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The Dating Chronicles


The Dating Chronicles 

A Short Story Collection

Publish Date: September 14th, 2021

Genres: Romance, Suspense, RomCom

Published by: CMBS Charitable Collaborations 

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CMBS Charitable Collaborations Presents…

The Dating Chronicles; a collection of short stories from authors who, like you, love a good, fun read. 

We’ve all had a bad date or three. The awkward first meeting followed by an awkward dinner and kiss. Then there are the dates that creep you out. It’s a limitless chronicle and we have brought it to your doorstep. 

Grab a blanket, snuggle down in your favorite spot with a glass of wine, or hot tea, and get ready to laugh, cry and possibly cringe. No bad dates were harmed in the making of this collection. 

The publisher’s proceeds from The Dating Chronicles will be donated in their entirety to Cammies & Canines. Please note that The Dating Chronicles and it’s authors are not affiliated with or endorsed by Cammies & Canines.

~ Featured Authors ~ 

KA Graham ~ Ever Jensen ~ Sarah L Roth ~ Amelia Sue ~ Barb Shuler 

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~ About the Authors ~

~ Barb Shuler ~

Barb is a Carolina girl by right and a Texan by birth. By day she’s a desk jockey for a rural transportation company and a book lover, reading through as many books as she can. At night, though, she turns into her alter ego: a writer—cape optional, depending on her mood. 

Her stories are a mix of real-life events, personal experiences, and the craziness of her own imagination and those of her best friends. And when their imaginations blend together, it can be crazy. Barb writes in multiple genres, encounters new adventures, creates new worlds, and has a fantastic time breathing life into new stories, creating something she hopes inspires anyone who reads to fall in love with them as she has.

Barb lives by one little rule: tomorrow is never guaranteed, so make sure you live each day to its fullest.

Website : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram 

~ Ever Jensen ~ 

Ever Jensen is a southern girl living in the wild Wisconsin north with her beau, their two dogs, and more coffee than what’s legally allowed. When she isn’t out tent camping, hiking to the next waterfall, or searching for the latest parks to explore, Ever loves spending her time at home playing with her labs, cooking meals like the pro-chef she is (her beau’s words, not hers!) or sipping wine next to a beautiful fire.

With creativity flowing from her hands at a young age, Ever finally channeled her inner young writer and decided that it was time to put pen to paper (hands to keyboard?) and began to write the stories locked in her head for so long. Her love for the written word has long been ingrained in her, and she’s excited to share that love with you all. Or, as she’s used to saying it in the south, y’all!

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~ Meet KA Graham ~

KA Graham grew up in a small town in Oregon. Through the years, her love for writing and poetry, turned into something she had only dreamt of. Writing her own book. She’s faced many obstacles in her life, but the love and devotion of her parents has always kept her grounded.

She is an avid reader, blogger and does PA work for a few authors, which keeps her quite busy. Hard rock music lover and horror movie buff, with a love and appreciation for tattoos. Her addictions include copious amounts of caffeine, Chinese food and Haribos candy.

Facebook : Instagram : Twitter

~ Amelia Sue ~

          Hey I’m Amelia. I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois. I work full time at my family’s business. I love writing, reading, shooting guns, and spending time with family in my free time. I write romance and children’s books.


~ Sarah L Roth ~

Just a Long Island girl living in a Southern world…..

20 years ago, a Jew moved from the comfort of her Long Island home for parts unknown of South Carolina. She had to learn and adapt to the ways of the South, real quick like. For years, she was on a quest for Northern goodies in a Southern town. The journey for the proper bagel and the perfect NYC pizza always eluded her. The ever-loving theater geek, she craved the bright lights of the big city and planned to return some day. All her plans changed when she attempted to settle down. The “Experiments” came exactly five years apart (one boy and one girl) and both are every bit as eclectic as she. Boy Experiment sings The Beastie Boys and Taylor Swift on demand, while Girl Experiment shouts “Where is Thumpkin” with gusto of a head-banging Metal God.

Once adapted, she made a life with her B.A. in Theatre Performance in hand, and continued to find balance between Faith and the delights of slower Southern living. Now fluent in “Bless your hearts” and understanding the importance of pearl-clutching, she visits the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, but loves coming home to her children. Her family humors her and the kids enjoy her antics.  

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