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Darkness Within


Light Divided, Book 1

Dark Fantasy Romance

Date Published: May 2021

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group


Aideen Duffy’s job is hunting down the dark creatures who are trying to overthrow human society and bring the world back to how it used to be when vampires, werewolves, and their ilk were in charge.

The culmination of two years’ work, she’s closing in on Costecu, the vampire responsible for the most deadly cell in her city. When the op goes sideways, instead capturing the elusive bastard, she ends up with second prize: his right-hand man, Druain Lindberg.

What happens next, she couldn’t have planned for in a thousand years.

Deep undercover, Drew is swimming in the blood of Costecu’s treachery, but he’d do anything and everything to destroy the heinous vampire who’d ruined his life.

With the stink of evil ground into his pores, he’s ordered to kidnap Aideen and bring her to Costecu, but this time following orders is not going to happen. The spirited selkie can’t be cowed, and something in her calls to him.

When Drew risks long-held plans to save Aideen, everyone – good and evil – are after them. Keeping them hidden long enough to escape is not as big a problem as her letting him do what his heart compels him is essential – protecting her with his life.

About the Author

Cyprus Hart’s earliest memory of trying to become a writer involves carrying a clipboard around and asking family members if the name “Rock Stone” was a good name for an action hero. Fast-forward three decades and he’s still convinced he can make it work.

When he’s not writing kissing, and other activities along those lines into every book, he’s tries to keep his border collie entertained and keep him and his chihuahua warm in the frozen tundra of Missouri.

Sorry – he doesn’t like coffee or tea.

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Holy Rock Chronicles

Holy Rock Chronicles is a collection of 3 short stories centering around members and staff of the infamous Holy Rock Ministries, now pastored by the young Khalil McCoy. This series of short stories is meant to be entertaining, satisfying, quick reads for those on the go but still looking for a good story. Enjoy reading behind the scenes stories about some of your favorite members of Holy Rock. Book 1 is “Calling Dr. Daniels”. Book 2 is “The Woman in Apartment 3D. Book 3 is Ruthless Rianna.
Calling Dr. Daniels
Holy Rock Chronicles Book 1
by Shelia E. Bell
Genre: Inspirational Romance, Drama
Dr. Micah Daniels may be just the ‘doctor’ to heal Fancy McCoy’s broken heart. When he sees her during her son’s hospital stay, Dr. Daniels is immediately attracted to her. But trying to push up on one of his patient’s loved ones is not how he operates. A chance encounter leads the two to reconnect and a relationship is formed. Everything seems to be headed to a lasting love connection until the reappearance of someone from Micah’s past. Will a wrench be thrown into Micah and Fancy’s love connection or will Fancy be able to stand her ground for the man she is growing to love.
The Woman in Apartment 3D
Holy Rock Chronicles Book 2
Holy Rock’s Choir Director, Sista Rianna Jamison, has her eyes and heart set on nabbing Hezekiah McCoy. She will stop at nothing and has no shame when it comes to staking her claim. When Hezekiah’s ex-wife, Fancy McCoy, reappears in Hezekiah’s life, Rianna isn’t having it. She’s taking no chances and sets out to make sure she’s the one who ultimately wins Hezekiah’s heart and claim the title of First Lady of New Holy Rock Ministries. This is Book 2 in the Holy Rock Chronicles series.
Ruthless Rianna
Holy Rock Chronicles Book 3
In the last of this 3 book series, Rianna Jamison pulls out all the tricks in her bag! She’s stopping at nothing to get what she wants and she wants Pastor Hezekiah McCoy. More church drama unfolds in this explosive end to the Holy Rock Chronicles!
Shelia E. Bell (formerly Shelia E. Lipsey) is an award-winning, national bestselling author with 20+ books published in christian fiction, women’s fiction, nonfiction, and young adult genres. Her books have garnered numerous awards and accolades, including 2017 Christian Literary Readers’ Choice Award, 2015 Rosa Parks Award, 2014 Christian Literary Award, AAMBC Nate Holmes Honorary Award, Kindle Award, OOSA Book of the Year, numerous SORMAG awards and more.
Shelia began her publishing career in 1999. Since then, she has set the literary industry ablaze with her dynamic, true to life stories that she calls “perfect stories about imperfect people like you…and me.”
Shelia is passionate about helping others and encourages and promotes people to ‘live their dreams now.’ In 2012, she founded a non profit organization “Black Writers And Book Clubs (BWABC) Literacy Association” with a mission to promote literacy one community at a time. Shelia is also a well-respected freelance book editor.
A much sought after inspirational speaker, Shelia travels near and far sharing her inspirational messages of how to overcome the adversities of life. Having had polio since the age of two, she accepts no excuses and is determined not to let her physical imperfections keep her from her life’s purposes.
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Finding My Way by Tisah Stow


Finding My Way by Tisha S. Stow


Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC

#FindingMyWay #TishaSStow #LiveNow #MCRomance



Bullied. Tormented daily by her mother and father about her body…her worth, led her to being hospitalized at the early age of fourteen. A month stay should have cured the diseased thoughts that plague her mind, but how can it when the horrible words being spewed at her never end.

Anorexia Nervosa was the diagnosis. Self loathing and vomiting was her life. Stripping at Blissful Climax to make ends meet is all she really knows.

Being put down is a constant in her life, but having the sexy owner where she works body shame her throws away what little stability she was hanging on to.


After remodeling the Pink Flame and turning it into something a little more classy he renamed it Blissful Climax.

Being part owner is everything he thought it would be, but dealing with the rape of his sister and the murder of his ex has him on edge lately. Not being able to find who did it is changing who he is.

Drinking, drugs and women, but not the woman who clouds his thoughts. The fiesty one with the smart mouth. The one who doesn’t fall at his feet.

The beautiful one with curves for days that doesn’t really know how beautiful she is.

How can they help each other when they’re to busy tearing each other apart. Will they heal together? Or, is walking away a better choice?

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Meet the Author

Tisha grew up in the small town of Gillsville, Ga. She’s a huge introvert, most would say all four categories. Always had a passion for writing, mostly poetry throughout her younger years. Writing her first poem in the second grade, and even at that age she was socially awkward and embarrassed to be noticed or acknowledged. She started reading and writing more as she reached her late twenties and now it has become a huge part of her life. Her heart though belongs to her two year old son, Declan. A miracle in her life that she was told she would never have. She is an only child who loves her mother and father dearly. She has two more very special people in her life as well. Sudie and Sarah read everything she writes and give her the honest feedback she needs. They motivate her and push her to be a better version of herself even when her depression is at it’s worst. She fights her demons daily, but refuses to give up.

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Wrecked Without You by Renee Shelbey

Title: Wrecked Without You
Series: Town of Deer Crossing #1
Author: Renee Shelbey
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Maria, Steamy Designs
Release Date: June 21, 2021


There’s a new doctor in town. One with swirling tattoos, a sweep of dark hair, a heart-stopping arctic gaze, and a perpetual frown. Within days, the ER waiting room is full of women wearing cute outfits and coy smiles. There must be something bad going around.

Dr. William Mason, a former soldier, is chiseled perfection, but I’m a mom of one, a history professor, and a community volunteer. The last thing I need is Dr. Dreamy with a bad attitude, when I’m busy juggling my daughter’s anxiety, the needs of my grad students, and the biggest baby of all—my ex-husband.

Then Will’s stepdaughters join my Scout troop, and I witness his haunted expression dissolve into a smile that leaves me breathless. Will becomes a mystery I’m curious to unlock and eventually, I glimpse the truth behind the façade. He’s protective, sincere, and an absolute sweetheart.

There are some things he won’t talk about, saying it’s best to leave them in the past, but he has no idea I’m also keeping a secret. One that is his very worst nightmare, come to life…

All I wanted was his love. But all I’ve earned is his wrath.

“Wrecked Without You” is the first standalone novel in the Town of Deer Crossing contemporary romance series, featuring diverse couples risking it all to find true love.

Content warning: Strong language, Steamy scenes, reproductive concerns




The fire died down sometime in the night, and the sudden change of temperature roused me from sleep. Nat was pressed against me with a serene, satisfied look on her face, and I felt more at peace than I had in a long time. Deciding she’d probably be more comfortable in bed, I carefully picked her up and carried her there.
Being awake now though, with her in my arms, ignited a need to go down on her again because I was suddenly a man obsessed with her taste, her scent, her touch, and I wanted nothing more than to worship her pussy. She didn’t seem to mind my fixation and after calling my name, clinging to me for dear life, and coming apart several times, she wanted to return the favor. I told her there would be plenty of time for reciprocity and persuaded her to go back to sleep.
When I awoke the next morning, she was out like a light, curled up beside me. Chuckling quietly at her light snoring, I was tempted to stay in bed beside her but reluctantly changed and went for a run because I needed the clarity.
There was a greenway adjacent to my house, and it afforded me plenty of space to run and think. I was excited to show Nat the trail and to take a walk with her along the lake.
As I was running though, it hit me that not only did I want to show her the greenway but so much more.
After just one night, I was completely ruined by Nat.
How was it possible that she’d worked her way inside my head and heart this quickly? And what could I possible say to Mindy to convince her to accept it?


Renee Shelbey writes culturally diverse romance featuring smart Southern women and thoughtful strong men. She’s a wife of 15+ years, mother of a pre-teen daughter, dog mom to a 75 lb. puppy, and an overworked full-time employee. Her alter ego writes steamy, contemporary happily ever afters, full of ethnically inclusive main characters. She hopes you indulge in her stories which have a dose of reality but can still transport you to the world of romantic sexy-time fantasy. Her own indulgences include hot lattes, a mason jar of pear preserves, and British murder mysteries.


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Open Lanes by Mary Morano

Title: Open Lanes
Series: Mooseheads Hockey #1
Author: Mary Morano
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance
Release Date: July 1, 2021


My dream has always been to go pro, but in that dream, she’s standing beside me. I messed up my chance once before but now I have a second chance. Just like on the ice, I will do anything I can to win. This time I’m playing for keeps.

He tortured me through High School, followed me across the country to college, and now I am stuck in a car with him for five long days. All I want to do is get home and go back to pretending he doesn’t exist. If only my stupid hormones would get on board with the plan.


$3.99 for a limited time!



For the first time, the precarious situation that I found myself in really hit home. I was a 20-year-old female, walking down the side of an empty highway with no help in sight—talk about the beginning of every serial killer movie ever made. I couldn’t even alert anyone to where I was, or the fact I wasn’t on my flight back home as planned. It would be hours before anyone even knew I was missing. Whoever was in this car heading toward me could rape, kill, and chop me up into little pieces to feed to the bears in the woods before anyone even knew something was amiss. I started walking a little faster, knowing there was no way I was going to outrun this car, and there was nowhere to run to anyway. There wasn’t even anywhere to hide. I was in the middle of nowhere on a highway surrounded by nothing but flat open land for miles in either direction. I felt my anxiety starting to ramp back up. Taking slow deliberate breaths, I counted down backwards from twenty, allowing my body to calm itself down enough that I was able to find some semblance of control. I couldn’t panic right now because that would leave me no chance for survival.
In an effort to distract myself, I focused on the fact that if I did disappear, they will blame Señor Prick, since he was the last person anyone saw me with. Then he would have to spend the rest of his life in jail thinking about how he could have saved my life. That was the least he deserved if I died right now. I’d be dead and eaten, what did I care if he was wrongly accused? I’m not bitter or anything.
The sounds of the car grew closer, and I heard the beat of the music playing from inside. I started walking faster, not paying attention to the fact that my suitcase was like a big yellow flag screaming ‘look at me.’ I heard the car tires hit the gravel behind me, as it pulled to the side and slowed down. It was close—too close for comfort if I had to be honest. This wasn’t looking good. I hope they at least put a good picture of me on the missing person posters, not my god-awful high school graduation picture like they tended to use on those things. The profile picture on my Instagram would be my first choice, I hope someone suggests that to them. I heard the car stop, and the window squeak as it rolled down, before a deep voice called out.
“Hey, do you need some help?”
I kept walking, not wanting to make it easier than it would already be for him to kill me. I really hoped he wasn’t a sadist, choosing to prolong my death by torturing me and hope he just kills me quickly. I really didn’t think I could survive torture, even papercuts made me cry. I kept walking, picking up the pace once more so I was practically running away. Behind me I heard the dinging sound a car makes when the door is opened, and the car is still running. Great, he was getting out. Now he was going to chase me. Yes, I kept myself in shape, but to be honest, the only running I ever did was when I was late for class, and that usually ended with me being bent over wheezing. My situation was quickly going from bad to worse.
“Hey, I know you can hear me. I won’t hurt you; I just don’t feel comfortable leaving a female on the side of the road. Can I give you a ride somewhere?” The voice behind me asked. I snorted at his statement before yelling back over my shoulder.
“I’m pretty sure all serial killers want you to believe they won’t hurt you. Then they chop you up and leave you in the mountains for bears to eat. No, thank you, I don’t plan on being bear food today!”
Suddenly, a deep laugh rang out behind me. I stopped, was he laughing at me? What kind of serial killer did that? Isn’t he supposed to be chasing me? Maybe he doesn’t want to exert the energy yet to chase me? Or maybe this is all part of his sick twisted game. His laughter continued behind me as my annoyance ticked up a notch. What. The. Hell. Hands on my hips, I spun around to tell him off, only to stare into a very familiar, and very unwelcome face.
Casually standing in front of me, with his thumbs hooked in his jean pockets as he relaxed back against the hood of his black SUV was none other than Brayden Montgomery. Fucking Brayden.


Releasing October 1

$3.99 for a limited time!



Mary is a single mom who decided to take her own advice and follow her dreams of being an author. She’s a New York Islanders Fan and can be often found driving her kids to one of their many sports activities. She enjoys reading, and watching Harry Potter, Avengers Movies, and SVU. You can find her on social media, and she would love to hear from you!


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Perfect Escape by Cary Hart

Perfect Escape, Mason Creek Book Six (Standalone), a Second Chance, Small Town Romance by Cary Hart releases on June 17th!

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When looking for a place to nurse my broken heart, Mason Creek is the picture-perfect escape…

I almost made the biggest mistake of my life walking down the aisle. Thankfully, I caught the groom with his pants around his ankles and my bridesmaid around his waist before I said, “I do.”

My best friends kidnap me and take me away to a cabin in the middle of nowhere Montana. They convince me trespassing and skinny dipping are both acceptable remedies for a broken heart. Turns out, the owner of the property found our little excursion unacceptable…and amusing as hell.

After my douche of an ex calls to rain on my non-honeymoon parade, I decide to stick around Mason Creek while I figure things out.

I had no idea accepting a temporary job at Dream Big Realty would land me face to face with none other than Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome, and Not Pressing Charges.

Falling for him and his adorable daughter is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. But competing with old flames makes me wonder if this town is big enough for the both of us.

Small town life was supposed to be a brief Band-Aid, then sexy, single dad Grady gives me a reason to stay…and a second chance at happiness.


12 Books by 12 Bestselling Authors, all tied together by one fictional small town. All available on Kindle Unlimited.

Welcome to Mason Creek, Montana.

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Ghost by Evie Mitchell

Title: Ghost
Series: Nameless Souls MC #3
Author: Evie Mitchell
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic MC Romance
Release Date: June 10, 2021


I do my best work in the shadows.
Trained to be a killer, it’s all I’ve ever known. All I’ve ever cared to know.
I embrace pain and destruction, turning everything I touch into ash.
I’m a ghost. No past. No present. No future.
Until Ava.
This woman sparks a hunger in me; a dark, dangerous desire.
I need to fight it or risk destroying the one person who makes me feel hope.
The Devil knows I’d burn the world for one taste.
God better have mercy because I won’t.



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She looks like sin and tastes like salvation.
I feasted on Ava’s mouth, sliding my tongue along her lips, memorising the way she opened to me, her body softening against mine.
I want to possess her.
Her hand came up, pressing against my chest, pushing me back.
I lifted my head, banking my desire.
Ava blinked up at me, her eyes glazed with passion.
“You staying?”
Fuck yes.
“You want me to?” My hand slid up her long leg, resting on the inside of her thigh.
“We both know where this is going, Ghost. Don’t fuck with me.”
I grinned. “Here?”
She patted the musty mattress that she’d covered with a thin sheet and her sleeping bag. “Why not? It’s better than some of the places I’ve slept.”
I leaned in, crowding her, forcing her back until she lowered herself down onto the mattress.
“Why is it,” she whispered, her tongue flicking out to taste my mouth. “I feel like I’m about to sell my soul to the devil?”
I slipped my hand under her shirt to cup her breast, teasing her nipple.
“Oh, fuck it,” she groaned, her rough laugh brushing my mouth. “Where’s the dotted line?”
Don’t tempt a man searching for redemption. You think you ever had a choice?


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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing November 11



Evie Mitchell is a thirty-something woman who loves dirty books, bad boys, and men who know how to treat their woman right. She lives with her husband, their sausage dog, and an ever-growing collection of book-related mugs.

When she’s not writing, Evie loves curling up in the sun with a good book and a cup of tea. Evie specialises in spunky reads for curious minds.


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The Forever Plan by Amy Alves

Title: The Forever Plan
Series: Landry Love #3
Author: Amy Alves
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 10, 2021


A second chance, small-town, steamy, new adult romance featuring a grumpy hero and a sunshine heroine.

High school sweethearts don’t last. That’s what everyone told me after she left. Willa and I were supposed to, though. We had plans, goals, dreams. All of which went up in flames—as most things in my life tend to.

Like always, I’m fine. My friends and the nosey residents of Landry might not think so, but being dubbed the broody bartender has its perks—it keeps people and distractions away.

But then she walks into my bar.

Her beauty, her touch, it haunts me. Having Willa back here is nothing but a tempting distraction.

She returned home for her veterinary internship, and is relentless. She acts like we’re friends. No matter how much I glower, brush her off, or walk away, she’s always there. A cruel reminder of what could have been.

Of what may never be.

Because I have commitments. I’ve made promises. And they don’t include getting involved with Willa again, no matter how my body reacts when she’s around. No matter how her heated stares, alluring curves, and provocative sweetness call to me.

She might be the light to my darkness. The woman I still love. But none of that matters.
Because she’s not staying and I can’t leave.



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Willa and I officially met last year during football tryouts. She moved to Landry freshman year when her dad was transferred to our county sheriff’s office as a sergeant. We knew of each other, but I didn’t have the time or inclination to venture outside my friend circle to get to know the new girl.
Then, at the start of junior year, she tried out for the cheer team. The year before, cheer usually practiced after school at the same time as football, but I had never really paid too much attention.
Cheerleaders were a fairly predictable group of like-minded girls and held a constant presence around the football team. Like buzzing bees. This year, though, there were a few new additions during tryouts. Specifically, a certain enthusiastic blonde who had caught my attention.
I remember being confused about why my gaze kept going back to that one girl. She may have drawn my focus several times before, in class and with how she spoke and interacted with other people; but what caused my reaction to go from mild interest and a flicker of a spark to laser-focused attention and a flaming blaze?
I considered that it may have been the spandex cheer briefs she’d been wearing, but I think it was just… her. I’d seen a different side to her, and it made that spark turn to flame.
Later, I learned that Willa loves music, is a decent singer, but is terribly uncoordinated.
She ended up not making the team and joined the school council and newspaper instead. But she still left her mark on the cheer team.
At least two girls had walked out of cheer tryouts still bleeding or bruised from Willa’s floundering efforts. Watching from afar, all I had seen was one chaotic blur of legs and hair. It had been entertaining, and at that point in my life, I welcomed any chance for a laugh or to feel content.
Not that I had been lacking in friends or females. I’m no quarterback, but as a wide receiver, I wasn’t alone unless I wanted it that way. According to Chelsey, the head cheerleader, I’ve got the tall, dark, and dangerous look going for me. Although, she’d only mentioned this twice, and both times were right before she stuck her tongue in my mouth.
With my home situation growing into a bigger obstacle each year, I’d had little time for parties and girls outside of school and football. But last year, there was this disastrous and sweet, honey-blonde girl who captivated me.
Prior to officially meeting her, I thought her name was Willow. She was in my English and biology classes, but we hadn’t spoken or interacted much. She was a slight wisp of a girl with slender, long legs she didn’t show off nearly enough. She wore her hair down in long, shiny waves; unless it was a test day, then she put her hair in serious mode—meaning a ponytail.
I don’t know why I noticed that, but I did. I also noticed that she did things with intention and kindness.
I stuck with my group of loud, obnoxious assholes, while she flitted around from group to group. She could make friends with anyone.
It wasn’t a sudden attraction. I had been watching her without acknowledging it. Then one day, there she was, unavoidable, glowing, and of course, accidentally maiming the other cheerleaders.
She was this glaringly bright light, burning into the retinas of my dark existence. The only light spots I had in my life were football and my brother. And the latter got on my nerves at least half the time.
Was I that dramatic and annoying at twelve years old? Shit, I hope not.
After football practice that day in the first week of junior year, I skipped heading into the locker room and instead caught up with her. Best decision I made that year. Hell, the best decision of my life so far.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Amy Alves lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband and two crazy cute kids. She is a romance-obsessed reader, a lover of wine and fuzzy socks, and a loather of laundry. For over a decade, she was a high school science teacher, but now substitute teaches in between writing novels and being a mom.


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Playing Hard to Get by Ellie Isaacson

Title: Playing Hard to Get
Series: Playing With Hearts
Author: Ellie Isaacson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Ex-Military, Fashion Designer, Friends to Lovers
Release Date: June 10, 2021

I’ve wanted Mitch since the day we met.

But the broody ex-Marine was the one man I could never have.

I’m not a girl who believes in fairytales. I’m no princess, and there’s never going to be a handsome prince coming to my rescue.

I don’t deserve it—not after all the hurt I caused.

So I tried to stay away, ran whenever he got too close. It wasn’t enough.

Mitch wouldn’t take no for an answer. He chased me until I gave in. Made me let go, break all my rules, and drop my defenses. He made me feel things I’d never felt before.

Our love was all consuming.
Our lives forever changed.

Are we finally ready to give up our hearts? Or will the wounds from our pasts continue to tear us apart?

Goodreads Review – “Playing Hard To Get is really good. Love the push/pull between Vivian and Mitch, the exciting suspense, and the emotional drama these two have.”
Paperbeautiful – “The book was emotional with both main character’s trying to overcome issues in the past and had a bit of suspense to it as well.”
Goodreads Review – “This story is a great read and I would thoroughly recommend it.”

My eyes were on the floor in front of me, watching the twinkling lights along the baseboards as they guided my way. I was nearly in front of him before my mind picked up what my body already knew.

“You come to find me, darlin’?”

I stopped dead in the center of the hall. Mitch was leaning against the wall, hands in his pockets, foot tucked up behind him. Relaxed. Like he didn’t have a care in the world. I chanced a glance behind me, saw that I was out of the line of sight of everyone at the party, then gauged my ability to run in my four-inch heels. But no. My body dragged me forward as my mind screamed to go the other way.

“Mitch.” I stopped in front of him and flinched when his fingers glided across my cheek. “Where are your new girlfriends?” I asked, summoning some of that rage with the thought of Kimber’s hands on him.

He grinned. Wicked. God, he was gorgeous. “You jealous?”

I shrugged. A lie. “You can do whatever you want.”

“Yeah?” His hands were on my hips before the word was out of his mouth. “Whatever I want?”

“Mitch.” I grabbed his hands, making a feeble effort to rid my body of his touch. But I couldn’t. The pull was too strong. My hands rode the storm up his arms to his shoulders.

“What if I want you?”

“I can’t.” A whimper escaped my throat when his lips touched my jaw. It urged him on. “Please, don’t. I can’t control this.”

He stilled but didn’t pull away. His breath flitted across my neck, like waves lapping at the shore. “Let go, darlin’. Let me take control. Let me give you what you need.”

I forced myself away, leaned my back against the wall, putting distance between us. “I can’t do that to Frankie.”

“Stop worrying about Frankie,” he said, close to my ear. “Worry about Vivian. Worry about me, and how I make you feel. I want to make you come.”

A bitter laugh broke free. “In your dreams.” Definitely in mine.

“Give me a chance, Viv.” Mitch pulled back, pacing the four feet to the bathroom door and back. He leaned in close and his breath whispered across my face. “Give me one chance. If I don’t make you come, I’ll leave you alone.”

No. I didn’t want this. Didn’t want to be with him. Didn’t want to be without him.

The door to the bathroom opened. Mitch stepped back before the woman’s face cleared the door. I didn’t know her, but it was obvious Mitch had made her acquaintance. He nodded and gave her a smoldering smile. The blush across her cheeks was evident, even in the dim light in the hall, and my eyes followed her as she walked away, back to the party. Mitch’s finger hooked my hand, tugging my attention to him.

“One chance, darlin’.”

One chance. One last time with him before he left me alone. God, I wanted it and I didn’t. He took a step backward, toward the bathroom.

One chance.

Right here.

My body wouldn’t say no.

Ellie Isaacson has been an avid reader her whole life, but a couple years ago she had a dream that she just couldn’t forget. She cultivated that dream and began writing, which became a dream of a different sort. Ellie is thrilled to be able to share her passion with her readers. As an accountant and an author, she slings numbers by day and words by night. She’s also a wife and a mother of two amazing boys.