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My battle to rescue her body is one thing …
but the fight for her soul will be merciless.

Love & Retaliation an all-new dark and gritty new adult romance from bestselling author J.A. Owenby, is available now!

My truth is gone, stolen by a monster.
The One who trades my father’s life for hers.
Brandon Montgomery is more than a psychopath. 
He’s the spawn of the Dark Circle Society and is determined to resurrect it.
Men of his kind have no conscience. No soul. No goodness left.
Now, he’s taken my fiancée.
I’ll do anything to get her back.
Even if it means I become the man I never wanted to be.
The kind who fights evil with bloody knuckles and shards of glass.
The man who’ll fight for her and keep on fighting.
But when I find the woman I love, something’s not quite right.
The spark in her eyes is gone and so are her memories.
When her captor makes a move we couldn’t predict, our world spirals out of control.
My battle to rescue her body is one thing … but the fight for her soul will be merciless.

Love & Retaliation is a dark, gritty, and emotional new adult novel. It’s recommended for readers who enjoy darker romance. May contain triggers for some readers.

** This is not a standalone novel and Love & Vengeance MUST be read first.

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Conflicted feelings churned inside my gut. Dad might have been on his way home, but Gemma wasn’t. She had just entered the gates of hell with Brandon.   

Rubbing my face with my hands, I slowly inhaled while I attempted not to let the dam break and allow my turbulent emotions to reach the surface. I’d already gone a round with Pierce, and I couldn’t do any more stupid things. If anyone would be able to bring her home, it was Pierce and his team, and deep inside, I knew it.   

“What does this mean exactly?” I shoved my hands in my front pockets, trying not to fidget. 

“I don’t know yet. We have to wait and see.” Sutton enlarged the map and remained quiet. 

I released a frustrated sigh and ran my fingers through my hair, praying to a God that I no longer believed in that Gemma would return to me safely. 

“The car is moving in the opposite direction and fast.” Sutton glanced up at me. “We’ll know if it’s Franklin in a few more minutes.” She squeezed my hand, a glint of hope in her eyes. 

Pierce pulled his cell out of his jeans pocket and tapped the screen. I hadn’t ever seen him this wired before, but I shouldn’t have been surprised. Everyone loved Gemma. No longer hearing her laugh, seeing her smile, or watching the sunshine glint off her red hair …those ideas threatened to paralyze me, and I shook my mind free of them. “

He’s six miles away now.” Sutton looked at Pierce, and he nodded. 

He tapped his phone screen and stared at us. “Brian, it’s Pierce Westbrook. I need your help.”

I listened as Pierce lined up a rescue team across the state lines and filled Brian in on Dad and Gemma’s details. 

Pierce hung up. “He’ll call me in a few minutes with confirmation that Franklin is safe. Additional men will search the site of the exchange for any clues too.”

There was nothing else I could do except wait. With each passing second, the air thickened and closed in, condensing the room’s small space. I distracted myself by imagining that I was singing. Music had saved my life more than once, and I needed the protection of it now more than ever. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The clock in the office was the only sound. I found myself holding my breath, willing Pierce’s phone to ring again. When it did, I nearly cleared the desk and answered it myself. 

“Yeah.” Pierce closed his eyes while he listened, not indicating who was speaking to him or what he was hearing. 

“Thank God.” Pierce’s intense gaze landed on his wife and me. “So, you’re going to airlift Franklin to the Sacred Heart in Spokane?”He paused. “Thank you for your help. I’ll let you know what we find out next.” Pierce disconnected the call and peeked at his watch. “They have Franklin. He needs medical attention. I don’t know how bad his injuries are, but he managed to drive, which is a good sign.”

Air whooshed out of my lungs, and I doubled over. Placing my hands on my knees, I leaned my butt against the wall for support. 

“I’ll reach out to Janice,”Sutton offered. “I suspect everyone will want to be at the hospital when Franklin arrives.”

“Sutton?” I straightened. “How much longer before the serum kicks in and we can locate Gemma?” My voice cracked with fear.   

She pursed her lips, her eyes flitting to the clock on the wall. “Eleven o’clock …tomorrow morning.”

About J.A.
International bestselling author J.A. Owenby grew up in a small backwoods town in Arkansas where she learned how to swear like a sailor and spot water moccasins skimming across the lake.
She finally ditched the south and headed to Oregon. The first winter there, she was literally blown away a few times by ninety mile an hour winds and storms that rolled in off the ocean.

Eventually, she longed for quiet and headed up to snowier pastures. She now resides in Washington state with her hot nerdy husband and cat, Chloe (who frequently encourages her to drink). She spends her days coming up with ways to torture characters in a way that either makes you want to throw your book down a flight of stairs or sob hysterically into a pillow.

J.A. Owenby writes new adult and romantic thriller novels. Her books ooze with emotion, angst, and twists that will leave you breathless. Having battled her own demons, she’s not afraid to tackle the secrets women are forced to hide. After all, the road to love is paved in the dark.

Her friends describe her as delightfully twisted. She loves fan mail and wine. Please send her all the wine.

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