,” I reply tersely before grabbing my beer and turning my attention toward the bar where her brother stands.

Beckett shakes his head, warning me once again to stay away from his sister as he serves her friends drinks. I lift my glass in response, letting him know I’ve received his message loud and clear.

It’s not like I have a chance at Emersyn’s heart anyway. It’s time to put the past behind me and move forward.

“Who’s your friend?” Emersyn flashes Seth a smile, leaning her hip against the table, drawing my eyes to her body once again.

“Seth,” he supplies, taking a swig from his beer.

I don’t deny my desire for her. I want—no, I need—her to understand how much I want her. Her eyes drop slightly, betraying her true emotions. She wants me as much as I want her.

“Nice to meet you,” he continues.

“The pleasure is all mine,” she purrs as she stands back to her full height, never breaking eyes contact with me.

We continue having a silent conversation as I attempt to relay all my feelings to her in these few moments.

I want you.

I need you.

I love you.

Tears gather in her eyes as I lean forward, wanting to wrap her in my arms and let her know everything is okay, but one of the jackoffs at the table interrupts our conversation. I narrow my eyes slightly, daring him to say another word and risk my wrath.

“Run along, Emersyn. We have better things to do than play babysitter.” I wince, knowing that once again I’ve let my anger get the best of me.

She has every right to spend time with whoever she wants, even the asshole sitting across from me, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Emersyn doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. She deserves to be treated like the queen she is, but I can’t stop the torrent of emotions raging through my body as the realization of our situation hits me: Emersyn has moved on, just like I wanted her to, and there’s nothing I can do about it.


AJ Alexander is a wannabe psychologist and author of steamy (borderline erotic) contemporary romances with happily ever afters that must be earned by her characters. She lives in the angst capital of the world, Seattle Washington with her own personal knight in shining camouflage and her two beautiful girls.

Want to read more insta-love romance with a twist? Check out all of my books on Amazon #FREE in Kindle Unlimited.


The World Traveler By Claire Castle


Pride Month #sale

99¢ June 1-30

The World Traveler

Claire Castle

Charming Taylor Samuels doesn’t expect his sister’s video audition for the reality television show The World Traveler to result in anything. But when they’re chosen to compete, he can do nothing but hope for the best.

Adam Scott’s best friend wants them to try to get on The World Traveler, and so Adam reluctantly agrees to make him happy.
As the reality sets in that they’ll competing, Adam tries not to panic too much.

Little do they know that a twist in the show will see Taylor and Adam’s worlds collide in a way they never imagined.
Will everything go horribly wrong, or could this be the perfect beginning to a wonderful journey?

#sharewithpride #mmromance #KU

#BRVLBookReviewVirginiaLee #MondayPimp

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Some Questions Have No Answers by Jane Blythe

Title: Some Questions Have No Answers
Series: River’s End Rescues #3
Author: Jane Blythe
Genre: Small Town Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 7, 2021


How do you give an answer when you don’t understand the question?

Sydney Clark moved to River’s End for a fresh start, desperately wanting to put the past behind her. What she didn’t expect on her first day as a deputy in the Sheriff’s department was to be working a serial killer case, and a disturbing one at that. What she expected even less was to meet a man who will challenge everything her childhood taught her about men.

Levi Black knows what it’s like to watch the woman you love die, he’s been there twice before and it sucks, which is why he took himself out of circulation, flirting is fine—fun even—but anything deeper risks your heart. Then he meets Sydney. He can see in her eyes that she’s battling some pretty rough demons, and getting involved with a cop might be more than he’s prepared to risk, especially with an unpredictable serial killer stalking the town.







Releasing August 2



Jane Blythe is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and military romance full of sweet, smart, sexy heroes and strong heroines! When she’s not weaving hard to unravel mysteries she loves to read, bake, go to the beach, build snowmen, and watch Disney movies. She has two adorable Dalmatians, is obsessed with Christmas, owns 200+ teddy bears, and loves to travel!


Audio Tour

Creature Feature

Creature Feature by Steven Paul Leiva

Directed and narrated by Seamus Dever, voiced by Juliana Dever (both from the hit show, "Castle"!) with music by Ray Zeigler!

About the Book:


It is 1962. Kathy Anderson, a serious actress who took her training at the Actors Studio in New York, is stuck playing Vivacia, the Vampire Woman on Vivacia’s House of Horrors for a local Chicago TV station.

Finally fed up showing old monster movies to creature feature fans, she quits and heads to New York and the fame and footlights of Broadway.

She stops off to visit her parents and old friends in Placidville, the all-Ameican, middle-class, blissfully normal Midwest small town she grew up in.

But she finds things are strange in Placidville.

Kathy’s parents, her best friend from high school, the local druggist, even the Oberhausen twins are all acting curiously creepy, odiously odd, and wholly weird. Especially the town’s super geeky nerd, Gerald, who warns of dark days ahead.

Has Kathy entered a zone in the twilight? Did she reach the limits that are outer? Has she fallen through a mirror that is black? Or is it just—just—politics as usual!

Estimated Length: 4.4 hours
Publisher: Magpie Press; (Spring 2021)
Publication Date: TBD
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Language: English
Available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes

Order on #Amazon now:

Not an audiobook reader? Grab an e-Book copy of the book for only $.99! For a limited time only!

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Voice Actors:

Seamus Dever:
Seamus Dever is best known to television audiences as Detective Kevin Ryan on ABC’s Castle. He played Sherlock Holmes in the Audie Award-winning “Hound of the Baskervilles” with LA Theatre Works and has 10 other radio plays with them and the BBC. He is the voice of the villain John Seed in the hit video game “Far Cry 5” and originated the DC Comic’s bad guy Trigon on “Titans.” Dever has performed in over 80 plays and has 300 hours of television to his name. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Juliana.

Juliana Dever:
Juliana Dever is a professional actor, writer, and world traveler.  She’s best known for her role as Jenny Ryan on the globally popular show Castle. Recently you may have seen her brilliant per-formance in "Stalked by My Husband's Ex" on Lifetime. Having traveled to over 60 countries, her award-winning travel blog (named Best Independent Travel Blog in North America) helps readers find unexpected experiences in unusual places. She curates ad-ventures though former communist countries and Frommer’s listed her tours as a trend that will shape travel. 

About the Author:

Steven Paul Leiva:
A Scribe award-winner, receiving the praise of Ray Bradbury and the Oscar-winning film producer, Richard Zanuck, Steven Paul Leiva is no stranger to the business of telling a good story. Author of several novels, and with a writing-style that lays hard on the satire, this Hollywood-escapee doesn’t pull punches when it comes to politics.
Need to know more? Follow him on Amazon or Goodreads, or check out his blog here: