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Stone Hearts (The Stone Series Book 3)


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Stone Hearts (The Stone Series Book 3)

BL Maxwell.

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Here’s an excerpt!

The small stone building came into view, and Jashik glanced at me before his wings beat even stronger. We flew as we never had before, as free beings.

“It’s beautiful,” I sighed as I touched down close to the ancient dwelling.

“I’m not sure about that. But we can make it livable.”

“We can.” I walked through the crumbling doorway and was happy to see it at least had a roof over it. At least in this part of the structure. “What do you think it was?”

“An abbey, or maybe a small church. It’s so remote there’s really no way of knowing. Does it matter?”

“I like the idea of it being a church. We watched over one for so long as stone. There’s something poetic about us living in flesh in this one.”

“Maybe it was just a farmer’s house.” Jashik smiled as he spoke and walked around the small room we’d walked into. It was nearly barren; all that remained were a few chairs and an old stove for heating.

“Maybe, but I like the other idea better.” I glanced around and imagined all we’d need to do to make it livable.

Jashik walked closer to me and cupped my jaw with his strong hand. “I like whatever makes you happy. I’ve never seen the light in your eyes I see today.”

You make me very happy, and I don’t want to keep pretending it’s not true.” I reached for his cheek and pulled him to me, our lips met, and a bolt of emotion flooded my senses. Making me feel weak and strong both at the same time. Jashik leaned back but held the tops of my arms.

“What was that?” He brushed his fingertips along his lips with a look of awe.

“I’m not sure, but I never want to lose that feeling again.” I tugged him in for another kiss and he drew me just as tight to him. How had we existed without knowing this growing warmth?

“Aasim,” he gasped out as we pulled apart and he rested his forehead against mine. “You are all I want.”

“And you are all I will ever need.”

He smiled then and shifted enough to meet my eyes. “I cannot wait to spend the rest of our days together, but if we want to have a place to rest and eat, we’ll need to get busy.”

*All three books center around gargoyles who have been brought to life to serve as guardians. Their lives of service change when they are given the opportunity to love. Each book can be read as a standalone but there are elements in the books that tie them together.

Stone Under Skin: Ankit and his fated mate Ethan, a human descended from elves.

Blood Beneath Stone: Petro and his fated mate Keir, a vampire and sworn enemy of the guardians.

Stone Hearts: Jashik and Aasim, both guardians who have no fated mate but find love together.*

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