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Finding My Way by Tisah Stow


Finding My Way by Tisha S. Stow


Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC

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Bullied. Tormented daily by her mother and father about her body…her worth, led her to being hospitalized at the early age of fourteen. A month stay should have cured the diseased thoughts that plague her mind, but how can it when the horrible words being spewed at her never end.

Anorexia Nervosa was the diagnosis. Self loathing and vomiting was her life. Stripping at Blissful Climax to make ends meet is all she really knows.

Being put down is a constant in her life, but having the sexy owner where she works body shame her throws away what little stability she was hanging on to.


After remodeling the Pink Flame and turning it into something a little more classy he renamed it Blissful Climax.

Being part owner is everything he thought it would be, but dealing with the rape of his sister and the murder of his ex has him on edge lately. Not being able to find who did it is changing who he is.

Drinking, drugs and women, but not the woman who clouds his thoughts. The fiesty one with the smart mouth. The one who doesn’t fall at his feet.

The beautiful one with curves for days that doesn’t really know how beautiful she is.

How can they help each other when they’re to busy tearing each other apart. Will they heal together? Or, is walking away a better choice?

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Meet the Author

Tisha grew up in the small town of Gillsville, Ga. She’s a huge introvert, most would say all four categories. Always had a passion for writing, mostly poetry throughout her younger years. Writing her first poem in the second grade, and even at that age she was socially awkward and embarrassed to be noticed or acknowledged. She started reading and writing more as she reached her late twenties and now it has become a huge part of her life. Her heart though belongs to her two year old son, Declan. A miracle in her life that she was told she would never have. She is an only child who loves her mother and father dearly. She has two more very special people in her life as well. Sudie and Sarah read everything she writes and give her the honest feedback she needs. They motivate her and push her to be a better version of herself even when her depression is at it’s worst. She fights her demons daily, but refuses to give up.

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