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Where the Mountain Meets the Sea by A.R. Breck!

Release Date: June 8

Soul mates. I met mine when I was seven. Roman Hall. I knew the moment my eyes landed on his that my life would change forever. All it took was one glance at him and I could feel my heart intertwine with his. It was hopeless to deny destiny. Our love was an inevitability that all the power in the world couldn’t avoid. It was fate. But fate is cruel, and life had other plans. I wish I would’ve known that our love was doomed from the start. That the world would attempt to destroy us at every turn. Our love should’ve been effortless, but it wasn’t. Maybe we were never soul mates to begin with. Maybe we were just, Calamity.

Meet A.R. Breck

A.R. Breck lives in Minnesota with her
husband, two children and two dogs. She enjoys reading, writing and sharing her stories with the world. When she isn’t working, A.R. Breck loves to watch horror movies, road trip around the country, and read forbidden romance novels.

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