Blackmailing Mr. Bossman by Anna Hackett is coming June 22nd

There is no happy ending for a workaholic private investigator and a billionaire.

Or is there?

To save my best friend’s husband, all I have to do is blackmail a billionaire.

My friend’s husband was abducted by a gang of white-collar criminals. These guys are bad, and they want her to spy on her boss—a man who owns half of New York. She’s falling apart and she needs my help.

My name’s Aspen. I’m a private investigator, and I’m usually doing surveillance on cheating spouses or insurance scammers, but now I’m going undercover.

I’m trading my jeans for skirts, and playing assistant at Kensington Group so I can get up close and personal with Liam Kensington—the owner of a multibillion-dollar construction and property empire.

Not to mention a tall, lean, golden-haired god with a sexy British accent.

The white-collar thieves have Liam in their sights and in return for my friend’s husband, they want me to blackmail a billionaire. Aw, hell. 

But I didn’t count on how Liam would make me feel, or my crazy need to keep him safe, or our incendiary attraction.

Now I have to save a man’s life, catch some bad guys, and stop myself from falling in love with a billionaire who’s way out of my league.

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A steamy, fast-paced billionaire romance from Anna Hackett. The second standalone story in the Billionaire Heists trilogy.

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